There was no doubt that the name Jiang Lingxiao put huge pressure on Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu.

And to the students of Federation University, Jiang Lingxiao was a legend.

Before entering Federation University, Chu Yunfan had only heard snippets about Jiang Lingxiao.
For example, Jiang Lingxiao was the most outstanding disciple of the Jiang family in the past few years, he was the top scorer in the college entrance examination two years ago, and so on.
However, after entering Federation University, Chu Yunfan realized that these were just one of the many halos that Jiang Lingxiao wore.

Back then, Jiang Lingxiao had entered Federation University as the top scorer.
He had crushed all his peers.
He had even become the champion of the Dao Conference.
Whether it was the students in Federation University or the other top ten universities or even those disciples from the hidden sects and hidden families, none of them had been a match for him.

Jiang Lingxiao was only in his third year and was already the president of the student council—Federation University’s largest student organization.
In a situation where most of the seniors were not in school, he was basically the number one expert among the entire student body.
Not to mention the students, even most of the instructors were no match for him.

Jiang Lingxiao’s strength was hard to imagine.
The outside world was saying that he had already stepped into the Innate Stage.
Although it was not known whether this was true or not, this rumor alone was enough to prove how powerful and terrifying Jiang Lingxiao was.

The stronger Jiang Lingxiao was, the worse it would be for Chu Yunfan.

Without even thinking, Chu Yunfan decided to go and take a look at what was happening.
Only by knowing oneself and the enemy could one be undefeated in a hundred battles.

Seeing Chu Yunfan heading toward the stadium, Sha Peng and the others had no intention of disbanding.
They hurriedly flew toward the stadium as well.

When Chu Yunfan arrived at the stadium, he discovered that the venue was already filled with people.
Students littered every corner of the stadium, and in the ring below, two figures were standing opposite each other.

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One of them was dressed in battle armor, and he looked travel-worn.
He must have just returned from the battlefield.
This youth was tall and extraordinarily handsome.
He looked about twenty years old.
There was a hint of unruliness and recklessness between his brows.
It was as if the entire world was under his control!

This youth was the focus of everyone’s attention—the current number one of Federation University, Jiang Lingxiao!

In front of him stood another figure.
This other guy looked about the same age as Jiang Lingxiao and had a stoic face and a tall and slender figure.
He was dressed in a gorgeous Chinese robe.
He too had a willful and unbridled aura.
He looked like the rising sun, shining in all directions.
Compared to Jiang Lingxiao, he was not one bit inferior.

And this person was the champion of the last Dao Conference and an outstanding disciple of the Stellaris Sect which was located overseas.

Not only does Earth have an endless sea.
In fact, to the east of the Kunlun Realm was an endless sea.
It was called the Infinite Sea, and till now, there was no telling how big it truly was.
It was vast and boundless, with islands dotting every corner, just like stars in the sky.

On this vast sea area that could not be controlled were many islands that were the size of continents.
Many sects were based on these islands, and many of them had been built upon the remains of the Ancient Zenith Civilization that humans discovered when they first explored the Infinite Sea hundreds of years ago.

The Stellaris Sect was an extremely huge sect located on the Infinite Sea.
They birthed outstanding disciples one after another, and all of them performed outstandingly in the Dao Conferences.
The most outstanding one was, of course, from last year’s Dao Conference.
This disciple had defeated all the strong enemies and became the champion—Feng Tianyuan.

This was extremely rare among the many sects overseas.
Although these sects were large and had many scientists, armies, and powerful disciples, compared to the Federation, they were no more than blips on a radar.
The Federation was the leader of the human world and also the main force in the fight against the monsters.
Especially in Federation University—which was the heart and soul of the entire federation—it was unknown how much money was poured into this place every year.
Although there were quite many outstanding geniuses rising from those overseas sects every year, the combined population of these sects still came up to less than the number of people taking the annual college entrance exams.

The students of Federation University were all the best of the best.
They were one in ten thousand.
But even with that, the champion title had been snatched away by a disciple of the Stellaris Sect.
This was undoubtedly a great humiliation.

Therefore, the higher-ups were under tremendous pressure this year.
It was enough for such a thing to happen once.
They absolutely would not allow it to happen again.
Even Jeang Yuanbin, who had been in the frontlines, had been called back to take care of the students.

Federation University was undoubtedly determined to wash away the humiliation from last year!

However, this was enough to reflect Feng Tianyuan’s excellence and strength.
Although he was one year younger than Jiang Lingxiao, he was not at a disadvantage in terms of his imposing manner.

“Feng Tianyuan, what are you doing here at Federation University?” Jiang Lingxiao asked, “Are you trying to provoke us?”

“Of course, not.
I’m not that lifeless,” Feng Tianyuan said as he smiled faintly, “According to our agreement with the Federation Government since the Stellaris Sect was the champion of last year’s Dao Conference, this year’s Dao Conference will be held at our location.
Today, I’ve come with my instructors and seniors to carry out this matter.”

When Feng Tianyuan said this, the faces of Federation University’s students turned ugly.
Especially the sophomores.
They felt humiliated.
They were called the most elite students of the federation in vain, and in the end, suffered a crushing defeat.

And now, from their point of view, Feng Tianyuan’s actions were just a slap in the face.

“Feng Tianyuan, you don’t have to be too complacent.
It’s just that there were no heroes during your year.
That’s how you became famous.
If you were in the same batch as me, you definitely wouldn’t have become the champion,” Jiang Lingxiao said arrogantly.

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“What a coincidence.
You and I had the same thought.
If you were born a year later, you wouldn’t have the glory you have now.” Feng Tianyuan smiled faintly, but he did not back down in the slightest.

Both of them were outstanding people.
They were both champions of the Dao Conference.
No one in the entire human world of the same age was their match.
Naturally, each of them was more proud than the other.

“What? Are you trying to provoke me into a fight?” Jiang Lingxiao said coldly.

“No rush.
There will definitely be a fight between us, but not today,” Feng Tianyuan said with a smile, “I have a mission today.
Let’s not talk anymore.
I have things to attend to, so I’ll be taking my leave first.”

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