Gu Lang’s face instantly fell.
Chu Yunfan’s words proved that he did not take Gu Lang seriously.

“Chu Yunfan, what kind of place do you think this is? I’ve long heard that you’re arrogant.
You’re even daring enough to challenge Jiang Lingxiao.
I didn’t expect that you wouldn’t know how to repent when you’re about to die.
I gave you a chance.
Since you’re unwilling, don’t blame me for what comes next,” Gu Lang said as he looked at Chu Yunfan with a cold smile.

“Hahahaha, for real? Cut the crap,” Chu Yunfan laughed.
Gu Lang’s offer had not tempted him in the slightest.
If he joined the Monster Cult, he would certainly be put through numerous rounds of brainwashing.
After that, the person that emerged would no longer be Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan suddenly stomped his foot and he instantly dashed in Gu Lang’s direction.
Gu Lang was located at the part of the encirclement that held the most people.
There were even two sand pirate leaders in that direction.

“You overestimate yourself,” Gu Lang shouted with a sneer on his face, “I’ve changed my mind.
Don’t let them live.
Kill them all!”

The sand pirates surged forth.
Speaking of which, sand pirates were used to being free and undisciplined.
To successfully make them obey his orders, it was clear that the respect the sand pirates had for him ran deep into their bones.

In the blink of an eye, there were already about a dozen sand pirates standing before Chu Yunfan.
They all had savage smiles on their faces as if they saw Chu Yunfan like a dish served up on a silver platter.

“You’ve sorely overestimated your strength!”

Chu Yunfan let out a long howl and the True Energy in his body surged out.
It formed a violent wind that swept out and instantly blocked those sand pirates.
The moment they came to a halt, Chu Yunfan unsheathed the Ju Que from his back and the huge sword swept through the sky.


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A series of collisions rang out, and the dozen or so sand pirates that had pounced over were instantly sent flying at an even faster speed than when they had arrived.
They crashed heavily onto the ground and were unable to get up.

One could only imagine the power of the Ju Que.
There was no doubt there would be only one outcome for them if they were to be hit by this enormous sword—death.

These sand pirates could not stop Chu Yunfan’s advance.

When Chu Yunfan moved forward, two figures that were like gigantic pagodas appeared in front of him.
They were the two Acquired Stage sand pirate leaders.
Their eyes were as wide as copper bells, a terrifying killing intent flaring within them.

The two leaders made their move simultaneously.
One came at Chu Yunfan from the left and the other from the right.
They closed in on him and attacked.
One of them wielded a long spear that was stained with blood while the other wielded a saber.

“Watch out!”

In the distance, Sha Yingying saw this scene and cried out, but she was barely holding her own.
One of the leaders along with more than a dozen pirates surrounded her.
Several of their attacks had landed on her body.
If she had not been wearing armor, she would have been long killed.

The principle of two fists being unable to fight four hands was vividly demonstrated here.

The others were in similar situations.
Only Sha Peng was not faced with a sand pirate leader, but he was still surrounded by over a dozen sand pirates.

At this moment, the students did not have much of a choice.
Chu Yunfan had gone up to kill Gu Lang and they could not ignore it.
The only choice they had left was to stay and fight.

“Everyone, hold on.
I’ve already sent out a distress signal.
All the Federation Students nearby will get our signal.
We just have to hold on until then,” Sha Peng said loudly after sending one of the sand pirates flying with a slash of his blade.

“Hahahaha, do you really think you’ll get such a chance? Didn’t you notice the signal block when you stepped in here?” Gu Lang laughed wildly.
He had always been shrewd and astute in doing things.
How could he allow such an obvious flaw to exist?

At the same time, the two sand pirate leaders before Chu Yunfan had pounced to Chu Yunfan’s left.
Chu Yunfan could clearly see their ferocious faces.
They were obviously very experienced.
They advanced together and attacked almost at the same time, not giving Chu Yunfan any room to retaliate.


The leader with the spear lashed out with his spear, forming a terrifying airwave.
But when the spear pierced through Chu Yunfan, he realized that it did not hit Chu Yunfan at all.
It was just an afterimage.

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Chu Yunfan’s body split into several phantoms.

“What kind of movement technique is this?!”

This leader’s eyes instantly widened in shock.
He recognized that this was a movement technique, but he did not know what kind of movement technique could have such a miraculous effect.

The moment the other leader’s saber slashed down, he discovered that a heavy sword had appeared under his weapon.


A clear and loud collision sound was heard.
The terrifying force within the leader’s weapon was reflected back.
The leader felt his arm go numb.

Thud, thud, thud!

The leader with the saber had to take a few steps back before he managed to stabilize himself, but the Ju Que seemed to follow him like a shadow.
In the blink of an eye, the Ju Que swept down.


The leader barely had time to raise his saber to block the incoming sword.
He could not dodge.
However, he soon realized the mistake he had made.
He blocked the sword and his palm instantly split open.
Fresh blood spurted out.
His saber was unable to block this huge force, and the momentum of the sword did not decrease.
It barrelled down on the leader.


The leader only had time to cry out in pain before his entire body was cut into two halves.
Fresh blood accompanied by bone fragments flew into the air and scattered all over the floor of the Arctic Desert.
The already red ground was dyed an even deeper red.

The spear-wielding leader who was charging at Chu Yunfan stopped.
He had wanted to launch a pincer attack with the other leader.
Who knew that he would witness such a shocking scene.
Chu Yunfan, who held his sword with one hand, had slashed his partner into two halves.

The Ju Que displayed Chu Yunfan’s strength to the fullest.


The leader retreated.
When Chu Yunfan looked at him, the leader felt as if he was being targeted by an ancient beast.
His instincts that had been honed over the years made him retreat frantically.

However, Chu Yunfan would naturally never allow this.
After splitting the first leader into two, his sword swept toward the spear-wielding leader.



After a buzzing sound, a huge explosion was heard.
It was Chu Yunfan who had suddenly increased his speed and forcefully sliced through the air.

Chu Yunfan’s Ju Que arrived.
Before the leader could get out of Chu Yunfan’s large attack range, he was hit.


The spear was sent flying.
Then, the leader was sent flying through the air, landing and rolling across the ground.
It was unknown whether he was still alive.

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