The two of them collided violently like two cannonballs, setting off a terrifying tide!

Finally, the figure was revealed.
It was a man who looked to be in his fifties.
Although his hair looked a little gray, his aura reached the sky and he was extremely muscular.

The man looked to be only in his fifties, but through the encyclopedia, Chu Yunfan knew that this was the cult master of the Blood Devourers who was at least a hundred years old.
He had already made a name for himself centuries ago.
It was just that he had never been able to step into the Innate Stage.

“Do you think you’re worthy of fighting our president?” Wang Qi laughed.
He did not think highly of this cult master.
“I can deal with you myself.
You’re more than a hundred years old, yet you haven’t reached the Innate Stage.
You’re nothing but trash to our university.
Hurry up and accept your death.”

The cult master was instantly enraged and fiercely clashed with Wang Qi.

Two peak Acquired Stage experts clashed while the student council members and the Blood Devourer disciples clashed.
The attack formation of the student council was clear for all to see.

At this moment, many Federation University students had appeared around the city.
When Chu Yunfan saw this, he immediately understood why the student council needed the support of other students.
It had called on the nearby students to witness the glory of the student council.
Of course, it was also to get these students to help sweep away some of the Blood Devourer disciples.

Chu Yunfan suddenly had a thought.
The Blood Devourers had been established for several decades.
That could be considered a long existence.
It was likely that they had accumulated a lot of wealth.
It was a good opportunity for him to go in and take a look.
It would be a waste not to take it for himself.
If it went to the student council, it would benefit them, which in turn would benefit Jiang Lingxiao.

Thinking of this, Chu Yunfan did not hesitate any longer.
He hurriedly flew toward the center of the city.
All the Blood Devourer disciples had gone to fight against the student council.
This was a very good opportunity for Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan rushed into the city.
The style of the city was very modern.
There were tall buildings everywhere.
It was not very different when compared to other cities.
It was just that this place had now become a huge battlefield.
The pungent smell of blood hung in the air.

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According to the information in the encyclopedia, this city was actually not a place built by the Blood Devourers but was a civilian stronghold built by a consortium.
It was later seized by the Blood Devourers and they had been using this place as their headquarters ever since.

That was why this place was able to house tens of thousands of Blood Devourer disciples.

Chu Yunfan was flying, so no one noticed him.
Even if some of the Blood Devourer disciples noticed Chu Yunfan, he just ducked and hid in the Mountain River Diagram.
The disciples would pass by in a flash.
They thought they were seeing things and were mistaken.

As Chu Yunfan got deeper into the city, he noticed an even larger pool of blood within.
The blood pool was filled with countless people.
These people were separated from each other through isolation chambers and were floating in the blood pool.
Fresh blood was continuously flowing out of their bodies.
At the same time, their bodies were hooked up to tubes that delivered nutrients.
The purpose of these isolation chambers was clear—to drain fresh blood from these people’s bodies.

All of these people had a dull look in their eyes.
Their frontal lobes had been removed and they had become vegetables.
They did not have the slightest inkling of what was happening to them.

Chu Yunfan saw that there were at least tens of thousand immersed in this huge blood pool.
Not to mention that he could see many more figures in the distance.

“F*ck!” Chu Yunfan cursed.
These Blood Devourers were a bunch of animals.
Even animals were better than them.

Who knew how many people had died at the hands of the Blood Devourers over the years.
For this alone, these Blood Devourers all deserved to die.
Not a single one of them was innocent.

Chu Yunfan recalled some of the information recorded in the encyclopedia.
The reason why the Blood Devourers were called as such was related to their cultivation technique.
It was an evil technique discovered in the ruins of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
By cultivating this evil technique, one’s cultivation could improve greatly at the initial stage, but they would become extremely bloodthirsty.
In the end, they had to drink human blood every day to survive.
They were just like vampires of legend.

Chu Yunfan followed one of the blood rivers branching out of the blood pool and flew all the way to the center of the city.
These blood rivers carried fresh blood all the way into the city.

Chu Yunfan finally reached the center of the city.
In the middle of the city stood a huge and resplendent palace.
There were a few Blood Devourer disciples standing guard outside the palace, but they could not stop Chu Yunfan.
One strike and they were all chopped down.

Chu Yunfan walked into the palace and saw that there was a huge blood pool at the center.
This blood pool was modeled after a bathing pool.
The Blood Devourer cult master soaked in this pool every day.
This method of cultivation was simply cruel.

One could even see some of the broken limbs bobbing up and down in the blood pool, continuously churning and emitting waves of bubbles.
It was as if the blood was being boiled.
A thick stench of blood hung in the air and was extremely nauseating.

Above the blood pool was an incomparably huge scroll.
There seemed to be an invisible force supporting the scroll from below, causing the seal to undulate up and down in midair.

“This is… a magic treasure!”

Chu Yunfan immediately understood.
Besides allowing the cult master to cultivate, the most important function of this blood pool was to refine this scroll.

This scroll was enormous and the surface of the paper was blood red.
It looked as if the blood pool had been imprinted onto it.
And on this scroll was a human figure that should have been a kind-looking old man, but now, this kind-looking old man had turned into a devil.
His face was malevolent and his green face and fangs had turned him into a legendary devil.
He looked extremely terrifying.

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Upon seeing this scene, Chu Yunfan immediately understood what this was.

This scroll itself was a magic treasure.
If Chu Yunfan was right, the scroll should be imbued with the spiritual mark of an important figure.
If he activated it, he should be able to summon the spirit from within.

This was a common magic treasure.
Many important figures would casually bestow this type of magic treasure to their juniors to protect themselves.
These sorts of occurrences were normal.
There were many such magic treasures in the Alchemy Emperor’s memory.

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