o unimaginable.

An ordinary person who was subjected to this kind of gravity for a long period of time would undergo very serious changes in their body.

After all, not everyone could be like Chu Yunfan.
Even if they were at the same level, Chu Yunfan’s physical fitness was several times that of Sha Peng and the others.
Only in this way was he able to withstand this kind of torment.

This was also why many children from rich families only used ordinary weighted suits.
Ordinary weighted suits trained the muscles of the body.
However, weighted suits that could increase the force of gravity were a burden to the entire body.
The concept was not the same.

In the boundless dark forest, Chu Yunfan killed a monster with a single slash.
At this moment, the ground was littered with the carcasses of all kinds of monsters.
Although this forest was the territory of the Bloodmane Apes, there were still many other monsters here.
Chu Yunfan lured these monsters over and then honed his movement techniques.
Finally, he killed all of them.

Meanwhile, Sha Peng and the others also finished off all the monsters in front of them.

Chu Yunfan’s expression was calm.
His breathing was not even labored.
Killing these monsters was easy for him.
The battle prowess of the Acquired Stage was completely different from before.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan felt that killing Zuo Wenbin back then had indeed been a fluke.
It was fortunate that Zuo Wenbin had not been vigilant back then.
He had not expected that Chu Yunfan would find a way to take him down.
In addition, Chu Yunfan had not been careless after poisoning him.
On the contrary, he was careful to surround and kill Zuo Wenbin.
In the end, Chu Yunfan had successfully killed Zuo Wenbin.

“It’s time to head back.
With our current cultivation, we’ve already reached the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.
The next step is to open up the meridians in our bodies.
We must find a safe place to seclude ourselves.
If we take even one wrong step, we’ll be done for,” Chu Yunfan said as he glanced at his teammates.

Sha Peng and the others did not object.
They were already used to following Chu Yunfan’s lead.
Moreover, what Chu Yunfan said was right.
This was different from the Energy Refinement Stage.
The biggest characteristic of the Acquired Stage was that a large portion of the meridians in the body had been opened up.
It would then form a small cycle, and when that time came, they would gain an endless supply of True Energy and their ability to fight for a long time would increase by a few fold.
It was not something that those in the Energy Refinement Stage could imagine.

Moreover, after forming a small cycle in their bodies, more and more meridians would be opened up.
They could then condense their True Energy whenever they attacked and dole out mid-range attacks.

As more and more meridians were opened up, this small cycle would become bigger and bigger until it finally opened up the Ren and Du meridians.
They would then reach the so-called Innate Stage.

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Shortly, they returned to the Black Hawk.

“Sir, I think it’s time for us to head back,” Chu Yunfan said.

“Not bad.
Your progress was faster than I expected.
I thought you guys would need a month to reach this step.
I didn’t expect that you would reach here in just half a month.
The resources that I spent on you aren’t wasted after all.” Jeang Yuanbin nodded with satisfaction.

Chu Yunfan and the others knew that although Jeang Yuanbin said this lightly, in just half a month, they had consumed over ten million yuan worth of pills and energy elixirs.
It was definitely a huge sum.

Of course, Chu Yunfan and the others had killed a lot of monsters this month, so Jeang Yuanbin did not lose out either.

“Let’s return to the Metropolis.
The first phase of the special training is done.”

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