Sha Peng and the other three came back soon after.
They had not been seriously injured, and after receiving treatment, they were as right as rain.

By that time, Chu Yunfan had only read a small part of the encyclopedia—only read 10% of it.
There was too much information contained within the book, after all.

Even after being modified by the Godhead, Chu Yunfan had to read it before his photographic memory could absorb it.
This form of pure knowledge was the easiest to remember.
All he had to do was memorize it.

But if it was a secret manual, it would be useless just to memorize it.
Chu Yunfan had to put it to practice before he could successfully cultivate it.
If it were a secret manual, he would only need a minimal amount of photographic memory.

When Jeang Yuanbin saw that everyone had arrived, he said, “Now that you’re all here, I have something to announce.
Chu Yunfan is a newcomer and doesn’t know much about me.
You guys are no different.
None of you know much about me besides my name, so I must tell you more about myself since I’ve become your instructor.”

Chu Yunfan and the others listened attentively.

“My name is Jeang Yuanbin.
I will be guiding you for the next four years.
I do not have experience guiding students because before you guys, I was on duty on the battlefield.
I have nothing much to say about my personal history except I was once the top scorer on the college entrance examinations.
Now, I’m working as an instructor and professor at Federation University.”

Jeang Yuanbin paused and concluded, “That’s about it.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.”

“Can I ask you a more personal question, Mr.
Jeang?” Chu Yunfan asked as he raised his hand.

“Go ahead.
However, I won’t answer if it’s something I can’t speak of.
Otherwise, please, feel free,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

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“What’s your cultivation level, sir? We’re all outstanding students, after all.
We also would like to have the best instructor to guide us,” Chu Yunfan said with his hand still in the air.

Of course, Chu Yunfan could feel how formidable Jeang Yanbin was.
Even a peak Acquired Stage instructor was still terrifying for Chu Yunfan’s current cultivation level, not to mention an Innate Stage expert.
That was not someone he could deal with now.

“That’s no secret.
I’m at the peak of the Innate Stage and only half a step away from manifesting divine abilities,” Jeang Yuanbin replied after some thought.

Jeang Yuanbin continued straightforwardly, not intending to hide anything, “Many of the instructors know this, so it’s no secret to them.
I retired from the front lines because I had encountered a bottleneck in my cultivation.
I wanted to try other methods to see if I could make a breakthrough.”


Sha Peng and the others gasped.
They knew that Jeang Yuanbin was mighty and should be above the Innate Stage.
However, no one had known what his actual cultivation level was.

They had not expected their instructor to be at the peak of the Innate Stage.
That stage was only second to those experts with divine abilities.
They would start as Generals if they joined the army and could quickly become influential figures.

If these people became politicians, they had the potential to become the president of the Federation.
Becoming a business person would also benefit them because they could easily become a financial magnate.
Their influence would be unimaginable.

If the students of Federation University had the chance to become the elites and pillars of the human race, becoming as powerful as Jeang Yuanbin was the Federal University students’ ultimate goal.

For example, if Jiang Pengfei and the others had not gone astray and died, they could have become like Jeang Yuanbin.

The other four could only imagine how terrifying Jeang Yuanbin was.
They had started at Federal University a month ago and knew more than Chu Yunfan.

What was the concept of a peak Innate tutor? The dean of a department or the dean of Federation University was probably at the peak of the Innate Stage, far superior to ordinary Innate tutors.

The two differed entirely because the Innate Stage could reach the Heavens in a single step.
Not all instructors who stepped into the Innate Stage could reach the peak.
Most Innate Stage experts would never get the chance to reach its peak in their lives.

Moreover, Jeang Yuanbin looked young.
From the students’ perspective, they were fortunate to have such a capable instructor.
As everyone knew, the stronger one’s instructor, the more secure one’s future was.

Chu Yunfan nodded.
His instructor was not out of his expectations.
He had become the champion of the Federation University’s instructor competition as an absolute dark horse, gaining recognition from his fellow instructors even though there had been competition around him.
Although he did not know what exactly had gone down, he could imagine how intense that situation must have been.

It was just like how the students had to fight for their positions to obtain a good instructor.
To stand out from the other instructors, the challenges were not much different from what Chu Yunfan had faced.

Hence, it made sense for Jeang Yuanbin to be so powerful.
It was not surprising that Jeang Yuanbin was at the peak of the Innate Stage.
But Chu Yunfan just discovered that Jeang Yuanbin had been a top scorer in the college entrance examinations.
That was where Jeang Yuanbin’s true confidence lay.

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Their prospects were limitless as long as none of the top scorers of the college entrance examinations fell.
After all, they stood out from countless other students.
One could imagine how glorious Jeang Yuanbin had been back then—even more so than Chu Yunfan was now.

No wonder Jeang Yuanbin did not think much of his title as an instructor.
He had been the top scorer back then, after all.

Chu Yunfan and Sha Peng had similar thoughts.
They were satisfied with Jeang Yuanbin.
With such an influential instructor as a beacon, they would be able to take as many shortcuts as possible.

“Do you have any objections toward me being your instructor?” Jeang Yuanbin asked as he looked at the students.

“No, sir! We’re delighted!” Sha Peng said.

“Since you’re satisfied, it’s my turn to speak.
I’ll provide you all with special training through the remainder of the year.
It’s now too late for you guys to become the top university students.
It’ll definitely be someone else.

“There’s still quite a gap between you guys and the Acquired Stage students, but it doesn’t matter.
Since you’re my students, you’ll naturally become the most outstanding out of the bunch sooner or later.

“There will be a Dao Conference among the various universities half a year from now.
I want you to suppress the others at the conference.
I want everyone to know that I’m Jeang Yuanbin, was one of the strongest in the past and that I am now teaching the strongest students!!”

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