The Bloodmane Ape alpha pounced over like a small mountain.

If it was before, although Chu Yunfan would not have been afraid of fighting head-on with the alpha, he would have most likely relied on his speed to deal with the other party.

And now, Chu Yunfan charged straight at the Bloodmane Ape alpha and fiercely collided with it.


It was as if two cannonballs had crashed into each other.
Countless waves of True Energy were set off, shaking the nearby Bloodmane Apes who were trying to rush over to help.
Unable to advance, they were forced to retreat.
One could only imagine how terrifying this collision was.

It was entirely different from the previous collision.
This time, the Bloodmane Ape alpha was knocked back several steps before it finally came to a complete stop.

A hint of shock flashed through the alpha’s eyes.
The alpha had never thought that it would be at a complete disadvantage.
This was entirely different from the previous collision.
It did not have any leverage and was now truly at a disadvantage.

Chu Yunfan acted quickly.
Within seconds, he had arrived in front of the Bloodmane Ape.
Once again, he used the King of the Jungle.
His fists were like heavy cannons, and every punch produced a rumbling sound like thunder.
It also sounded like the roar of a tiger.

This punch caused the alpha to retreat once again.
There were faint traces of martial skills within the alpha’s movements, but it did not mean that it knew martial arts.
In other words, the alpha possessed only the embryonic form of martial arts.

Having been forced to such a state by Chu Yunfan, the alpha lost all its senses and started to fight recklessly.
Such a method would have been effective against ordinary people.
As the saying went, a random punch could kill an old master.
However, the beast was facing Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan was least afraid of this method because he walked the path of subduing ten with one punch.

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With just one punch, all kinds of bewitching and evil things would be useless!




Terrifying explosion sounds rang out like thunder.
One boom after another, the Bloodmane Ape alpha was beaten to a pulp.
Chu Yunfan felt like his entire body was refreshed.
His True Energy and blood surged through him like a raging river.
It had only been two months and everything had completely changed.

The Bloodmane Ape alpha was also no longer as fierce as before.
It was beaten until it cried and continuously retreated.
But it was useless.
Wherever it went, Chu Yunfan would chase after it.
Round after round of punches landed on the alpha’s body

Every punch was extremely terrifying.
Even a ferocious beast like the Bloodmane Ape was beaten until it was forced to retreat.
It was unable to contend against Chu Yunfan.
Every time it was hit by Chu Yunfan’s attacks, the energy and blood in its entire body churned.

In a short while, the alpha was beaten until blood started dribbling down from the corner of its mouth.
It continued to cry out miserably.

The Bloodmane Apes standing by the side were no longer as fierce as before.
They were all scared silly by Chu Yunfan.
How could he be so fierce? This little human was truly terrifying.


Finally, after a loud bang, Chu Yunfan punched through the Bloodmane Ape alpha’s defense and landed a punch on its chest.
This time, the Bloodmane Ape alpha wailed and was sent flying.
It coughed up blood and tried to get up, but its movements were no longer as agile as before.
It was obvious that Chu Yunfan had severely injured it.

Perhaps the ape’s simple mind was not able to comprehend why Chu Yunfan had become so terrifying in just two short months.


Chu Yunfan struck out with the Shadowless Saber.
In an instant, a stream of blood spurted out.
Chu Yunfan had easily beheaded the Bloodmane Ape.

Chu Yunfan had easily gained control of the battle.

Chu Yunfan let out a sigh of relief.
He felt like he had been holding his breath for more than two months and was finally at ease.
He looked to his side.
The Thunder Winged Beast had forced the other Bloodmane Ape alpha to retreat.

Although their cultivation levels were about the same, how could the Bloodmane Ape be a match for the Thunder Winged Beast?

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The Thunder Winged Beast had the potential to gain divine abilities, and the Bloodmane Ape was just an ordinary monster.

It was simply incomparable.

However, Chu Yunfan intended to end the battle as soon as possible.
The situation within the cave was clearly dire.

Chu Yunfan rushed toward the edge of the battlefield.
Without thinking, he clenched his fist and threw out a punch.
It landed in front of the other Bloodmane Ape alpha.

The alpha reacted quickly and instantly clawed at Chu Yunfan.


A loud collision was heard as the fist and claws collided.
Following that, the alpha let out a miserable cry and instantly retreated.
Its arm hung by its side.
Its entire arm had been instantly broken.

But before it could react, the Thunder Winged Beast, which shared a telepathic connection with Chu Yunfan, seized this opportunity and clawed at the alpha with its sharp claws.
It tore through the alpha’s skin and ripped out a large chunk of flesh.

The Bloodmane Ape alpha was instantly turned into a bloody mess.
Fresh blood flowed everywhere.

After suffering heavy injuries, the alpha backed up, unable to stabilize its footing.
Following that, Chu Yunfan took a step forward and instantly dashed toward the Bloodmane Ape.
His Shadowless Saber struck out once again.


That jet-black blade light was even harder to discern in this dark forest.
It was simply too fast.
The Bloodmane Ape alpha only had time to raise its hand to resist, but it was instantly chopped off by Chu Yunfan’s saber.
Its entire arm was sent flying.


The alpha let out a miserable cry after being injured.
At the same time, the Thunder Winged Beast dashed out like a blue bolt of lightning—sweeping over like a storm.
Its wide claws swung toward the alpha’s head.


With a miserable cry, the head of the Bloodmane Ape alpha was sent flying.
To be more precise, it was cut alive by the Thunder Winged Beast’s sharp claws.

Fresh blood spurted out like a pillar, and the head rolled to the side like a ball.
At this moment, the huge body of the Bloodmane Ape finally collapsed.

At this point, the last Bloodmane Ape alpha had been killed by Chu Yunfan and the Thunder Winged Beast.
Although the other Bloodmane Apes were fierce and ignorant, they were scattered like monkeys after a tree had fallen.

In the blink of an eye, they fled.

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