These four were outstanding people in the Energy Refinement Stage.
But up against Chu Yunfan, they got beaten up and were utterly defeated.
The two parties were not on the same level at all.

Perhaps only an Acquired Stage expert could deal with the current Chu Yunfan.

In other words, Chu Yunfan might be one of the strongest experts among all the first-years.
Although he had yet to step into the ranks of the first category, he was already one of the best, if not the best, in the second category.

This in itself was already extremely shocking.
After all, there were thousands of students in the first-year martial arts class of Federation University.
It was not easy for him to reach the peak of the second category.

“Go and rest up.
We’ll gather again in a moment.
Since your team captain has been chosen, it’s time for some special training,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

Sha Peng and the others exchanged glances before abruptly leaping from the rooftop.
They flew toward another teaching building and then to the next.
In just a few short seconds, they disappeared from Chu Yunfan’s sight.

Although Chu Yunfan had injured them, he knew the limits of his attacks.
He did not injure them too severely so they could perform stunts at this level.
With their strength, it was not a problem for them to jump more than ten meters.
Of course, no one would jump that far in an actual battle because there were too many factors that could not be controlled while one was in the air.

Suddenly, Chu Yunfan received a document on his personal terminal.
Jeang Yuanbin said, “Read this carefully.”

Chu Yunfan opened the document and took a look.
It was a thick book with the words “The Encyclopedia of Cultivation” written on the cover.

“What’s this?” Chu Yunfan asked.

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“This is an encyclopedia of the various cultivation techniques that have been compiled by Federation University using all our available manpower and resources for the students’ perusal.
For most of the questions you encounter in the future, you can find the answer there, including the geographical situation of the known areas in the Kunlun Realm, the chronicles of the known history of the Ancient Zenith Civilization, references to various other eras, as well as brief introductions of monsters, herbs, spirit mines, and so on.

“After going through this encyclopedia, you’ll have a clearer understanding of common questions that come up during cultivation.
Although they’re just basic introductions, this book is actively being compiled by Federation University.
The book will be updated every month with the most accurate information available.”

Jeang Yunbin proclaimed this with a hint of pride in his voice.

“Out of all the encyclopedias in the various universities, our university is the best and most comprehensive.
Even the most elite squadrons of the Federation Army are using our encyclopedia!”

Chu Yunfan sucked in a breath.
He had not expected Federation University to have such a thing.
Writing encyclopedias was not something that just anyone could do.
The two most famous encyclopedias in history—one being the Britannica and the other The Yongle Festival—were compiled by two top past empires at the peak of their power.

The amount of manpower and resources used to write these books had been a huge number.
Before the Kunlun Era, it was not something that just any huge empire could do.

During the current Kunlun Era, they were able to compile a complete set of encyclopedias that covered all aspects.
It was made just for the students to use and to let them understand more about the cultivation world.

Federation University’s spending power was really extraordinary!

Moreover, they would update it every month.
One could only imagine how amazing this was.

Jeang, why are there only some basic introductions?” Chu Yunfan asked, “The people who have the ability to compile an encyclopedia should not be only at this level, right?”

“Of course.
In fact, the encyclopedia that your students can see is actually just a section of a bigger one.
Therefore, you’ll only be able to see some of the most basic information.
Some of the more profound information will not be open to you.
Only by using the points you accumulate in Federation University and exchanging for it will you be able to read the more detailed information available,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

Chu Yunfan’s face was overcome with a grave expression.
This encyclopedia was already of unlimited value.
Even during the Common Era, this kind of book would have most definitely been the core secret of every sect and would only be taught to the most core disciples.
Now, Federation University readily provided all of this information to its students.
Even the elite special forces of the Federation Army were using it.

Chu Yunfan guessed that when other universities were writing their own cultivation guides for their students, or when they were writing their own cultivation notes, they would definitely use Federation University’s encyclopedia as a reference.

But even an awesome encyclopedia such as this was actually just a catalog.
Behind it was a huge library that recorded countless deeper-leveled information.

By doing this, the contribution Federation University made to mankind was immeasurable.
Federation University was able to receive high praises from society and was the number one university.
It was indeed not to be trifled with.

After all, Federation University had been established in the shortest time among all the top ten universities and was now the top university in the Federation.
How could that be possible if it did not have some skills?

“What do the points of Federation University work?”Chu Yunfan asked.

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“Federation University employs a system that’s different from that of the outside world.
The foundation of this system is the points system.
This system can be understood as a form of currency.
You can exchange the points for many things within the university, including secret manuals, secret texts, restricted technology, as well as heat weapons, mechas, and even battleships.
You can exchange for all these things.
However, the reason why the points system was implemented is that it isn’t the same as money.
These things are only open to the students of Federation University.
To people outside of Federation University, they’re useless.

“When the university was first established, this system had been adopted to ensure fairness.
After all, there are students with different background situations.
Students with superior family backgrounds can easily obtain tens of millions of yuans, maybe hundreds of millions, or maybe even more, from their families to allow them to cultivate.
Ordinary students aren’t able to receive such cultivation resources.

“But here at Federation University, the poorer students can use points to exchange for more information.
Any information you can get with money outside, you can get them here using points.
But some of that information can only be gotten using points and not with money.
This is why the points system is used here,” Jeang Yuanbin explained.

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