Everyone hurried over to Hu Xiangling’s side only to see corpses strewn all over the ground.
To be more precise, they were corpses of men and women that had been killed not long ago.
There were about a dozen of them.
The way they died was extremely tragic.

The men had their limbs cut off, while the women were even more miserable.
It was obvious that they had suffered great humiliation before they died, but their heads were still cut off in the end.
The fresh blood had yet to completely dry up, indicating that they had just been killed not long ago.

From afar, were monsters that had smelled the scent of blood.

“How brutal!”

Even Chu Yunfan felt his breath hitch in his throat.
He was not a rookie who had never killed anyone before, but all those he had killed had all been killed within a few hits.
But for this group of people had been clearly tortured to death.
The cruelty was simply unimaginable.

These torture methods made those in movies and dramas look tame.
It was completely unimaginable.

“It’s those sand pirates.
In the Arctic Desert, only the sand pirates would kill people so cruelly and tortuously,” Sha Yingying said with an extremely ugly expression on her face.
She had already concluded that these people had died at the hands of the sand pirates.

The miserable state of these dead people deeply demonstrated to Chu Yunfan what it meant to be a killer.
Chu Yunfan had also killed people, but he always had a purpose for doing so.
He had done it out of self-defense.
However, it was a completely different matter for these sand pirates.
It was like they did not have a conscience.
To them, killing was a daily routine.
Moreover, killing people for them was just fun.
These people were constantly in life-and-death situations.
Their minds had become twisted.
They could not be reasoned with.

“That’s right, only those people would be so twisted.
When we Federation University students meet sand pirates we are obligated to wipe them out.” Sha Peng’s face had turned ashen when he saw the scene in front of him.

The strength of these students far outweighed ordinary mercenaries, explorers, and monster hunters.
But in terms of actual combat experience, there was no way they could compare to those seasoned veterans who had fought their way through mountains of corpses and seas of blood.
Those seasoned veterans would not even blink their eyes at such a scene.

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“These sand pirates are too savage.
After killing people, they didn’t even bother to cover it up,” Lin Qiuchi frowned as he looked at the corpses on the ground.

Even Liao Fan’s face had turned ugly.
The way these sand pirates killed people was so brutal that it was beyond his understanding.
It could not be compared to the conflict these students got into.

“We will kill them all,” Chu Yunfan said calmly and succinctly, but his eyes were filled with flickering flames of anger.
He knew that many mercenaries in the wild would often kill people and steal their goods, but compared to what these sand pirates did, it was like playing house.

Moreover, Chu Yunfan had read that these sand pirates had a tradition of cannibalism.
In the early years, this was done because their food sources had been drastically reduced due to the Federation’s blockade.
But now, it has become the tradition of many sand pirates.

Rather than saying that these people were humans, it would be more accurate to say that they were monsters in human skin.
It was impossible for Chu Yunfan to get rid of every single sand pirate, but since he has now crossed paths with them, Chu Yunfan did not want to let them off.

“All right, I propose that we take action and kill this group of sand pirates.
Does anyone object?” Sha Yingying asked.
Everyone was boiling with anger and did not object.

After making up their minds, everyone began to follow the traces left behind by these sand pirates.
As for the corpses, Chu Yunfan and the others did not deal with them.
Even if they had buried them, the corpses would be quickly dug out and swallowed by the monsters.
The methods used to fend off ordinary beasts were useless against these monsters.
But whoever chose to come here was probably prepared to die here.

The group moved quickly.
They chased after the sand pirates.
Soon, night fell.
The group finally caught up with the sand pirates who were located behind a small mound.

There were about forty to fifty sand pirates.
All of them were at least in the Energy Refinement Stage.
Their cultivation was profound and they had rich combat experience.
Each of them carried an extremely fierce aura.

The leader of these sand pirates was about thirty to forty years old.
The aura that radiated out of him was fiercer than the rest and was in the Acquired Stage.
Even a small-scale mercenary group might not be a match for a sand pirate of this level and could only flee.

That was why these sand pirates were invincible.
All those who came across them had died at their hands.
Even now, they were still discussing what had happened earlier.

“We got quite a good harvest today.
That b*tch actually dared to resist.
Tsk, tsk.”

“Fiery women are the most interesting.
These foreign women with delicate skin and tender flesh are much better than those who grew up in the Arctic Desert!”

“It’s such a pity that we killed them so quickly.
We should have brought them back to play for a few more days.
We could’ve eaten them if we ran low on food.”

The sand pirates cackled.

“You idiots.
Times have changed.
One of the large cities of the Federation has just been attacked and over a million people were buried in the mouths of monsters.
Knowing the Federation they will certainly seek revenge,” the leader of the sand pirates said with an icy edge in his voice.

“F*ck, every time they seek revenge, the first place they head to is the Arctic Desert.
I’ve already received news that over the past few days, many elite special forces have entered the Arctic Desert to sweep the area.
The students of Federation University have also formed groups to come in.
Even powerful mercenary groups have sent people to hunt us down!

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“The situation is dangerous now.
After doing this, we should quickly return to the capital to hide out for a while and wait for the news to die down before coming out again.”

“Students from Federation University? Hahaha, that’s not good.
I’ve played with students from the top ten universities, but I’ve never played with female students from Federation University—the leader of the top ten universities.
They must feel pretty good!” one of the sand pirates said with a lecherous look on his face.

“The female students from Federation University aren’t easy to deal with.
They’re not like the students from the other top ten universities which I can kill a few by myself,” another sand pirate said with a hint of fear, “After this wave passes, I’ll definitely find a different job.”

“A different job? I don’t think you’ll have the chance.”

All of a sudden, along with a cold voice, a few figures appeared from the other side of the mound.
They were Chu Yunfan and the others.

“Federation University students!”

These sand pirates saw the symbol on the group’s clothes through their searchlight.
It was the emblem of Federation University.
They sucked in a breath of cold air.

Among all the students, the most troublesome ones were the students of Federation University.

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