be it speed or strength, he had not held back at all.
But Chu Yunfan was not shaken even the slightest bit.

This was simply impossible!

The impact force of the devilish youth’s attack was comparable to that of an Acquired monster.
If it was just an ordinary human martial artist, they would have been instantly sent flying.
Even if they were not clawed to death, they would still be injured by the impact.

However, Chu Yunfan did not show even the slightest signs of this

“What great strength.
With this kind of strength, it’s clear that you too have undergone a transformation.” Chu Yunfan looked at the devilish youth indifferently.
His face did not reveal the slightest bit of emotion.
It was as if he was looking at a corpse.

“Transforming yourself into this neither human nor ghost thing, is it to obtain strength?”

The devilih youth’s face revealed a terrifying killing intent.
Chu Yunfan’s leisurely manner of speaking had lit a fire in his heart.

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“What do you know? There isn’t only one way to obtain strength,” the devilish youth said with a cold smile, “The physical body is just a flesh bag.
Your future ends here.
Now that you’ve met me, you have no future to speak of.”

“The physical body is just a flesh bag? Hahahaha! You trying to teach me lesson, you neither good nor human thing?” Chu Yunfan said, “You don’t understand.
The physical body is not just a flesh bag, but it’s all our beliefs.
We’re humans, not monsters like you.”

“You dare call me a monster? You’re courting death!” the devilish youth roared.
It was not as if he did not feel anything in his heart.

“Soul Shredder!”

The devilish handsome youth roared.
His entire arm suddenly expanded.
The tendons and veins on his arm bulged.
His palm that had transformed into a beast claw swung out toward Chu Yunfan.

The terrifying True Energy that spread out in all directions instantly transformed into a terrifying attack that ruthlessly clawed toward Chu Yunfan, sweeping through everything.

The power of this move was truly astonishing.
If one was not careful, they would instantly be shredded into several pieces.

The sharp claw that swung down caused the airwaves to blow against Chu Yunfan’s hair, causing it to flutter.
However, Chu Yunfan was not afraid.
Without thinking, he clenched his fist and withdrew it to his waist.
Then, he threw a punch.


Chu Yunfan’s fist and the devilish youth’s claws fiercely collided, causing a sound that sounded like the clashing of metal.

Thud, thud, thud!

The devilish youth was forced back by Chu Yunfan.
He took several steps back before he finally stabilized himself.

“How is this possible? How can you have such great strength? You must’ve undergone some sort of transformation!” the devilish youth said in great shock.

“A frog at the bottom of a well knows nothing.
The path to becoming powerful is not about transforming yourself into something neither human nor ghost!” Chu Yunfan roared as disappeared from where he stood.

Chu Yunfan instantly reappeared in front of the devilish youth.

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