The Ju Que was a famous ancient sword.
Legend has it that it was forged by Ou Yezi between spring and autumn.
It was dull and heavy and was extremely hardy.
Hence, it was known as the “The Supreme.” Other swords did not dare to compete with it.

The Juque, the Cheng Ying, the Chun Jun, the Yu Chang, the Tai A, the Zhan Lu, the Long Yuan, and the Gong Bu were collectively known as the “Eight Desolation Swords.”

The Ju Que was a very famous ancient sword in Chinese history.
Of course, this Ju Que was not the Ju Que from history but was forged using modern technology combined with the refining techniques of Ancient Zenith Civilization.

Among the weapons that could be exchanged for points in Federation University, this was one of the top weapons.
It cost 100 million points.
Far more expensive than many heavy other weapons.
It was even comparable to a large company.

This weapon was not a mass-produced weapon like the Shadowless Saber.
On the contrary, it was a trial piece that had only just been forged.
It was a work that was used to verify the technology used to make it.
It was designed after the concept of the Ju Que in the ancient legends.
It was equipped with the most advanced technology to date.

A total of eight such weapons had been forged, and they were the famous Eight Desolation Swords.
However, these weapons had been sold one after another, and only the Jue Que had yet to be sold.

In fact, it was not easy to sell because the price was extremely high.
Hundreds of millions of points were tens of times higher than the famous Shadowless Saber.

Due to its price, the Ju Que was destined to be impossible to mass-produce.
Because it was an internal exchange, the price was much cheaper than what it would go for outside of the university.
Otherwise, a weapon forged with this high-tech could have been sold for at least 500 million yuan.

Chu Yunfan looked into it and confirmed that the Ju Que was the weapon he wanted to buy.
He immediately placed his order.

But since Chu Yunfan had decided to switch to the heavy Ju Que, the saber techniques that he employed could no longer be used.
Chu Yunfan did not really care about this because he was not a swordsman or a saberman in nature.
To him, weapons were just tools.
Martial arts was the Great Dao that allowed him to control all weapons.

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In the Mighty Emperor Battle Book, there was a sword technique that recorded the use of a heavy sword.
It was called the World Overlord.
When this sword technique was used together with a heavy sword, its power was boundless.

Although the World Overlord was a set of sword techniques, it was divided into two parts.
One was the Sky Swords and the other was the Earth Swords.

After the Earth Swords were the Sky Swords.
There were nine forms in the Earth Swords and three in the Sky Swords.
In total, there were twelve sword moves.

Among them, the Earth Swords were Acquired Stage sword techniques, but the Sky Swords were techniques that were in the Innate Stage.
Once it could be used, its power would be endless.

This sword technique was the type that could injure a thousand enemies, but it could also injure the user.
In other words, if one’s physique was not good, this technique would cause great harm to the user

Just like how Chu Yunfan had injured himself when he had forcefully used the final move of the Devilish Tiger Punches—the King of the Jungle—back when he was only in the Physical Stage.
The body was the foundation of all cultivation.

Chu Yunfan did not immediately follow Jeang Yuanbin to continue training.
Instead, he began another session of secluded cultivation.
He wanted to complete the cultivation of the World Overlord in the shortest time possible.
He wanted to strengthen his combat strength as quickly as possible.

Early the next morning, the Ju Que was delivered to Chu Yunfan’s doorstep.
He hurriedly opened the packaging and took out the gigantic heavy sword.
As he picked it up, he found that it was indeed much heavier than ordinary swords and sabers.

After mastering the Imperial Physique, when Chu Yunfan held the Shadowless Saber, he felt like he had been holding air.
The Ju Que was different.
Chu Yunfan could clearly feel its hefty weight.

Furthermore, the Ju Que was equipped with a gravity system so that its weight could be adjusted.
It was the culmination of the newest and most advanced technology.

It was no wonder that it had cost so much!

Chu Yunfan held the Ju Que in his hand and waved it around it.
As he did this, he felt as though the air was being sliced apart.
It was even accompanied by heavy sashing sounds.
It was a completely different type of sword.

With the Ju Que in hand, Chu Yunfan stood there unmoving.
In his mind, he recalled the various records regarding the Ju Que in the Mighty Emperor Battle Book.
Before his eyes, it was as though countless words had appeared.
He entered the state of comprehending the Dao and very quickly, these words transformed into moving figures.
What he was executing was the World Overlord sword technique.

The pictures merged into Chu Yunfan’s mind.
He made his move and the heavy sword in his hand started to dance.
In an instant, terrifying True Energy burst out and covered the surface of the Jue Que.
When Chu Yunfan slashed down, he shattered the air in front of him, creating a huge airwave.

This move would be terrifying if it landed on a person’s body.

After this move, Chu Yunfan did not slow down.
He pulled back the sword and stabbed out again.
He was fast, but it was not like using an ordinary sword or blade that was as fast as lightning.
Instead, it crashed down like a meteor.

Boom! Boom!

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The air was first pierced through and then exploded by the True Energy from the Ju Que.

Just this casual attack contained such immense power.
Although Chu Yunfan’s movements could not be considered to be coherent, they were already extremely powerful.

After a round of attacks, Chu Yunfan had used up a lot of his strength.
This was something that he had not felt when he was using the Shadowless Saber recently.
It was evident that the Ju Que was able to force out more of his potential.

After taking a few deep breaths, Chu Yunfan could feel that his strength had returned.
The recovery ability of the Imperial Physique was truly astonishing.

After that, Chu Yunfan unleashed another series of moves.
If someone were to see Chu Yunfan practicing his swordplay at this moment, they would realize that his movements were a little incoherent on the first try.
But on the second try, his movements were clearly much smoother and more coherent.

Chu Yunfan’s amazing comprehension and photographic memory were completely unleashed and his body’s imitation ability was also fully displayed.

On the second try, Chu Yunfan’s breathing had become much smoother.

On the third try, Chu Yunfan had worked out a few more kinks.

The fourth try…

The fifth try…

The sixth try…

When Chu Yunfan executed the moves for the tenth time, he was already able to smoothly execute the Earth Swords within the World Overlord.
This meant that he had already cultivated the Earth Swords to the Competent Stage.

If this kind of speed was made known to the world, it would definitely shake the earth.
Chu Yunfan could quickly master any technique.
Once he mastered it, he would be able to become familiar with it very quickly.

Time flew by in this secluded cultivation.
In the blink of an eye, half a month passed.

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