Sha Peng and the others gulped.
They had lost to the ferocious monster while Chu Yunfan had managed to swiftly kill it by himself.

Even though the four knew Chu Yunfan’s strength, they looked as if they had seen a ghost as they stared at the scene before them.

Sha Peng and the others would not be so surprised if Chu Yunfan had been an Acquired Stage expert.
However, Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level was lower than theirs and was only at the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

Although the other four wore weighted suits that affected their strength, the weighted suit Chu Yunfan wore was turned to four-fold gravity.
The difference between Chu Yunfan and the rest was apparent.

“How much strength do you have, Captain Chu?” Ji Shinqing asked as he approached Chu Yunfan.

“Unless an Acquired Stage expert appears, there aren’t many who can withstand even a few of my moves.
Even against an Acquired Stage expert, I should be able to hold my ground,” Chu Yunfan replied, “At your current level—unless you guys used hot weapons—it won’t be of much use no matter how many of you there were.”

Chu Yunfan was just answering casually.
This was his estimation of his strength.
If he was to go all out, it should be at that level.
But to Sha Peng and the others, Chu Yunfan was no different from an Acquired expert.

Ke Rui and the others still gasped even though they had already expected this.
They wondered if it were true that Chu Yunfan had come from Earth.
No matter how they looked at it, they felt that Chu Yunfan possessed monstrous strength.

Could such a genius have really come from a place like Earth?

Nonetheless, the rest did not think Chu Yunfan was bragging.
That was unnecessary.
They had witnessed Chu Yunfan’s strength first-hand so they knew this was no exaggeration.

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Chu Yunfan took a deep breath and said, “The Spirit Energy here is denser than in the Metropolis.
No wonder the monsters here are tougher to deal with.
Generally speaking, the denser the Spirit Energy, the more terrifying the monsters in the area would become.”

“Captain Chu is right! This doesn’t look good,” Ke Rui said, “I just checked the encyclopedia, and it says these Bloodmane Apes are vengeful.
If we kill one ape, the others will continue appearing until their entire group gets wiped out.
We should avoid getting the ape’s blood on us.
We can’t smell it, but the monsters can.
Still, I’m afraid the next wave of attacks will arrive soon.”

Sha Peng, Ruan Yingyu, and Ji Shiqing revealed worried expressions.
These Bloodmane Apes were challenging to deal with and gave them great headaches.

“There’s nothing we can do.
Although it’s possible to escape, aren’t we here to train ourselves? Won’t our efforts go to waste if we run away now?” Chu Yunfan said.

“Captain Chu is right.
Since we’re already here, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” Sha Peng said, “It’s pointless to be afraid because we’re Federation University’s elite students! We shouldn’t be afraid of a few monsters!”

“Those apes are nothing.
What’s terrifying is the alpha of these Bloodmane Apes.
Every group of Bloodmane Apes has a leader, and their leader is an Acquired monster,” Ke Rui echoed.

The Encyclopedia of Cultivation had several records on the Bloodmane Ape habits.

Everyone looked at Chu Yunfan as he said, “If more apes appear, let me deal with them.
Also, don’t forget that Mr.
Jeang is always here even though he doesn’t interfere.
I don’t know if he’ll leave us to our devices, but we can use any move as long as the monsters don’t instantly kill us.”

Everyone’s morale improved exponentially when they heard Chu Yunfan’s words.
They no longer felt anxious.
Even though the Acquired Bloodmane Ape alpha was formidable, they had an Innate Stage expert instructor supporting them.
The ape alpha was nothing to their instructor.

“Let’s hurry up and get ready.
I’ve checked the weather forecast for this area and discovered nothing out of the ordinary.
The incoming weather will be stormy.
We need to find a place to lay low for now,” Chu Yunfan said.

Everyone quickly moved out.
Chu Yunfan and his team had backpacks with multi-functional field tools inside them.
They fanned out.
The trees in this mountain range were much sturdier than the trees on Earth and would be tough to dig into if they did not use specialized tools.

Just as everyone finished digging holes in the trees, they received a message from Jeang Yuanbin, instructing them to collect the Bloodmane Ape’s carcass.
He would then command some AI robots to collect the carcass later.
The carcass of a Bloodmane Ape was worth at least a million yuan.

This was equivalent to Chu Yunfan’s team working for Jeang Yuanbin.
However, they did not argue.
Although instructors could garner more points in this way, an instructor could not nurture their students without it.

Whether it was a set of medical equipment or armor, they were all very expensive.
Of course, Federation University had to cover the cost of nurturing its students somehow.
This was just a matter of fact.
The students would be able to reap the benefits in the end.

Still, Chu Yunfan’s emotions were complicated.
He used to think obtaining 10,000 yuan was challenging, but killing one Bloodmane Ape would already bring them a few million yuan.
No wonder most wanted to become explorers or monster hunters.
Although it was froth with danger, the income differed significantly from what an ordinary worker would get.

After retrieving the Bloodmane Ape’s carcass for Jeang Yuanbin, Chu Yunfan’s team ran out of time to explore the forest because the storm had approached.
It washed away the tracks Chu Yunfan left during his battle with the ape and lasted for more than an hour before ending.

Before Chu Yunfan could take the initiative to look for a Bloodmane Ape, he discovered six other apes in the shadows not far from their camp.
The apes flitted through the forest, and in the blink of an eye, the apes were changing into their camp.

“We’re under attack!” Chu Yunfan shouted as he drew his Shadowless Saber and charged toward the apes.

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