Opposite Jeang Yuanbin and the others stood a group of people.
They were led by a thin middle-aged man.
He was clearly standing in front of them, but he gave off an aura that was only barely discernible to the naked eye.

Another Innate master!

Behind this man stood a few other students.
Three men and one woman.
They were not much—about the same level as Chu Yunfan’s teammates.
However, the leader of the group was a towering young man.
He was as sharp as an unsheathed blade.
Among these people, one could feel his aura at first glance.

Without a doubt, this man was an Acquired Stage expert!

The other group’s leader walked into the middle of the two parties and said, “Is this all you have? You lot are a disappointment.
How about this? I’ll let you all use one hand, and as long as you can block three of my moves, you can consider it a win.
How about it?” His expression carried a hint of a cold smile and arrogance.

Chu Yunfan’s teammates looked at each other, but they did not have their usual bravado.
The scene of Ke Rui stepping forward and being easily beaten by this young man was still vivid in their minds.

“What? Does no one dare to step forward? You guys are students of Federation University.
Do you not have the courage to accept the challenge?” The youth sneered.

The expression on Chu Yunfan’s teammates’ faces was unsightly.

At this moment, the middle-aged instructor on the opposite side opened his mouth and said, “What? Jeang Yuanbin, are your students only at this level? I’m sorely disappointed in what I’m seeing.
The one billion from our bet will be mine for sure.”

Jeang Yuanbin looked at the middle-aged instructor on the opposite side with an expressionless face and said, “Don’t celebrate too early.
Huang Baiqing, is this one of the two Acquired students you accepted, Shangguan Tianyou? I heard that he’s only ranked 30th in this year’s top student list.”

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The young Shangguan Tianyou’s originally proud face turned dark.
What did Jeang Yuanbin mean “only ranked 30th?” He was ranked 30th!

Federation University alone had tens of thousands of students.
Adding in those from the other schools, there were tens of millions of examinees this year.
For him to be ranked 30th among them was heaven-defying.

However, Shangguan Tianyou could not say these words because the instructor opposite him had been the number one of his own batch.
Even his instructor, Huang Baiqing, had been defeated by Jeang Yuanbin.
In front of the former top scorer, he was not qualified to raise his head unless he too was the top scorer.

The grudge between Jeang Yuanbin and Huang Baiqing was formed during their own college entrance examination a long, long time ago.
Jeang Yuanbin had been the top scorer while Huang Baiqing had been among the top ten.

However, people naturally only remembered the champion.

The enmity between the two sides had continued for decades.

Shangguan Tianyou had no way to fight back.
After all, he was only ranked 30th.
He could not stand up to Jeang Yuanbin, so he looked at Chu Yunfan’s teammates fiercely.
The contempt and disdain in his eyes became even more pronounced.

“Only 30th? Hahaha, Jeang Yuanbin, when did you learn to quibble like this? I think you know what it means to be in the top 30, right? Moreover, even if it’s only the 30th, not a single one of your students is at this level!” Huang Baiqing said as he laughed, “Oh right, I heard that you also took in a student who had been fighting to be the champion of the instructor competition.
Where is he?”

“Right here,” a cold voice suddenly sounded.
It was Chu Yunfan who had finally arrived.

Chu Yunfan’s teammates looked overjoyed at his arrival.

Huang Baiqing’s expression was solemn at first, then a cold smile spread across his face as he observed Chu Yunfan.
With his cultivation level, he could see that the meridians in Chu Yunfan’s body had yet to be completely opened and had yet to form a small cycle.

Chu Yunfan was just an Energy Refinement Stage student.
Even though he looked stronger than his teammates, it was useless.

Shangguan Tianyou also noticed Chu Yunfan’s arrival, but at the same time, he made the same judgment as his instructor had.
He did not sense the aura and pressure of an Acquired Stage warrior from Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan was only in the Energy Refinement Stage, so Shangguan Tianyou was not worried.

“Another one who came to court death,” Shangguan Tianyou said as he sneered.

“Captain Chu, you’re finally here,” Ke Rui said, but as he spoke, he coughed a little.
It was clear that his injury was not light.

“Who hurt you? Was It this guy?” Chu Yunfan asked.

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“Yea it was him.
Captain Chu, be careful.
His name is Shangguan Tianyou, and he’s ranked 30th among the university students,” Ke Rui said in a solemn tone as he nodded.

“The top rankings have been decided?” Chu Yunfan instantly realized something else when he heard Ke Rui say this.

“Yes, it just ended,” Ji Shiqing stepped forward and said.

“And who were the top scorers?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“First place is Mei Haiyun, second is Dong Fanghao, and third is Jiang Pengfei,” Ke Rui reported.

Chu Yunfan frowned.
Other than Mei Haiyun, he was acquainted with these names.
Dong Fanghao and Jiang Pengfei were his “old pals.”

Chu Yunfan had witnessed the strength of Dong Fanghao and Jiang Pengfei.
Chu Yunfan knew that he might still not be able to defeat them unless he broke through to the Acquired Stage and successfully cultivated the Imperial Physique.
That should be enough.
And now, Mei Haiyun has defeated Dong Fanghao and Jiang Pengfei.
Mei Haiyun was definitely no ordinary person.

But Chu Yunfan was not in a hurry.
This was his first time entering the competition to be number one among the freshmen.
Sooner or later, he would surpass these people.
The only thing he lacked was time.

Hearing Chu Yunfan ask about the results of this year’s top scorer competition as if there was no one else around and had barely even spared the other group a look, Shangguan Tianyou lashed out.
He lunged at Chu Yunfan, aiming directly for his neck.

This was an extremely despicable way to attack anyone.


At this moment, Shangguan Tianyou’s hand passed through Chu Yunfan’s body.
Only then did he realize Chu Yunfan had already moved a few steps away.

“Your reaction time is pretty good.” Shangguan Tianyou stopped.
One strike was enough.
If he continued, it would become a little ugly.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to jump into your grave.
I’ll deal with you in a bit,” Chu Yunfan said coldly.

In the blink of an eye, the two sides had exchanged blows.
And it had been a fierce exchange.

“This is your other student? Hahahaha! Do you think accepting another Energy Refinement Stage student will be of any use? Looks like I’ll have to accept the one billion with a smile!” Huang Baiqing proclaimed as he pointed at Chu Yunfan.

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