Jiang Lingxiao slowly walked toward Chu Yunfan.
Every step shook the hearts of the crowd.

At this moment, more and more people were surrounding them.
They were alarmed by Jiang Lingxiao’s actions.

“You said just now that I’m targeting you, right? What a joke.
Is there any need for me to target you? Recently, the atmosphere at our university has taken a turn for the worse.
The students think that they can do whatever they want.
Especially newbies like you.
You think that you can do whatever you want just because you’ve been admitted to Federation University.
You clearly don’t understand what discipline means.” Jiang Lingxiao sneered.

“You dared to injure the members of the student council.
I will rectify this attitude of yours.
I want everyone to know that the student council is not to be provoked.
In this world, discipline still exists.
Even the top experts who’ve developed divine abilities have to abide by the laws of the Federation, let alone people like you.

“Don’t think that just because you’re a descendant of the Chu family, you can act like a dog that relies on the power of others and act however you want.”

“A dog that relies on the power of others?” Chu Yunfan’s expression became even colder.
Ever since he entered Federation University, he had never done anything that relied on his status as a descendant of the Chu family.
“A scholar can be killed but not humiliated.
Jiang Lingxiao, you’ve insulted me too much today.”

Chu Yunfan gritted his teeth, and this line of words shot out from the gaps between his teeth, word by word.

“Who do you think you are? Do you think you’re worthy? Today, I’m going to use you as an example.
Let’s see who else would dare to be so unruly in the future and challenge the rules and regulations.” Jiang Lingxiao laughed coldly.

At this moment, the student surrounding them felt a chill run down their spines.
They understood that Jiang Lingxiao was killing a chicken for the monkeys to see.
Chu Yunfan was the chicken, and they were the monkeys.

But on a deeper level, Jiang Lingxiao was just using the excuse of reorganizing to target Chu Yunfan.
After all, as the president of the student council, he had to do everything in a dignified and upright manner.
He could not target a freshman for no reason.

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As he spoke, Jiang Lingxiao made his move.
His palm struck out.
In an instant, all the hair on Chu Yunfan’s body stood on end.
He felt as if the air had frozen and an unstoppable might was sweeping toward him.

It was rumored that Jiang Lingxiao had already stepped into the Innate Stage.
Upon seeing this, Chu Yunfan knew that it was probably true.
Chu Yunfan knew very well that he would be defeated by this power.

Chu Yunfan could barely react in time.
If an ordinary Acquired expert was facing this kind of power, they would certainly be beaten to death if they stood still and did not move.

This was something that only an Innate expert could do.

Jiang Lingxiao did not use his full strength because he did not need to.
As long as he followed the rules, Chu Yunfan would not be able to fight back.

Chu Yunfan felt the pressure of this attack reach into his bone marrow, rendering him immobile.
At this moment, his body began to emit an indescribable luster.
It was the automatic counterattack from the Imperial Physique when it encountered huge pressure.

When the Imperial Physique was activated, the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method also began to circulate.
They began to resist the pressure of this attack.

“I’m going all out!”

Chu Yunfan roared and he unsheathed his Shadowless Saber.
With a clanging sound, the blade that had completely curled up slashed out a jet-black blade light.

“Broken Flow!”

Chu Yunfan let out a loud roar and enormous amounts of energy instantly swept toward Chu Yunfan, surging into his weapon, and then abruptly slashing down.

If it was an ordinary Acquired Stage expert, they would have found it very difficult to block this attack.
It was mixed with the energy of nature.
There was a limit to human strength, but the energy of nature was endless.
This was the reality.

This was why Innate Stage experts were invincible.
They could kill an entire horde of monsters on their own.


Chu Yunfan’s saber landed directly on Jiang Lingxiao’s hand.
If an ordinary person were to receive such an attack with their bare hands, their entire arm would probably be chopped off.

But Jiang Lingxiao was different.
A faint spurt of True Energy erupted from his arm, turning it into a huge claw.

This huge claw received Chu Yunfan’s blade head-on!

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The terrifying tide caused by this collision swept out in all directions.

Everyone stumbled.
Tang Siyu, who had been in a deep sleep, was startled awake by this collision.
Although the Thunder Winged Beast had blocked most of the tide, it still caused her to be instantly startled awake.
She saw Chu Yunfan collide with Jiang Lingxiao.

“That’s the ancient martial art known as the Dragon Claw.
Many people know how to use this move, but there aren’t many who can use it to the extent of such perfection like Senior Jiang.”

“I’ve heard of this martial art.
It’s an extremely fierce technique.
Hundreds of years ago, there was an expert who relied on the Dragon Claw to sweep across the world.
Almost no one could match him.
Whatever divine weapon or sharp weapon was in front of him, they all proved useless and were instantly broken.
Although the casting technique of that time can’t compare to the current one, that expert was only in the Acquired Stage.
Senior Jiang has already stepped into the Innate Stage.”

“At this stage, it’s really hard to imagine its power.
Back then, humans needed to rely on divine weapons to contend against monsters.
Now, any martial skill that’s casually thrown out would have great power.
We can even form protective barriers using energy now.
It’s no problem for us humans to face the monsters head-on.”

When the crowd saw this move, they started discussing it excitedly.

Jiang Lingxiao caught Chu Yunfan’s Shadowless Saber.
A mocking smile appeared on his face as he stared at Chu Yunfan.

“Petty tricks.
You dare embarrass yourself in front of me?” Jiang Lingxiao was unperturbed by Chu Yunfan’s Broken Flow.

Although the Broken Flow had helped Chu Yunfan advance from the Energy Refinement Stage to the Acquired Stage, it was nothing to Jiang Lingxiao who had already entered the Innate Stage.




Jiang Lingxiao suddenly swung out.
The unbreakable and extremely sturdy Shadowless Saber, which was mixed with primordial adamantine, was completely shattered.

Then, these broken pieces floated in front of Jiang Lingxiao.
With a violent swing, the pieces shot toward Chu Yunfan like meteors.


In that instant, Chu Yunfan knew that something was wrong.
These fragments seemed to have eyes, sealing off all his exit paths.
There was no way for him to retreat, and in the blink of an eye, they struck his body.

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