However, before Chu Yunfan could make his way to the mountain range, trouble came knocking on his door.

“Are you Chu Yunfan?”

As soon as Chu Yunfan exited the villa, two people appeared in front of him as if they had been waiting for a long time.
They gave off a powerful aura.
Compared to the majority of students who were careless, these two were taller and stronger.

Acquired Stages!

Even among the sophomores, those who could step into the Acquired Stage were considered the best among the students.
Acquire Stages were more commonly seen amongst the seniors.

Chu Yunfan spotted the symbol on the shoulder of their armor.
It was the symbol of the student council.
They were student council members.

These two had come with ill intentions!

Chu Yunfan could feel the murderous aura on their bodies.
Although he did not know why they were so hostile toward him, he did not have a good feeling about them.

“Yeah, I’m him,” Chu Yunfan replied coldly.

“The president would like to see you.
It’s best if you just follow us.
Otherwise, we’ll have to teach you a lesson,” the slightly taller council member said bluntly.

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Of course, they were irate with Chu Yunfan.
They had received this order a long time ago.
It should have been a simple matter to capture him.
But because he had gone into seclusion, they had been made to wait two whole months outside his door.

How could they not have any resentment in their hearts?

If they had been able to break in, they would have long overturned Chu Yunfan’s villa.

Chu Yunfan glanced at two council members and said indifferently, “Get lost.”

The two council members looked at Chu Yunfan with a stunned expression.
Clearly, they had not expected Chu Yunfan would dare to be so rude to them.

The student council was the largest student organization at Federation University.
Moreover, it was officially recognized.
Even the proud and arrogant elites of the Federation did not dare be impudent in front of the student council as they possessed great authority.

It was because of this that everyone wanted to join the student council.
By relying on the name of the council, their members were successful in everything they did.

But today, these two suffered a huge setback!

“What? You dare to reject the council’s summons? Such arrogance!” the slightly shorter council member said angrily.

It was as if it had been a long time since they had encountered a student who dared to contradict the council like this.

“If I remember correctly, the student council is a voluntary organization, right? And they want to summon me? Who does Jiang Lingxiao think he is?” Chu Yunfan immediately understood that this was Jiang Lingxiao’s doing.

Chu Yunfan had obviously entered Jiang Lingxiao’s line of sight.
Although this was not a good thing, Chu Yunfan was not afraid because he knew that being afraid was useless.
This was a mountain that he had no choice but to cross.
Sooner or later, he would have to face it.
It was bound to happen sooner or later.

The two students were stunned.
In theory, the student council was indeed just a voluntary organization.
It did not formally have the power to control anyone, but that was only in theory.
After all these years, the power of the council was no longer comparable to when it had been first established.
As of now, the council had hands in almost every matter pertaining to Federation University.

Moreover, it was the president, Jiang Lingxiao, who had personally summoned Chu Yunfan.
Not only was Chu Yunfan fearless, but he actually dared to contradict them.

“How dare you!” the taller member said angrily.

“I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you now.
Get lost/ Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.

“How dare you.
But the higher-ups did mention that you’re unruly and rebellious.
If you don’t come willingly, don’t blame us for using force,” the shorter member said as he looked at Chu Yunfan with an unspeakable coldness in his eyes.

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“Take me by force? Let’s see if you guys can actually do it.” Chu Yunfan did not know why Jiang Lingxiao was looking for him, but surely nothing good would come out of it.
How could he just walk into a trap?

“How dare you!” the taller member instantly charged toward Chu Yunfan.
He clenched his fist and threw a punch at Chu Yunfan.

This fist of his easily blasted the air apart.
This was a strength that only those in the Acquired Stage possessed.
With such strength, he could be considered an elite student at Federation University.
He could easily deal with the vast majority of freshmen.
It was a pity that he had met Chu Yunfan.


Chu Yunfan easily blocked the attack.

“What? You’ve broken through to the Acquired Stage!”

The tall member’s expression instantly changed.
Chu Yunfan had broken through to the Acquired Stage.
This had clearly exceeded his previous expectations of Chu Yunfan.

Not everyone had watched the instructor competition.
Moreover, at that time, Chu Yunfan was only at the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Two months later, he had already broken through to the Acquired Stage.

The taller member had been at Federation University for a year before he finally stepped into the Acquired Stage.

“Realizing it now is too late,” Chu Yunfan said lightly.

“So what if you’re in the Acquired Stage? You dare refuse the president’s summons.
Even being an Acquired expert would be useless!” the taller member roared and attacked Chu Yunfan once again.
On the other side, the shorter member had gathered all the power in his body and was ready to attack at any time.
If his partner showed the slightest sign of being unable to hold out, he would immediately attack.

That student was indeed worthy of being an Acquired Stage expert.
His attacks swept out like a storm.
Every move was aimed straight at Chu Yunfan’s vital points.

“Fancy move.
But my one punch is enough to break you.”

Faced with the taller member’s attacks, Chu Yunfan did not panic in the slightest.
Without thinking, he clenched his fist and then withdrew it to his waist.
Finally, he threw a punch.


Chu Yunfan’s punch instantly pierced through the air, causing a terrifying sonic boom.
It smashed toward the fist shadows that filled the sky.

A huge boom was heard.
Chu Yunfan’s punch broke through the fist shadows that filled the sky.
The tall member could not withstand it.
With just one punch, he was sent flying.

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