Even Federation University’s Encyclopedia of Cultivation was wary of the Divination Pavilion.
In fact, in the years the Divination Pavilion just debuted, it had leaked some crucial information that shook the entire Federation.

It had caused the various major factions of the Federation to join forces and launch an attack against the Divination Pavilion.
However, this attack ended in failure.
In the end, some unknown deal was made and the various major powers of the Federation begrudgingly acknowledged the Divination Pavilion.

According to the deal, the Divination Pavilion would no longer sell out information that contained the Federation’s key technologies.
All in all, it was considered a compromise.
Although the final result was that the Divination Pavilion would lower its head to the Federation and would not sell information that would endanger society, it was still a compromise.

To have had the power to make the Federation compromise and acquiesce to its existence was an indicator of how powerful the Divination Pavilion was.

When Sha Yingying said this, her heart ached a little.
500,000 points was an astronomical figure for them.
But if they could kill Gu Lang, they would receive ten times the profit.

This rate was much higher than the rate of return in business!

“I’m fine.
We can set off at any time,” Liao Fan noticed everyone looking at him.
He was unwilling to show weakness.
He merely stared fiercely at Chu Yunfan.


The cold wind swept up the sands, carrying the grains through the air.

This was an incomparably huge desert.
The ground was covered in a thick layer of yellow sand.
Amidst the wind and sand were some ice shards mixed in.
One could only imagine how cold the weather was here and how harsh the environment was.

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As far as the eye could see, the desert was desolate in every direction.
Occasionally, one would spot mounds of soil with some bare trees sticking out of them.
Under the blowing of the cold wind, they trembled.
One would be able to vaguely make out the ice shards hanging on the trees.

At this moment, a group of six appeared here.
Five of them were wearing armor while one of them was wearing a black battle robe.
On the back of the person dressed in the battle robe was a huge sword that was almost as big as him.

These people were none other than Chu Yunfan and his group.

“The Arctic Desert is freaking cold! I’ve been here countless times, but I always feel like I’m going to freeze to death here!” Lin Qiuchi exclaimed.
His words condensed into a ball of white fog.
The weather here was extremely cold.
Fortunately, the armor they wore was made of high-tech crystal and its temperature could be adjusted.
Even so, the cold air permeated their bodies and was not very pleasant.

As Lin Qiuchi spoke, he glanced at Chu Yunfan.
Everyone else who was wearing armor felt extremely cold, and Chu Yunfan was only wearing a battle robe.
Yet, he looked as if the weather had no effect on him.

Everyone could see that Chu Yunfan’s body was suffused with a faint circle of True Energy to help him resist the cold.
Of course, they could do the same.
However, doing so would consume too much energy.
Even with the recovery speed of an Acquired Stage expert, it would be difficult for them to fully recover quickly.

In such an extremely dangerous environment, if one’s True Energy could not be recovered in time, one would end up in a dangerous situation at any time.

However, Chu Yunfan was different.
His recovery speed was astonishing.
Even though the others did not know the profound mysteries of the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method that he cultivated or the recovery speed of his Imperial Physique, they could tell that Chu Yunfan had always been calm and unperturbed.
He did not seem to be lacking in True Energy.

The crowd suddenly felt a sense of curiosity about Chu Yunfan’s cultivation.

“Chu Yunfan, you’re so calm.
You’re not afraid of your True Energy running out, right? Your cultivation is much richer than ours,” Hu Xiangling said.
Her eyes were filled with envy.
Although the temperature of their armor could be adjusted, it was not as warm as Chu Yunfan who had activated his True Energy.
Not only was he not cold, but he was also able to resist the wind and sand.

The others were in a sorry state.
Chu Yunfan was the only one who was spotless, forming a clear contrast with them.

“What’s the use of having profound cultivation strength? There are many dangers in a place like this.
If you dare to come here without wearing your armor, you’ll be hacked to death by someone.
Don’t blame us for not warning you.” Liao Fan saw this and a hint of jealousy flashed across his face.
“Not only is the temperature here extremely cold, but there are also many desert scorpions under this yellow sand.
Once you are stung by the scorpions, even a great god would be useless.
What’s the use of acting cool?”

Everyone looked at Chu Yunfan, feeling a little strange.
After all, wearing armor to control their body temperature was just a small matter.
The most important thing was safety.

Chu Yunfan just smiled and ignored Liao Fan’s comment.
He was going through some information about the Arctic Desert on his terminal.
The Arctic Desert was in the northwest of human-occupied territory.
The environment of this place was extremely harsh.
This desert spanned a circumference of several hundred thousand miles.

This was a place that the Federation’s forces had yet to completely conquer.
Hence, this was where all sorts of dangerous people gathered.
It was not just the Monster Cult that had many strongholds here.
Other than the Monster Cult, there were many evil cults and demonic sects based here that opposed the Federation.

Other than these sects, there were countless sand pirates that had yet to be cut down.
When these sand pirates had been at their most powerful, their population had exceeded ten million, forming a sand pirate huge kingdom.
They had fantasized about killing their way through the Federation and ruling over society.

Of course, they were swiftly dealt with by the Federation and taught a harsh lesson.
The huge sand pirate kingdom disbanded overnight, splitting into many different factions.
But even so, the sand pirates were the most powerful force in the entire Arctic Desert.
Even the Federation found it difficult to wipe them out completely.
They could only turn a blind eye as long as they did not wreak havoc in the Arctic Desert.

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Other than these perceived dangers, the environment of the Arctic Desert itself was dangerous.
There were all kinds of terrifying monsters wandering around as well as countless poisonous insects.
Once one was bitten, one’s entire arm would fester.

Therefore, most people who entered the Arctic Desert had to put on armor to avoid suffering.
However, Chu Yunfan was different.
His True Energy recovery ability was extremely fast.
In this kind of situation where he was not fighting, he recovered as fast as he expended.
There was no fear at all.

Liao Fan could see that Chu Yunfan was ignoring him, so he ceased his quibbling.
Everyone continued to trudge forward, and suddenly, a scream came from Hu Xiangling who was scouting ahead of them.

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