Chu Yunfan followed the voice and the crowd to the town square in the center of the town.
He saw three young men and one woman dressed in moon-white robes standing at the center.

They were disciples of the Medicine King Sect.
Chu Yunfan had seen records of this sect in the encyclopedia.
The Medicine King Sect had been established on the ruins of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.

There were also records of the Medicine King Sect in the memories of the Alchemy Emperor.
Back then, the Medicine King Sect had been a huge organization.
And now, the Medicine King Sect was established on the ruins of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
Compared to the past, there was still a huge gap.

The Medicine King Sect had its own base.
Because it had inherited the Medicine King Sect from the Ancient Zenith Civilization, it had its own mountain guard array.
Even a monster swarm would not be able to break this protection.

The Medicine King Sect was a relatively independent force.
The disciples of the sect concocted pills and more than half of these pills were sold to various large factions within the Federation.
This gave the sect a huge network.
Normally, no one would be willing to provoke the Medicine King Sect.

There were even rumors that the Pill King had once studied under the Medicine King Sect.
One could imagine just how huge the influence of this sect was.

These Medicine King Sect disciples had unconcealable pride on their faces.
Of course, they could not be compared to the students of Federation University, but in this remote and desolate place, the strength and influence of the Medicine King Sect were quite considerable.

The woman standing in the midst of these disciples was clearly their leader.
She was about twenty years old and had a slender figure and a beautiful face.
Behind her stood three other disciples of the Medicine King Sect.
They were also about twenty years old.

Besides these disciples, there was a group of about 40 to 50 mercenaries standing in the town square.
These mercenaries were dressed in uniform and looked quite valiant.
Each of them had an extremely powerful aura and was clearly from the same faction.

Soon, the others cleared up Chu Yunfan’s confusion.
This mercenary group was called the Warwind mercenary group.
It was the largest mercenary company in the area.

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This group of mercenaries was led by a young man who was in his late twenties.
This young man had a proud look on his face, but the powerful aura he emitted was able to suppress everyone on the scene.

“An Acquired Stage expert.”

Chu Yunfan immediately made a judgment, but due to the distance between them, there was no way to determine the leader’s exact cultivation level.

The mercenaries within Warwind were no joke.
The weakest among them was at the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage while most of them were around the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.
There were even a few Acquired Stage experts lurking among them.

No wonder they could become the largest mercenary group in the area.
They indeed had an extraordinary background.

The Warwinds had clearly been hired by the disciples of the Medicine King Sect.
This was a common occurrence.
Although the disciples of the Medicine King Sect had quite a lot of connections and power, their combat strength was often not good enough.
It was very common to hire a mercenary group as protection.

But although they had the Warwinds, the disciples of the Medicine King Sect were clearly not satisfied.
They had to hire more guards.
After all, the Flying Dragon Mountains were dangerous and unpredictable.
The more people there were, the safer it would be.

Many people thought the same.
They all wanted to go up the mountain.
However, the danger of going up the mountain alone was too high.
They wanted to join this group and go together.

A middle-aged man from the Warwinds was in charge of recruiting people.
He was the one who made the announcement earlier.

At this time, the middle-aged man was already surrounded by a group of people.

“Everyone, Warwinds has been hired by the disciples of the Medicine King Sect.
However, as you all know, the danger of the Flying Dragon Mountains is unpredictable.
Therefore, we need to hire some helpers.
Our recruitment criteria are to recruit peak-stage Energy Refinement Stage or Acquired Stage experts.
Those who are interested can come and register,” the man said, “The reward for this trip is 500,000 yuan per person.”

“Then, if we want to join the expedition, how much will we be charged?” a few weaker mercenaries asked.
They knew that they were not up to this standard, but they still wanted to join.
Naturally, they had to pay a price to join them.

“If you wish to join, each person will have to pay 100,000 yuan.
You’ll also have to take care of your own food and accommodation,” the middle-aged man replied.

When Chu Yunfan heard this, he thought that this was good business.
Although the price to hire experts was not cheap, if the others wanted to join this team, each person would have to pay 100,000.
This way, not only would there not be any losses and they could even make up for the losses.

In just a short while, there were already more than a hundred people who had joined this team.
At the same time, more than a dozen peak Energy Refinement Stage experts had come forward to accept the job.

After some thought, Chu Yunfan came forward and said, “Count me in.
I accept the job.”

Seeing that Chu Yunfan, who was only a teenager, dared to stand out, the mercenaries instantly went into an uproar.

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“What are you doing? Are kids this crazy nowadays?”

“Little brat, you’re from somewhere else, right? You don’t know how dangerous the Flying Dragon Mountains are.
You’re barely an adult.
Go back and drink your milk.

“You think you can earn this kind of money? Didn’t you see that the requirement is to be at least at the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage?”

These mercenaries burst into laughter.

Chu Yunfan sneered and said, “Then how do I prove that I have such strength?”

“Young one, how about this? It’s very simple.
I happen to be at the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.
As long as you can take three punches from me, I will make the decision and let you join.
How about it?” the middle-aged man in charge of recruiting said.

“Okay, no problem.” Chu Yunfan nodded.

The middle-aged man instantly made his move.
He retracted his fist to his waist and then threw out a fierce punch.


This punch produced a thunderous sound.
It was a fist technique called the Thunder Fist.
This fist technique was powerful, heavy, and extremely fast.
Even a martial artist at the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage would find it difficult to withstand it.

But the moment the middle-aged man punched out, Chu Yunfan raised his arm.
The Thunder Fist hit Chu Yunfan’s hand, but Chu Yunfan did not move an inch.


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