Chu Yunfan brandished the huge steel staff in his hand and said coldly to Jiang Pengfei, “This isn’t the first or second time you’ve come to find trouble with me.
Be reasonable.
This time, I’ll settle all the grievances between us.”

“I hadn’t expected you to reach this stage.
Just as well.
I’ll take care of you just like I did your friend,” Jiang Pengfei stood up and did not even glance at Zhang Xiao who was wailing on the ground.

Jiang Pengfei was unperturbed by Chu Yunfan.
Suddenly, a long, blood-red saber appeared in his hand.
It looked as if it was soaked in blood.
Jiang Pengfei’s True Energy surged into the saber and attached to it as if it were a poisonous snake with a spitting tongue.

“This place won’t do.
It’s too small.
Let’s take this outside.”

As Jiang Pengfei said this, he opened a window and jumped down, landing on the field outside the window.


With a loud thump, Jiang Pengfei landed and stared at Chu Yunfan from afar.

The crowd below was still waiting for news.
They had not expected Jiang Pengfei would come outside.
Before they could exclaim in surprise, they saw Chu Yunfan leap down from the window as if nothing had happened.
His landing was as light as a feather.

The two had used different techniques that existed in martial arts.
One was called the Floating Feather and the other was the Thousand Pound Drop.
Both techniques had vastly different effects.

The crowd reacted quickly.
The two had determined that the room was too small for their battle and had come out to battle in this vast square.

Behind Chu Yunfan, Sha Peng too leaped out of the window.
Although it was a few stories high, it was not a big problem for an Acquired Stage expert as long as they were careful.

The students were excited when they saw Chu Yunfan had actually charged right up to Jiang Pengfei.
The generals of the Soaring Roc had not been able to stop Chu Yunfan.
On top of that, it had only been a few short minutes since Chu Yunfan had arrived at the Soaring Roc, yet, they had all been defeated.

Such speed was terrifying!

Some of those in the crowd recognized the black-gold staff in Chu Yunfan’s hand.
It was Cu Feiyan’s famous weapon.
Now that it had appeared in Chu Yunfan’s hands, the outcome of that battle was obvious.
There was no doubt about it.

Zhang Xiao had not appeared either.
Only Sha Peng stood by Chu Yunfan’s side.
Surprisingly, Chu Yunfan’s side, which had fewer people, had defeated the entire Soaring Roc.

To be more precise, it should be that they had beaten up almost the entire Soaring Roc.
The only one left standing now was Jiang Pengfei.

Chu Yunfan looked at Jiang Pengfei.
He knew what Jiang Pengfei was up to.
Claiming that the room was “too small” was just an excuse.
Jiang Pengfei just wanted to defeat him in front of everyone and use him as a stepping stone.
However, Chu Yunfan was no pushover.


Suddenly, Jiang Pengfei attacked.
The blood-red saber in his hand slashed out.
It seemed to bring with it countless bloody storms.
It was a mental illusion.

‘That’s no ordinary saber.’ Chu Yunfan judged that this saber was not far from becoming a magic weapon.
In the past, when martial arts had yet to flourish, this was a demonic blade that could defeat many great opponents through the mental illusion it casts.

But it was not enough to defeat Chu Yunfan.
A clear current flowed through Chu Yunfan’s mind and he instantly snapped out of the illusion.

At this moment, the saber in Jiang Pengfei’s hand had already slashed toward Chu Yunfan’s head.
It was fast and accurate.

An ordinary person would have had no hope of dodging this attack.


Chu Yunfan raised his staff to block this attack.
He immediately followed up and his astonishing speed finally erupted.


Immediately after, at the point where the saber and rod collided, vast amounts of True Energy gushed out, instantly shattering the surrounding air.
It was extremely terrifying and extremely powerful.

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“You have some tricks up your sleeve.
However, from the moment you went against my family, everything was already destined,” Jiang Pengfei said with a cold smile, “Draw your sword.
This stick is no match for me.”

Jiang Pengfei was arrogant.
He believed that he had the absolute strength to crush Chu Yunfan.
If Chu Yunfan did not draw his sword, even if he won, some people would have comments.
Since he wanted to win, he had to defeat Chu Yunfan completely and render everyone with nothing to say.

“I don’t need to draw my sword to deal with you,” Chu Yunfan said proudly, “Besides, although I don’t know any staff techniques.
I guess I’ll just have to learn some on the spot with you as my dummy.”

“Arrogant b*stard!”

Jiang Pengfei’s anger surged.
He had finally met a guy who was even more arrogant than him.

Chu Yunfan wanted to use the staff technique that he had learned on the spot to fight Jiang Pengfei.
He was simply courting death.

“You’re jumping head first into your grave!”

Jiang Pengfei attacked.
The saber in his hand instantly exploded with a blood-red light.
Blood-red True Energy swept through the blade and a supreme aura swept out.

The terrible True Energy swept out in waves.
For a moment, the crowd felt they were standing on an endless battlefield.

“It has appeared.
It’s the Bloody Blade of Hatred saber technique that Jiang Pengfei relied on to become famous!” someone exclaimed.

Through Jiang Pengfei’s saber illusion, everyone instantly felt that they were transported to a bloody battlefield.
The sounds of hate were so loud that they shattered everything.




Hatred of everything.

The supreme bloody blade that wanted to destroy everything.

Chu Yunfan remained calm.
Jiang Pengfei’s Bloody Blade of Hatred was indeed powerful.
It might even extend to the Innate Stage.
It was a true Innate battle technique.
Although it was not as powerful as Chu Yunfan’s World Overlord sword technique, its power was still very shocking.

Chu Yunfan casually waved the staff in his hand.


The staff seemed to shatter the air.
It was clearly just a simple move, but in Chu Yunfan’s hand, it exploded with great power.


Jiang Pengfei’s Bloody Blade of Hatred was instantly blocked and he was unable to take a step forward.

At the same time, information about basic staff techniques flashed through Chu Yunfan’s mind.
Although he had never practiced staff techniques, the basics were no secret.
It was something that was clear for anyone to see.

Chu Yunfan had a photographic memory and immediately memorized everything.
It was just that he had never used these techniques before.
Now, he calmed his mind to comprehend the basics.
This was naturally an easy task for him.

Vast amounts of information flooded Chu Yunfan’s mind.
The Godhead in his mind was emitting a rainbow light.
All the information turned into a figure of a person that displayed these staff basics right before his eyes, and these scenes were instantly imprinted into his mind.

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