A terrifying massacre was taking place.
The Warwinds were elites among elites.
They continuously fought and then retreated, unwilling to give up.

Even so, they were still easily killed.
The difference in strength between the two sides was too great.
The only things that could threaten this monster were the hot weapons they had.

The resilience of this mercenary group is outstanding,” Chu Yunfan murmured to himself as he watched the unyielding Warwinds.

The strength of an average mercenary group was great, but very few of them were able to fight to the death and not retreat.
All of these groups were serving money, so it was not strange for them to have one or two brave people, but all of the Warwinds would rather die than retreat.
This was very strange.

A mercenary group like the Warwinds in a small border town had managed to get a tactical nuclear bomb.
This itself was not normal.
They must have a colossus behind them.
Otherwise, they would not have been able to obtain such a weapon.

“But no matter the force behind you, you’re all dead meat.” Chu Yunfan’s eyes flashed with a terrifying glint.
After being schemed against by the Warwinds, the anger in his heart rose.
He had to make them pay the price.


Another member of the Warwinds was sent flying.

All the Warwind mercenaries were quickly wiped out.
Even the few Acquired Stage mercenaries had fallen, leaving only Li Ruofeng.

“Go to hell!” Li Ruofeng roared.
Then, the missile within the bazooka in his hand hit the giant snake.
Normally, this kind of attack would not even be able to scratch the giant snake.
However, the wound that was torn open by the nuclear bomb had spread to its head.
The bazooka missile hit the creature’s brain.

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The giant snake’s entire brain was blown to pieces.
This result would be the same for any living creature.
The brain was the most fragile part of the body.

“Hahahaha, I won.
I won!” Li Ruofeng howled.
“A peak Innate monster! I’m going to be rich!”

Li Ruofeng was shouting at the top of his lungs, as expected.
A peak Innate level snake—one that was about to transform into a Flood Dragon—could be sold for a sky-high price in the market.
Even if it was tens of billions, there would still be people willing to buy it.
The most important thing was, of course, the inner core of the giant snake.

“You won? I don’t think so!”

Suddenly, a huge sword shadow swept out from the void and headed straight for Li Ruofeng.

However, Li Ruofeng was not immediately hit.
He had maintained absolute vigilance.
This vigilance was not aimed toward this unknown attack, but toward the giant snake.
He had yet to confirm whether the creature was completely dead.
He had planned to remain on his toes from the start.

Who knew that Li Ruofeng would be ambushed

“Eh?” a voice said in surprise.
That person sounded puzzled.
How had Li Ruofeng dodged this attack?

Chu Yunfan walked out from the void.

“It’s you!” Li Ruofeng’s eyes widened as he stared at Chu Yunfan in disbelief.
He could not believe that Chu Yunfan was still alive.
He remembers blasting Chu Yunfan with a rocket.
Unless Chu Yunfan was an Innate master, there was no way he could have survived.

A moment later, a huge monster appeared beside Chu Yunfan.
It stood a few heads taller than him.

“A Thunder Winged Beast!”

Li Ruofeng instantly recognized the creature beside Chu Yunfan.
What was even more unbelievable was that Chu Yunfan and the Thunder Winged Beast had seemingly appeared out of thin air.

In other words, Chu Yunfan possessed a spatial magic treasure.
This discovery excited Li Ruofeng.
Compared to a spatial magic treasure, this peak Innate giant snake was almost nothing.
After all, humans had yet to conquer space technology.

Space tech was a difficult problem for humans in terms of science and technology.
If Li Ruofeng could obtain a space treasure, it would be akin to gaining extra lives.
After all, he had witnessed Chu Yunfan’s ability to escape certain death.

This was something completely inconceivable in itself.


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Li Ruofeng roared.
Just as he was about to make his move, the Thunder Winged Beast beside Chu Yunfan suddenly pounced forward.
Like a blue lightning bolt, it pounced on Li Ruofeng.
His hot weapons were no longer of any use.
He calmly unsheathed a spear from behind his back and thrust it toward the Thunder Winged Beast.


The attack hit the Thunder Winged Beast’s bone armor, slowing down the beast.
Li Ruofeng was certainly not weak in terms of cultivation.
But at this moment, Chu Yunfan dashed to Li Ruofeng’s side.
The Jus Que in his hand slashed out.

Li Ruofeng did not even think before thrusting out his spear again.


With a loud boom, Li Ruofeng instantly felt an extremely terrifying force sweep travel through his spear and spread through his body.

Thud, thud, thud!

Li Ruofeng quickly retreated.
His palm had been split open.
Only now did he truly feel the terror which was Chu Yunfan.
He had noticed Chu Yunfan display extraordinary strength.
He knew that someone who could easily withstand an attack from a peak Energy Refinement Stage expert was most likely an Acquired Stage expert.

However, Li Ruofeng had not taken it to heart.
Chu Yunfan was merely an Acquired Stage martial artist.
He now realized how wrong he had been.
Chu Yunfan was a human-shaped monster.

Every attack that Chu Yunfan made seemed to have been made by a monster.

After a while, Li Ruofeng felt his arms go numb.

Chu Yunfan sneered, increased his strength, and then struck down.


The spear in Li Ruofeng’s hand was cut in half.
Although the weapon in his hand was good, it was nothing compared to the giant sword that Chu Yunfan had spent a few hundred million points on.
The gap in quality was clear as day.

Li Ruofeng did not even have the time to dodge before being cut in half by Chu Yunfan’s sword.

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