Seeing that their leader had been killed, the sand pirates became terrified.
Their morale plummeted.
However, these sand pirates had no intention of giving up.
Since they had been forced into a corner by these students, they fought even harder.
If they had to die, they would drag a few of them down with them.

These sand pirates who were going all out posed a great threat.
They did not even care if they hit their own comrade.
After all, there were too many sand pirates and they had all gone all out to save their own skins.
They could not help but be flustered.
However, the final outcome was as expected.

These students were wearing special armors that were specially made by Federation University.
These armors were sold cheaper within the university than outside of it, but the quality was far better.
This was a hidden benefit of being Federation University students.

Most of the sand pirates rushed toward Chu Yunfan who looked like he was not wearing armor.
They wanted to drag him down to hell with them.
However, the outcome was obvious.
Chu Yunfan was not the weakest one, nor was he weak.

The sand pirates who flew over experienced what it meant to say that quantity was useless in front of quality.
Chu Yunfan casually swept them away.
Those who were hit head on instantly died.
Those who were grazed were instantly injured.

The Ju Que was too terrifying.
The heavy sword had no edge that proved to be a great advantage at the moment.
In a short while, all the sand pirates had been killed and almost half of them had died at Chu Yunfan’s hands.

This was the first time Chu Yunfan’s teammates had seen his killing methods.
They were vastly different from theirs.
This was the first time Chu Yunfan had made such bold moves.

When Chu Yunfan had been using the Shadowless Saber, it had restricted his strength.
Now that he had the Ju Que, everything was different.
His terrifying physical attributes could be completely unleashed.

No matter what technique or how much the Chu Yunfan’s opponents risked their lives, they were all easily swept away.
They could not block the Ju Que and instantly perished!

At this time, all the doubts that Liao Fan had for Chu Yunfan disappeared.
What a joke.
Chu Yunfan was a true killer god.
Previously, he was not a match for Chu Yunfan in that earlier barehanded fight.
If Chu Yunfan had used the Ju Que, he surely would not be able to block a single strike either and would have been heavily injured.
He would be lucky if he did not die.

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Liao Fan could also see that Chu Yunfan was only at the second level of the Acquired Stage.
They were both on the same level, but the difference between them was like Heaven and Earth.
Even those who had broken through to the third level of the Acquired Stage, were far inferior to Chu Yunfan in terms of killing efficiency.

Chu Yunfan was on par with all of them.

Moreover, everyone could see that Chu Yunfan had not used his full strength.
He had not even used any sword technique.
Every time he attacked, he lashed out with accuracy and ruthlessness.
All martial skills were fast, accurate, and ruthless, but if it was really that simple, no one would learn martial arts.
Unless one really reached the level of a martial grandmaster and returned to the basics, no one would say that martial arts were useless.

Liao Fan ceased all thoughts of competing with Chu Yunfan.
On top of that, there was no fundamental conflict between him and Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan did not like Hu Xiangling after all, so there was naturally nothing to continue targeting.

Liao Fan was arrogant, but he was not stupid.

Meanwhile, Sha Yingying finally understood why her arrogant little brother would submit to Chu Yunfan.
He was indeed strong.
It was rumored that he had challenged Jiang Lingxiao.
Chu Yunfan was certainly not crazy.
He was only a freshman and already had such cultivation and combat strength.
He certainly would step into the Innate Stage in the future.
Without a doubt, he had high potential to do so.

If it was an ordinary person, this kind of person would definitely be considered high-quality stock.
Their future was limitless.
The only problem was that Chu Yunfan had death wrapped around him.
His challenge to Jiang Lingxiao was not just an ordinary challenge, but a life-and-death battle.

Although Sha Yingying had never seen Jiang Lingxiao before, she had heard of him.
He was definitely not a good person.
Even if she used her toes to think, she knew that 80% of the reason why Jiang Lingxiao had agreed to the challenge was to kill Chu Yunfan.

Sha Yingying did not believe that a person who could get into a Federation University was a fool.
Even a person standing on the outlines like herself could figure this out.
However, Chu Yunfan had still done it.
Was he really that crazy or did he have full confidence in himself?

After a long time, Sha Yingying heaved a sigh of relief.
She gave up the thought of chasing after Chu Yunfan.
Such a person had a bright future and his future was limitless.
He would certainly stand above the rest his whole life.
She could not afford to gamble with such a future, and neither could her family.

Without such a future, she felt a great weight drop from her shoulders.
Although she could not gamble with the future, she would do well to befriend Chu Yunfan.

The one who was the most shocked was Sha Peng.
He had witnessed Chu Yunfan’s might before.
Sha Peng was strong.
But now, the gap between him and Chu Yunfan had grown even wider.
The more he broke through, the more he felt the gap between him and his captain widen.

This combat strength that could sweep away everything was simply terrifying.
In just a few short months, Chu Yunfan had been reborn.

He really wanted to say, “F*ck, Captain! Aren’t you improving too quickly?!”

Chu Yunfan was unaware that everyone’s thoughts had changed so much in such a short period of time.
Nonetheless, he would not have cared.
After having killed the sand pirates, he felt much better.

The killing methods of these sand pirates were simply too cruel.
If Chu Yunfan did not take action to punish this evil, Chu Yunfan would be unfulfilled.

After killing these sand pirates, Chu Yunfan felt much better!

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“All right, now that we’ve gotten rid of these scumbags, let’s continue.
Although the Arctic Desert is really dangerous at night, we don’t have much time left.
We’re all wearing armor, so it shouldn’t be a big issue.
Chu Yunfan, can you continue?” asked Sha Yingying.

“Not a problem.” Chu Yunfan nodded.
Although the temperature of the Arctic Desert had dropped drastically and he required more True Energy to maintain body temperature, it was not a problem for him.

Now that everyone had made up their minds, they set off once more.
Moreover, the place they were at had just experienced a battle, and the smell of blood was overwhelming.
It would soon attract many monsters, so they should quickly move on.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.
To find Gu Lang, Chu Yunfan and the others traveled through the Arctic Desert for three whole days.

In these three days, Chu Yunfan and the others easily dealt with half a dozen groups of sand pirates.
There were simply too many sand pirates in the Arctic Desert.

Fortunately, they were not in much trouble at all.
Chu Yunfan and the others easily cut them down.
It was not until they chased a group of sand pirates to a hill that they finally found Gu Lang.

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