The matter of Chu Yunfan establishing the Imperial Palace reached the ears of many people overnight.

However, Chu Yunfan could not care less.
Since he had decided to go all out against Jiang Lingxiao, it was destined that he would not be able to sneak around.
People could take small paths for a while, but in the end, they still had to take the main road.

After establishing the Imperial Palace, the first thing Chu Yunfan did was start the recruitment process.
Otherwise, this organization would forever be at Class 0.
The amount of support an organization would receive differed by its class.
The different classes were all treated differently.

The first person Chu Yunfan thought of was, of course, his best friend, Gao Hongzhi.

Right at this moment, Gao Hongzhi coincidentally called him.
After some small talk, Chu Yunfan saw a somewhat sheepish expression on Gao Hongzhi’s face.

“Come and meet your sister-in-law!”

Chu Yunfan found out that Gao Hongzhi had a girlfriend.
Although they were the same age, Gao Hongzhi was a few months older than Chu Yunfan.

“F*ck, you have a girlfriend? Which girl is so stubborn to like you?” Chu Yunfan looked shocked.

“Shut the f*ck up.
I’m waiting for you in a cafe on the outskirts of your department.
Hurry up and get your *ss here!” Gao Hongzhi shouted and cursed.

Chu Yunfan grinned and rushed over to the cafe.
Soon, he arrived and found Gao Hongzhi in a private room.

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The cafe was not very big but it was tastefully decorated.
Gao Hongzhi had taken off his shoes and was sitting cross-legged on a soft cushion.
He was pouring himself drinks, looking very pleased with himself.
Beside him was a tall and beautiful woman with delicate features.
She looked slightly older than Gao Hongzhi.

“Yunfan, you’re here.
Let me introduce you.
This is your sister-in-law, Li Xiuyun.
She’s a sophomore who is one year older than us,” Gao Hongzhi introduced the woman as he got to his feet, “Xiuyun, this is my good brother, Chu Yunfan.”

Chu Yunfan smiled warmly, but before he could say anything, he saw Li Xiuyun frown and say, “You’re that Chu Yunfan.”

Sensing Li Xiuyun’s hostility, Chu Yunfan’s smile instantly disappeared.

“That’s right, I’m that Chu Yunfan.”

“What? Do you two know each other?” Gao Hongzhi too sensed that something was not right between the two of them.

“I don’t.
I can’t afford to,” Li Xiuyun said as her lips curled into a sneer.

“What are you going on about? Speak properly,” Gao Hongzhi said, “We’re all friends here.
Why are you being so weird? What are you saying?

“Yunfan, come.
Have a seat.”

Gao Hongzhi gestured for Chu Yunfan to sit down and said, “I asked you here today to introduce Xiuyun to you.
We’ve been together for over a month now.
I think that our relationship is going pretty well, so I thought I’d introduce her to you.”

“Xiuyun, Yunfan is a good friend of mine.
My old man only produced one heir and that’s me.
I’m an only child.
Thus, I regard Yunfan as my brother.
Even closer than a biological brother, in fact,” Gao Hongzhi said in a serious tone.

Chu Yunfan nodded curtly.
Although Li Xiuyun’s attitude toward him was a little strange, since he had sensed it, he did not want to say anything for now.

If it were not for Gao Hongzhi, Chu Yunfan would have instantly left.
He was not a person who was in the habit of looking at people through a pair of rose-tinted glasses, but he was not a good-tempered person either.
Just like Bai Ling’er’s understanding of him, he looked gentle on the outside, but it would be a huge mistake to think that he was a person without a temper.

Gao Hongzhi noticed that the two of them did not look very happy.
Although he did not understand why, he still opened his mouth and said, “Yunfan, you sound like you had something to say to me just now.
What was it?”

“Well, I’ve established a student organization called the Imperial Palace.
I don’t know if you’re interested in joining, but you’ll come in and help me.
I’ll crown you ‘deputy master of the palace, ’” Chu Yunfan said.
If others were to find out about this, they would definitely think that Chu Yunfan was a nepotist.

That’s right, Chu Yunfan was a nepotist.

As the saying goes, brothers had to stand together to fight a tiger.
If Chu Yunfan wanted to do something, he would naturally think of his best friend first.
To him, Gao Hongzhi was just like what Gao Hongzhi had said earlier—closer than a biological brother.

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Gao Hongzhi had been able to gain admission to Federation University, so he was naturally talented in his own right.
He would be able to easily manage a student organization.
The only problem was that his cultivation level was low.

Until now, Gao Hongzhi was only at the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage, barely reaching the level Chu Yunfan had been before the college entrance exams.

And it had already been almost half a year.
Chu Yunfan had left Gao Hongzhi far behind.
In fact, with Gao Hongzhi’s talent in martial arts, it would have been very difficult for him to get into Federation University.
He had only managed to get admitted through Chu Yunfan’s help.

When Gao Hongzhi had been training with Chu Yunfan, although he had not been able to catch up with Chu Yunfan’s speed of improvement, he had been able to see the edges.
After they separated, Chu Yunfan quickly pulled ahead of him.

“Sure,” Gao Hongzhi said without a second thought.
With his relationship with Chu Yunfan, there was no need to even consider it.

In the past, he had helped Chu Yunfan, and later, it was Chu Yunfan who had helped him all the way to Federation University.
There was nothing for him to second guess.
Chu Yunfan would definitely not harm him.

“That doesn’t sound bad at all,” Gao Hongzhi said with a grin, “Deputy master of the palace.
This title sounds awe-inspiring.

“Wait,” Li Xiuyun suddenly pipped up, “This Imperial Palace is just an empty shell.”

Currently, it only has two members.
One is me and the other is Old Gao.” Chu Yunfan nodded and was not bothered to hide this fact.

Li Xiuyun looked at Gao Hongzhi.
She thought Gao Hongzhi would turn his nose down at this fact, but he did not react at all

“I’m sorry.
Hongzhi can’t join your organization,” Li Xiuyun said.

“What are you doing? My brother here is recruiting me to the Imperial Palace to help build it up.
So what’s the big deal?” Gao Hongzhi squinted at Li Xiuyun.
Chu Yunfan knew Gao Hongzhi well and knew that this was a sign before Gao Hongzhi got angry.

“Hongzhi, are you stupid? There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world.
Do you know that Chu Yunfan is enemies with our student council president, Jiang Lingxiao? He built the Imperial Palace to go against the council president.
Do you know what kind of person our council president is? To go against him, this fellow will surely not have a good ending,” Li Xiuyun said, “Do you want to drag me down with you? You have to make a choice.
Either you stay with me or join this stupid organization.
If you choose the latter, we’ll break up.”

“Then let’s break up,” Gao Hongzhi instantly replied coldly.

“What did you say?” Li Xiuyun shouted back.
Her voice went up one octave.

“Don’t you understand the meaning of ‘break up?’ F*ck you b*tch.
I just told you that Yunfan is my brother who’s closer to me than a biological brother, and you want to drive a wedge between us? So what about Jiang Lingxiao? Can he, a mere student council president, control the sky with one hand?!”

Gao Hongzhi suddenly exploded.
He looked ferocious and terrifying as his anger flared.

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