Feng Tianyuan walked away leisurely, not giving the students of Federation University any face.
This made them feel even more ashamed.

Many thought to themselves that it was fortunate that there was Jiang Lingxiao.
Otherwise, the university would not have been able to find anyone who could suppress him.

In an instant, Jiang Lingxiao became the focus of the countless students present.
Even though they were the best of the best in the Federation, when faced with Jiang Lingxiao, they felt like they were looking up at a lofty mountain.

Some people were born to be high and mighty, while others were born to be looked up to.
Without a doubt, be it Jiang Lingxiao or Feng Tianyuan, they were both such people.

From amongst the crowd, Chu Yunfan looked at Jiang Lingxiao coldly.
The current Jiang Lingxiao was so dazzling.
He was the one Chu Yunfan had to defeat.
Otherwise, Tang Siyu might be forced to marry Jiang Lingxiao.
Even though in the eyes of others, she was destined to rise like Jiang Lingxiao and it was an honor to be treated as an elite genius nurtured by the next generation of the Jiang family, to Tang Siyu, there was only endless sorrow.

“What’s so great about this Jiang Lingxiao?” Chu Yunfan said coldly.
Then, he turned around and bade farewell to his teammates.
He was going back to cultivate.

This time, Chu Yunfan had seen Jiang Lingxiao and Feng Tianyuan.
Both of them were outstanding talents of their generation.
They were only one year apart, while he and Feng Tianyuan were only one year apart.

However, one year was enough to widen the gap to a significant extent.

If others could do it, there was no reason why he, Chu Yunfan, could not.
The appearance of these two further increased the sense of crisis in Chu Yunfan’s heart.
Right now, only sufficient strength could give him a sense of security.

After bidding farewell to his teammates, Chu Yunfan immediately returned to his villa.
After sending a message to all his friends stating that he was going into secluded cultivation, Chu Yunfan immediately started.
He also activated the defense mechanism of the villa.

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The villas in Federation University were not ordinary.
Once their security measures were activated, they were like small fortresses.
Even if an Innate expert wanted to forcefully barge in, it would prove impossible.
This was a mechanism to protect the students.

After activating the security measures, Chu Yunfan entered seclusion.
If he wanted to cultivate the Imperial Physique, he had to think of a way to break through to the Acquired Stage first.

Fortunately, Chu Yunfan had made preparations beforehand.
If he wanted to break through to the Acquired Stage, he had to open up the main meridians in his body so that he could form a small Acquired cycle.

The cultivation of the Energy Refinement Stage was to continuously condense Ture Energy.
During this process, it was natural to continuously open up the meridians and increase the output of one’s True Energy.


Chu Yunfan was already at the end of that stage, and this could be considered the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.
As long as he opened up a few more meridians, he would be able to step into the Acquired Stage.
This process did not carry many risks.
It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Of course, this needed to be done slowly and carefully.
As it involved the meridians, one had to be careful.
Even though Chu Yunfan’s meridians were far stronger than the average person’s, they could not withstand casual torment.

After Chu Yunfan entered seclusion, he completely shut out the outside world.
He sat down cross-legged in the room.
Chu Yunfan began to circulate the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method.
Vast amounts of True Energy condensed together, and like mighty dragons, began to attack the unopened meridians in Chu Yunfan’s body.

The more meridians were opened, the more True Energy Chu Yunfan could release, and the more astonishing the power he could unleash.
This process would not end even when he reached the Acquired Stage.
It would go on all the way to the peak of the Acquired Stage.
Only then would it be possible to open up all the proper meridians in his body.
After opening up the Ren and Du meridians, he would be in the Innate Stage.

This was the true beginning of cultivation.
All the levels before the Acquired Stage were just to temper the body and make it suitable for cultivation.
It could only be considered a stage of preparation.

One meridian opened up.

Chu Yunfan did not stop.
He opened the path to the next meridian.
He did this day in and day out.

There was no time for cultivation in the mountains.
This time, Chu Yunfan spent half a month in secluded cultivation.
After half a month, Chu Yunfan finally came out of his cultivation.

The True Energy in his body was endless as if it would never be exhausted.
And this was the Acquired Stage.
Although it was only the first level of the Acquired Stage, there was a world of difference between it and the Energy Refinement Stage.

After coming out of seclusion, Chu Yunfan felt the bursting energy in his body.
He heaved a sigh of relief.
He had finally stepped into the formal threshold of cultivation.

There was a fundamental difference between the Acquired Stage and the previous stages.
After reaching the Acquired Stage, not only did Chu Yunfan’s strength greatly increase, but most importantly, his endurance also increased greatly.
Compared to half a month ago, the current Chu Yunfan could easily defeat several versions of himself from before.
His current progress was just so great.

After stabilizing his Acquired first level, Chu Yunfan began to prepare for the cultivation of the Imperial Physique.
The success of the Imperial Physique was directly related to his future achievements.

If Chu Yunfan’s future was the sea of stars, then the Imperial Physique was his spaceship.

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It was extremely important.

The medicinal herbs had already been gathered in advance.
Chu Yun fan quickly finished preparing the medicinal bath and a medicinal fragrance filled the entire room.

Chu Yunfan jumped into it and started to circulate the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method to absorb the terrifying medicinal power contained within this medicinal bath.

The medicinal bath that had just been boiled was extremely hot.
Chu Yunfan felt as if his skin was about to be scalded.
Fortunately, his cultivation had reached a certain level and his physique was on a completely different level from before.
Otherwise, it would not take long before he was scalded.

In the villa, there was a pool that was specially meant to be used for medicinal bath soaks.
There was a furnace under it that kept the medicinal bath at a certain temperature.
This way, the absorption effect would be kept at the optimal level.

Chu Yunfan absorbed the medicinal efficacy into his body.
At first, it was incomparably hot, followed by incomparably intense pain.
It was as if his entire body was being torn apart.

Cultivating the Imperial Physique was a process of reshaping one’s physical body.
From the Acquired Stage to the Innate Stage, every cell had to be torn apart and reconstructed.
If Chu Yunfan did not borrow the medicinal efficacy and energy contained in the medicinal bath to forcefully carry out this process, he would very quickly exhaust his life essence and die.
There was no other possibility.

Even with Chu Yunfan’s willpower, he could only feel intense and unbearable pain.
There was simply no way he could continue cultivating the Imperial Physique.

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