What was most important was that this battle had revealed Chu Yunfan’s strength.
Although it was only a short exchange and neither side used their full strength, the strength that Chu Yunfan displayed in such a rush was absolutely shocking.

Lin Qiuchi hurriedly sprayed Liao Fan with a healing spray.
Liao Fan’s injuries quickly healed.
Luckily, the wound was not too serious.
Chu Yunfan had only wanted to teach Liao Fan a lesson, not kill him.

Chu Yunfan could ascertain the cultivation level of these people at a single glance.
The strongest one among them was Sha Yingying.
She was at the third level of the Acquired Stage, but she has just broken through.
The others were at the second level.
Sha Peng’s cultivation level was the lowest—only at the peak of level one.
But considering Sha Peng was younger than the others by a year, he was the strongest in terms of potential.

“Do we still need to continue the test?” Chu Yunfan said in a low tone.

Since you managed to defeat Liao Fan, that means you have the qualifications to join us,” Sha Yingying said as she stepped forward.
She was the captain of these people.

In fact, when Sha Peng announced that Chu Yunfan was his captain, Sha Yingying had already acknowledged Chu Yunfan.
After all, she was well aware of her genius younger brother’s character.
If Sha Peng had not convinced Sha Yingying, she would have been hard-pressed to be convinced about Chu Yunfan.

The Shas had consecutively sent two people to enter Federation University.
In the eyes of outsiders, this was incomparably glorious.
But Sha Yingying knew that even though both of them had been admitted, there was a huge difference between her and her younger brother.
Under normal circumstances, it would be very difficult for her to reach the Innate Stage.

Most of the instructors at Federation University were not even in the Innate Stage.
A cultivator in the Acquired Stage was enough to hold the position of principal, educational director, and so on, in an ordinary high school.

And Sha Peng had a high chance of stepping into the Innate Stage.
An Innate was completely different from an Acquired.
An Innate expert would be able to support a large family and carry them forward.

Sha Yinying knew this very well and of the resulting pride in her younger brother’s heart.
For Sha Peng to call Chu Yunfan “Captain” so wholeheartedly, Chu Yunfan certainly was no ordinary character.

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The so-called test was just a matter of going through standard procedures.
Who knew that Liao Fan would act and end up in his current state? Now, the two sides were in a deadlock.

Sha Yingying had been uncertain about Chu Yunfan’s strength.
The rumors about Chu Yunfan in the outside world were mostly about his arrogant actions—such as provoking Jiang Lingxiao and acting all conceited and disrespectful.

But these rumors had not mentioned Chu Yunfan’s strength.
The only mention was that he had been instantly defeated by Jiang Lingxiao.
But this was not a suitable frame of reference.
With Jiang Lingxiao’s strength, 99% of the people in the university would be forced to their knees within seconds.

If Jiang Lingxiao did not have such strength, he would not be worthy of becoming the president of the student council.
If it were almost anyone else, the end result would still be the same.

Sha Yingying had wanted to use the test to see exactly where Chu Yunfan stood.
Pity that Chu Yunfan had acted so quickly.
Under such circumstances, although the results proved that Chu Yunfan was very strong, no one knew exactly how strong he was.

“I told you.
With his strength, how could our captain not be qualified to join? I’ve already warned you earlier so that someone wouldn’t bring shame upon themselves.
But unfortunately, someone didn’t listen!” Sha Peng said with a cold smile.

Sha Peng was not stupid.
Though Liao Fan said he was targeting Chu Yunfan, he was actually targeting Sha Peng.
Liao Fan had wanted to suppress Chu Yunfan to attack Sha Peng, but unfortunately, Liao Fan encountered a nail that was even harder than him.
He had been hit in the head and blood trickled down his forehead.

Sha Peng and Liao Fan were in a competitive relationship, so there was not much to say.

Hearing Sha Peg’s taunt, Liao Fan’s blood boiled.

“That’s enough.
Liao Fan, are you okay?” Sha Ying asked, “We have to move out as soon as possible.
If Gu Lang runs away, all our previous efforts will be wasted.”

“Gu Lang? Who’s that?” Chu Yunfan asked, “I rushed here and only know that we’re going to hunt down some cult members.
I don’t know who exactly/”

“You’re a freshman, so it’s not strange that you don’t know.
Gu Lang is a former student of the university.
If he were still here, he’d be in the same batch as us.
He’s a sophomore.
In reality, Gu Lang is a cult spy.
After his identity was uncovered, he defected.
Ever since then, he has been on Federation University’s wanted list.”

Sha Yingying continued.
“Federation University despises traitors.
When he was still a part of the university, he divulged many secrets that resulted in a fair bit of loss.
Therefore, the reward for him is pretty high.
If we take into account the double reward, he will give us five million points.
With our level of strength, he’s one of the most valuable people that we are able to deal with.”

Chu Yunfan nodded.
This was normal.
On Federation University’s wanted list, there were even Innate experts worth over 100 million points.
However, those were not things that they could consider at this stage.
If they encountered these experts, they would probably die before they even knew how.

“Gu Lang has been in hiding ever since his real identity was revealed.
Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to find his whereabouts.
To find Gu Lang’s whereabouts, we spent 500,000 points to purchase Gu Lang’s location information from the Divination Pavilion.
However, this information is constantly changing.
If we don’t hurry, Gu Lang might run away.
Our 500,000 points would then be wasted,” Sha Yingying said.

The Divination Pavilion.
Before attending Federation University, Chu Yunfan had not known that such an intelligence organization existed.
But after pouring through the Encyclopedia of Cultivation, Chu Yunfan read an introduction about it.

The Divination Pavilion was a rather mysterious sect.
The establishment of this sect had a lot to do with a sect called the Divination Pavilion in the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
It was a sect established on the ruins of the Divination Pavilion.
It had a special method that allowed it to deduce information that ordinary people would not know.

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It was said that the Divination Pavilion knew everything!

Of course, information about this sect was available to the outside world.
But in the encyclopedia, it was recorded that the Divination Pavilion’s intelligence network was spread throughout the whole world.
It even went deep into the wilderness—a desolate and uninhabited place.
An unremarkable person in the city might be an intelligence officer of the Divination Pavilion or their informer.

Moreover, it is said that the Divination Pavilion has its own satellite network which monitors the whole world.
This made it extremely powerful and terrifying.

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