earch, they were far inferior to modern civilizations.
Many of them were segregated out of habit.
They did not research why.
They knew that that was the process, but did not know why!


Even though he could find the correct way to classify the techniques by himself, this process would take too long, and it was not as fast as modern martial arts.


There was a reason why the cultivation path that modern society progressed in every hundred years was comparable to thousands of years of an ancient civilization.


“After breaking through to the Qi Sea Stage, getting into the elite class shouldn’t be a problem anymore!” Chu Yunfan mumbled to himself.
“But I still need to consolidate my Qi Sea.
I can’t relax!”


There were only three days left.
He had to make use of the time to break through!


In the blink of an eye, three days passed.
The entire city was immersed in the atmosphere of the exam.
Not only No.
13 High School, but all the high schools in Calm Sea City and Donghua City had set this day as the day for the third-year examination.


Even though it could not be compared to the college entrance examinations, the whole city was solemn.
Everything gave way for the college entrance examinations, but the atmosphere of this exam was also very intense.


Chu Yunfan ate his breakfast early in the morning.
After receiving blessings from his parents and sister, he took the bus to school.
No matter how many students had taken leave before, they had to appear at today’s exam.


When they entered the classroom, Gao Hongzhi, Feng Deying, and Tang Siyu, who were supposed to be on leave, had already turned up.
They had applied for leave just for this day.


Chu Yunfan’s gaze swept over the three of them.
As expected, they had not been here for a long time.
Their strengths had increased by leaps and bounds, all of them had entered the Qi Sea Stage.
Amongst them, Tang Siyu’s aura was the strongest.
Although she hid it well, it did not escape his gaze.


Other than the three of them, the other students in the other classes had also gotten stronger.
In the class, other than him, only the big three had reached the Qi Nourishment Stage.


However, when he looked again today, there were five students who were originally only in the Internal Observation Stage that had suddenly broken through to the Qi Nourishment Stage.


“As expected, the class placement exam is a big opportunity.
Everyone will do their best, and their cultivation level has greatly increased!” Chu Yunfan thought to himself.


His entrance immediately attracted everyone’s attention.
At that moment, he was no longer a nobody.
After defeating Feng Deying and Song Fei of Class 15 consecutively, his reputation was no less than that of the big three.


As expected, defeating the strong was the best way to ascend.


Other than Feng Deying staring at him maliciously, even Tang Siyu was looking at Chu Yunfan with curiosity.
It was obvious that Chu Yunfan’s continuous performance had completely exceeded her expectations.


Yunfan went to sit beside Gao Hongzhi.
The moment he reached Gao Hongzhi’s side, he patted Chu Yunfan’s shoulder.


“Haha, kid.
You’re good.
I heard that you taught Feng Deying a good lesson.
Well done.
I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.
Let him act cool!” Gao Hongzhi looked like he understood him.


“However, your improvement is really fast.
This time, you should be able to join the focus class.
Tsk, tsk.
It’s like you’ve gained enlightenment this month!”


Gao Hongzhi looked at Chu Yunfan with a hint of envy in his eyes.
Normally speaking, there were not many people who could open their dantian, but once they did, their cultivation would soar.


Not long after Chu Yunfan sat down, the homeroom teacher entered.

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