Everyone’s expression instantly turned solemn upon hearing their terminals ring in unison.
There was one possibility for such an occurrence—the Federation issuing a warning.
Just like on Earth, during tsunamis, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, the government would notify the people to evacuate the affected area.

It was similar in the Kunlun Realm.
But here, the biggest disaster would undoubtedly be the monsters.
A monster swarm formed by these monsters was the most terrifying natural disaster.

They quickly checked the information on their terminals.
Turns out there was a huge city less than 300 miles away called Verdant City.
It was a satellite city that was guarded by Federation University Metropolis.
Although it was only a satellite city, it had a population of more than ten million.
It was the largest city in the immediate vicinity.

At the moment, this huge city was under attack from an enormous monster swarm.
If it was just that, it would be no big deal.
After all, in the Kunlun Realm, there were often monster swarms of various sizes.
People were used to it.

What no one had expected was that Verdant City had been breached.

These words were like a heavy hammer that struck at the hearts of the five.
Especially Chu Yunfan.
He was from Earth, and although he had some understanding of a monster swarm formed when these monsters attacked a city, in the end, it was nothing but just some information on paper.
He had experienced a real monster swarm before, but this was the first time he was encountering a situation where a city had been breached.

After all, the strength of humans was worlds apart from hundreds of years ago.
It was not easy to breach a city—even if it was just a satellite city.
To those monsters, breaking through was undoubtedly the difficulty of Hell.

If such a huge monster swarm gathered, the Federation Army would not just sit idly by.
They would usually move out early.
As long as the city could hold out for a while, the situation could be reversed.

‘Unless there’s a mole.
The Monster Cult!’ Chu Yunfan’s eyes widened as he thought of this possibility.
Over the past few hundred years, there were many cities that had been breached.
Countless lives had been lost and many people massacred.
But that was the past.

Although there were still situations where cities had been breached, there was only one possibility—it was either a mole or the Monster Cult had attacked and breached the fortress from within.
Only then would a city fall.

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Based on situations where cities had fallen in the past hundred years, this was the case nine out of ten times.
This was not strange at all.

“D*mn it, it’s the Monster Cult again!” Chu Yunfan said as he gritted his teeth.
From his previous experience, even if the Monster Cult did not lead the fall of a city, it was definitely related to them.

It was because of the Monster Cult’s existence that the human race had lost so many people over the years.

Sha Peng and the others had also thought of this possibility and their faces were filled with extreme hatred.
It was because of the unbridled actions of the Monster Cult that the human race had lost so many people over the centuries.

“One day, we must eliminate this Monster Cult!” Ji Shiqing clenched her fists and said.

“No, how can this be?!” Ruan Yingyu, who had been completely stunned, suddenly shouted.

“Calm down, what’s going on?” Chu Yunfan hurriedly asked.

“My parents are all in Verdant City!” Ruan Yingyu said in a scared voice.

“You’re from Verdant City?” Chu Yunfan looked at Ruan Yingyu in shock.

What should I do? What should I do?!” Ruan Yingyu started to panic.
This was the first time Chu Yunfan saw Ruan Yingyu panic like this.
Back when she had been trapped in the cave by the Bloodmane Apes, she had never panicked like this.
It was obvious that she was flustered because she was concerned.

“Calm down.
We’ve just received the news.
In other words, Verdant City might’ve just been breached and nothing major has happened yet.
Moreover, the troops in Verdant City should already be preparing a second line of defense.
Moreover, everyone in modern society practices martial arts, so they’re not weak.
They should be able to escape behind the second line of defense.”

Chu Yunfan quickly comforted her.
He had never expected such a coincidence.
Ruan Yingyu just so happened to be from Verdant City.

“No, I must go find my parents!” Ruan Yingyu lost her composure.
No matter how strong she usually appeared, she was like a little girl at this moment.

“What can you do even if you go there? In this kind of siege-level monster swarm, who can protect themselves apart from Acquired experts?” Chu Yunfan shouted.

Ruan Yingyu immediately quieted down.
Then, she looked at Chu Yunfan and said, “Captain, what do you think we should do?”

“How about this? Did you all see that message just now? Other than telling the common folk to stay away from Verdant City, they’re also calling for the nearby Federation University students to rush over to help,” Chu Yunfan said as he pointed at the message on his terminal.

“Yeah, that’s right.
The country has supported us for so long.
We can’t back down now,” Sha Peng said as he nodded.

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Their expressions were grave.
The country would not let them die so easily.
However, if they were to die, dying on this kind of battlefield in a battle to protect their country was acceptable.

This was especially true for Federation University students.
They were already much more powerful than many military experts.
If they joined the army, they could become a member of the special forces within seconds.

Therefore, they would definitely be called upon to provide backup.
As Sha Peng said, the country had spent so much money to train them just for this moment.
So whether it is out of righteous indignation in their hearts, or for practical reasons, they could not refuse the call.

Their terminals would record their moves.
If they refused to go, they could, at worst, be expelled from the university.
Federation University would not raise trash who would run away at a critical moment.

“We have to rush over.
But in your current state, you’d be useless.
You’ll only become monster food,” Chu Yunfan said.

At this moment, Sha Peng and the others were in an extremely miserable state.
All of their True Energy had been exhausted and their physical strength had reached a critical point.

If they rushed to Verdant City in their state, they would be serving themselves to the monsters on a silver platter.

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