There were actually quite a few powerful cultivation skills recorded in the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, and the Broken Flow Saber Technique was just one of them.

But among these cultivation techniques, the most powerful one was none other than the Mighty Emperor Battle Book that the Emperor Supreme had handed over in exchange for a divine pill the Alchemy Emperor possessed.

The Mighty Emperor Battle Book contained superior inner cultivation techniques.
Other than the Mighty Emperor Battle Book itself, there were many other battle techniques within it, as well as many passive cultivation techniques.
It was the blood and sweat of the Supreme Emperor’s entire life.

Any of these cultivation techniques would be immeasurable if they were to be brought out now!

Chu Yunfan sifted through the memories and found that one of these passive cultivation techniques was perfectly suited to his needs after having stepped into the Acquired Stage.
It was also what he needed to increase his battle prowess.

It was a record of an extremely powerful battle physique called the Imperial Physique.
This physique was different from those that were naturally born with a powerful physique.
It was cultivated only at the Acquired Stage.

Cultivating the Imperial Physique would make one’s True Energy far surpass that of others on the same level.
The quality of the body and so on were the foundations of cultivating this Imperial Physique.

This passive technique was extremely powerful.
When cultivated to the extreme, it could allow one to reach the level of the Emperor Supreme.
One could even take on more than a dozen people of the same level without feeling the slightest bit of pressure.

In the Mighty Emperor Battle Book, the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method was the foundation of the foundation.
Only by cultivating the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method would one be able to cultivate the Imperial Physique.
And only by cultivating the Imperial Physique, would one be able to cultivate many powerful battle techniques in the Mighty Emperor Battle Book.

For cultivation, the body was the foundation.
The cultivation of battle techniques was all the same.
The more powerful the battle technique, the higher the requirements for the user.

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This was the reason the Supreme Emperor had created the Imperial Physique.
If one did not cultivate the Imperial Physique, everything would be for naught.

The opening chapter of the Imperial Physique was the Acquired chapter.
This was the reason why Chu Yunfan had not chosen to cultivate.
If he had forcefully chosen to cultivate it when his level was not high enough, the one who would suffer in the end would definitely be him.

And now, after more than a year of painstaking cultivation, the conditions for cultivating the Imperial Physique were finally met.

However, it was not simple to successfully cultivate the Imperial Physique.
One had to coordinate with the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method, as well as prepare many rare herbs, and then undergo a medicinal bath for several days.
The process of changing from the outside to the inside would be extremely painful.

Back then, after the Imperial Physique had been established, the Supreme Emperor had passed it down to his descendants, but not a single person had been able to cultivate it.

On one hand, the herbs for the medicinal bath were extremely difficult to find.
On the other, the process of transformation was extremely painful.
It was as if one’s life was being torn apart, reassembled, torn apart again, and then reassembled again, over and over.
This would go on for days and most would not be able to hold on until the end.

Chu Yunfan, who had the memories of the Alchemy Emperor, knew how terrifying it was.
However, this step was unavoidable.
If he could not master the Imperial Physique, then everything would be for naught.

Once Chu Yunfan mastered the Imperial Physique, even he, a first-level Acquired Stage expert who had just entered the Acquired Stage, could easily defeat a third-level Acquired Stage expert.
The Bloodmane Ape that he had no way of dealing with earlier could be easily defeated.

If Chu Yunfan combined it with the other powerful battle techniques in the Mighty Emperor Battle Book, Chu Yunfan’s battle prowess would increase by one step and become even more terrifying.

For a cultivator, they had to have wealth, law, and land.
If Chu Yunfan wanted to reach the peak of his life, the Mighty Emperor Battle Book was the only method he could use to reach the peak.
So even though he knew that it would be very difficult, he would not give up.

But to master the Imperial Physique, just the series of extremely complicated herbs were very difficult to find.
Back then, to master the Imperial Physique, the Supreme Emperor had traveled all over the world and had spent three years gathering all these herbs.

However, that was the method of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
Modern society had far stronger executive powers compared to that time.
As long as there was money, most of these herbs could be found.

Therefore, the following month was very busy for Chu Yunfan.
During the day, Chu Yunfan endured the four-fold gravity and began to search for monsters and hunt them down.
Sometimes, he would even wander to the edge of the Bloodmane Apes’ territory and cut down any ape that was alone.

Under the four-fold gravity, Chu Yunfan’s combat strength fell back to the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Sha Peng and the others were also doing the same thing, but they were adapting to 0.5 times gravity.

At night, they would have to face the Bloodmane Apes’ revenge.
Fierce battles broke out again and again.
The Bloodmane Apes would come at night and fight until almost the break of dawn.
After a few dozen of their brethren had fallen, they would leave.

On top of that, the team had to find time to attend their liberal arts classes.
Time was extremely tight, but even so, Chu Yunfan still had to go through the Encyclopedia of Cultivation which recorded all kinds of herbs.
He had to determine the herbs for the Imperial Physique medicinal bath.

Because there were many differences between ancient and modern times, Chu Yunfan had to pay attention to them at all times.
Some of the ingredients could not even be found in the encyclopedia.
Chu Yunfan had to think of something to replace them with.

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If it was someone else, this would have been an impossible feat, but Chu Yunfan had inherited the memories of the Alchemy Emperor.
The Alchemy Emperor was an expert at the pinnacle of alchemy and his knowledge of the various attributes of herbs was unprecedented.

That was why Chu Yunfan was able to rack his brains and finally come up with a medicinal bath formula that could succeed the Imperial Physique in modern times.

After determining the ingredients, Chu Yunfan sent the list to Lu Qingxuan and asked her to help him collect them.
Soon, Lu Qingxuan came back with a response.
If Chu Yunfan wanted to buy all these herbs, it would cost at least one billion yuan.
It was a pretty long list of herbs, and all of them were very, very rare.

Although Chu Yunfan had already prepared for it, he still felt a chill travel down his spine when he saw how much money was needed.

It was no wonder that the few world experts were establishing their own companies.
Cultivation itself was an extremely resource-consuming thing.
Every minute and every second of cultivation consumed resources, and all of this could not be done without money.

In the past, even if Chu Yunfan had obtained the Imperial Physique medicinal bath formula, it would be of no use because it would have been impossible for him to for out one billion yuan.
Even one hundred thousand yuan were have been an astronomical figure for him.

The more powerful one became, the higher the threshold for one to obtain high-grade martial skills and battle techniques went.
They either had to have talent that surpassed others, or they had to have sufficient funds and financial resources to support them.
In short, it was impossible for a secret manual to fall from the sky and for one to casually cultivate it to a high level.

Fortunately, with the current momentum of the Shanhe Alchemy Company, everyone knew that it would only go further and further.
It would not be difficult for Chu Yunfan to borrow one billion yuan from the bank.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed.

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