Chu Yunfan stood up.
The Ju Que danced in his hand, forming a terrifying storm.
In the blink of an eye, it swept out.




The nearby Warwinds had not expected Chu Yunfan to suddenly attack.
They were totally unprepared.
Unable to block the incoming attacks, they were instantly killed.
On top of that, their strength was far inferior to Chu Yunfan.
Hence, they could not stop him.

After cutting down the Warwinds, Chu Yunfan did not stop and dashed toward the huge lake.
If it was just them, he would not have been afraid, but they were carrying hot weapons.
This was what he was most afraid of.

No matter how good one’s martial arts were, they would still be afraid of hot weapons.
This was not a joke, but a fact.
The most frightening thing about humans was their intelligence, and these high-tech weapons were the crystallization of their intelligence.

The reason why the Federation was able to control such a vast and boundless place was actually that they controlled the weapons that ordinary people could use.
Anyone who dared to challenge the Federation Government would be shot to death.
There were no exceptions for Acquired, Innate, or Divine Ability Stage experts.
To the government, this would be the cost of eliminating them.

With the current development of martial arts, and although science and martial arts were equally important, the higher of the two was still the power of science.
It took decades to nurture an Innate expert, while mass production of a high-end mecha that could contend against an Innate expert might only take a few hours.
As long as there were sufficient resources, the mechas could be produced in an endless stream.

This was the most terrifying aspect of modern society.

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When the Warwinds realized what was happening, they shot wildly at Chu Yunfan.

The Warwinds had been through hundreds of battles and their shots were extremely accurate.
However, they found it difficult to hit Chu Yunfan who was constantly using the Nine Heavenly Deity Transformations and the Nine Cyclone Phantoms.
All the bullets shot past Chu Yunfan or hit his phantom image.

Acquired experts were definitely considered experts among the common folk.
Chu Yunfan’s instincts were completely unleashed at this moment.
Chu Yunfan dodged almost instinctively.

In just a few short moments, Chu Yunfan had reached the edge of the lake.
Right now, the Warwind were making their way toward the lakeside.
If he backtracked, he was afraid that he would be very quickly peppered with holes.

Although Chu Yunfan had the prediction ability of a strong person and coupled with his astonishing movement techniques, he was able to dodge bullets, the prerequisite was that he could not face too many.
Against a hail of bullets, no matter how good his movement technique was, he would be torn into pieces within minutes because he would not have any place to hide.

At this moment, Li Ruofeng saw that Chu Yunfan had attacked his men.
He was instantly enraged and snatched a bazooka from the side.


The bazooka was a powerful weapon that a mercenary group of their scale could obtain through various channels.
The truly high-end weapons were kept for use within the Federation army.
Other bigger factions would be able to obtain such weapons or they could develop them themselves.
However, it was clear that a small faction like the Warwinds had no such opportunity.

Otherwise, the Federation would have long fallen into chaos!


With a loud bang, the missile in the bazooka was fired.
It shot toward Chu Yunfan at lightning speed.

‘F*ck!’ Chu Yunfan cursed in his heart.
It was too late.
He could not possibly slash the missile.
That was something that only Innate experts could do.

At this moment, a clear current flowed through Chu Yunfan’s mind.
In his eyes, everything slowed down.
The Ju Que in his hand slashed out.


A series of violent explosions churned up violent waves on the surface of the lake.
The dozen-foot-tall waves covered everything.
When the waves settled, Chu Yunfan had disappeared.

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Li Ruofeng nodded slightly.
He began to fly across the surface of the water, chasing after Tian Miaomiao.

In a few short moments, Li Ruofeng had arrived before Tian Miaomiao.
A great battle instantly broke out.
Although Tian Miaomiao had only just reached the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage, with the few robotic puppets she had brought with her she had strength equivalent to the Acquired Stage.
For a moment, the battle was in a deadlock.

And at this moment, in the Mountain River Diagram, Chu Yunfan was catching his breath and tending to his wounds.
The clothes on his body had been completely torn apart and there were wounds of various sizes on his body.

Fortunately, Chu Yunfan had activated the Imperial Physique at the last moment and the missile from the bazooka had been broken by the Ju Que.
Otherwise, he would have certainly been blasted to pieces.

The martial arts of humans had improved very quickly over the years, but their bodies were still made of flesh and blood.
It was difficult for flesh and blood bodies to compete against guns and cannons.

Of course, after Chu Yunfan had cultivated the Imperial Physique, he was much stronger than other experts of the same level.
If it were other Acquired Stage experts, they would have been killed by the explosion even if they had reacted promptly.

“I’m not strong enough yet.
If I were in the Innate Stage, this kind of attack wouldn’t be able to do anything to me.
It wouldn’t even break through my protective energy shield,” Chu Yunfan mused.
He knew that modern technology was terrifying, but he was not discouraged, because he had seen the power of the peak of martial arts in the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
That was the true peak.

That power was strong enough to tear apart the sky and shatter the earth.
That was the power that Chu Yunfan yearned for.

The current level of human martial arts was still far from the level of the Ancient Zenith Civilization in Chu Yunfan’s mind.
However, human beings were breaking their limits every day.
Every day, more and more powerful people were born.
Perhaps one day, they would be able to recreate the glory of the Ancient Zenith Civilization or perhaps even more glorious than that.

After using the healing spray to treat his injuries, Chu Yunfan’s injuries slowly healed.
Although his internal organs were injured and he could only display 80% of his usual strength, it was enough.

At this time, the battle outside had also entered a white-hot stage.
Tian Miaomiao from the Medicine King Sect was not good at fighting, but she had puppets to protect her.
She retreated into the depths of the lake as she fought against Li Ruofeng.

On the shore, the remaining people had already been slaughtered by the Warwinds.
The smell of blood spread to the surface of the water.
Chu Yunfan spotted a huge black shadow emerge from the depths of the lake.

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