hope you don’t do anything that will bring shame to our families.
Otherwise, you won’t have a good ending,” Jiang Lingxiao said indifferently.

At this moment, the students were in an uproar.
This was the first time they had heard of Jiang Lingxiao having a fiancée.
Moreover, it was Tang Siyu—a freshman.

Many of the girls looked as if they were heartbroken.
However, there were even more people who looked as if they had finally understood something.
This matter was probably not as simple as it seemed.

“Don’t go thinking that you’re that important.
All I need is a marriage alliance with the Tangs.
It doesn’t matter who I marry,” Jiang Lingxiao said coldly, “I will make this clear to you and your family.
Before our engagement ceremony that will take place in a year, you’d better be a good girl.

“As for him, if you see him again, I think the consequences of your father’s rage isn’t something he can bear,” Jiang Lingxiao said these shocking words as he glanced at Chu Yunfan.

This was Chu Yunfan’s first time hearing that Jiang Lingxioa and Tang Siyu’s engagement ceremony was to take place one year from now.

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“I understand.
I won’t see him for the next one year,” Tang Siyu said as two streams of tears flowed down her cheeks.

Tang Siyu knew very well how much her father valued this marriage alliance.
If someone came to disrupt it, they would undoubtedly face a heavy blow from the Tangs.
That kind of consequence was not something the current Chu Yunfan could bear.

“You’re despicable!” Chu Yunfan shouted.
Immediately after, he started coughing non-stop, affecting the injuries in his lungs.

“Hmph, for her sake, I won’t kill you today.
I’ll just cripple you and make you realize the error of your ways.”

As Jiang Lingxiao said this, he lunged out.
The Dragon Claw flew out and grabbed at Chu Yunfan.


Tang Siyu wanted to stop Jiang Lingxiao, but it was too late.
He was determined to deal with Chu Yunfan, so how could he give her the chance to intervene?

Meanwhile, the Thunder Winged Beast behind Chu Yunfan acted quickly.
It turned into a blue lightning bolt and flew forward, shielding the heavily injured Chu Yunfan.

Suddenly, a shocking sword qi flew over from afar and smashed into the Dragon Claw, turning the True Energy of the attack into nothingness.

“Who did that?!” Jiang Lingxiao raised his head and saw a figure flying over from afar.

The approaching figure was tall, like a pillar that supported the sky.
It was none other than Jeang Yuanbin whom Jiang Yuanbin had not seen for several months.

“Jiang Lingxiao, how dare you try to cripple my student!”

Jeang Yuanbin let out an explosive shout and his True Energy spread out, forming a terrifying airwave that swept out in circles.

Everyone was pushed back by this airwave.

When Jiang Lingxiao saw Jeang Yuanbin, his expression instantly changed.
Ahint of fear flashed through his eyes.

Jeang Yuanbin shortly arrived beside Chu Yunfan.
He hurriedly asked, “Are you all right, my boy?”

“I’m fine.”

Chu Yunfan shook his head.
His injuries were not light, but they were not as serious as others thought.
Although those fragments had struck his body, they had not gone too deep.
The defensive capabilities of the Imperial Physique were not just for show.

Although Chu Yunfan’s wounds looked serious, they were just surface wounds.
The most serious injury he had suffered was his internal organs being shaken.


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