ng with Ruan Yingyu’s cannon-like fists.


It was like two huge cannonballs fiercely colliding together.
True Energy instantly swept out, turning into a terrifying storm.

Ruan Yingyu’s arm started to tremble, and her True Energy was unable to take shape and instantly collapsed under this external force.

Thud, thud, thud!

Ruan Yingyu was knocked back.
She felt a wave of tightness in her chest.
Her True Energy had been shaken to the point that it was not flowing smoothly and her internal organs were about to seize up.

“It’s over!”

Chu Yunfan’s figure flashed and he appeared in front of Ruan Yingyu.
His arm struck out like a spear, and the spear struck her chest and caused her True Energy to burst.


Ruan Yingyu was knocked to the ground and was left in a rather sorry state.
Chu Yunfan had no intention of showing mercy to a woman.

Chu Yunfan’s actions were too fast.
Just as he knocked Ruan Yingyu over, Ji Shiqing had just stabilized herself from her collision with Chu Yunfan.


When she saw Chu Yunfan knock over Ruan Yingyu, she knew that her situation was dire.
However, it was too late.
Chu Yunfan stomped the ground with his foot and instantly appeared in front of Ji Shiqing.

Although Ji Shiqing saw that Chu Yunfan had defeated three people in a row, she was not afraid.
She pounced forward, not willing to show any signs of weakness in the face of attack.

“Your strategy is not bad.
Unfortunately, your strength and mine are too far apart,” Chu Yunfan said.
He knew what Ji Shiqing was thinking.
Only by attacking would she be able to find Chu Yunfan’s weakness and turn defeat into victory.
Unfortunately, if she had been facing Sha Peng or the other three, she might have had a chance of winning.
But she was up against Chu Yunfan.
The difference in strength between the two made it so that no matter how hard she tried, it would not have any effect.




After just a few moves, Ji Shiqing was already at a disadvantage.
She was beaten down until she could not put up any form of defense.

Chu Yunfan’s attack was too violent and coupled with his astonishing strength, the results were clear.
In a short while, Ji Shiqing’s snow-white arm was covered in bruises.

Chu Yunfan attacked without mercy.


Finally, Chu Yunfan kicked Ji Shiqing in the chest and she was sent flying before falling heavily to the ground.
Ji Shiqing actually looked relieved.

After the series of attacks, Ji Shiqing understood the gap between her and Chu Yunfan.
Although her cultivation level was higher than Chu Yunfan’s, in front of this freak, it was useless.

“It’s done,” Chu Yunfan said lightly.

After this series of blows, Chu Yunfan was not even the slightest bit winded.
Although he and Ji Shiqing were both in the Energy Refinement Stage, it was obvious that his strength had surpassed all those in the Energy Refinement Stages by a large margin.

“Do you still have any objections?” Jeang Yuanbin walked out and asked, “Since I chose him to be the team captain, I must have had a reason.”

At this moment, Sha Peng and the others finally got up.
Although Chu Yunfan did not hold back in his attacks, he still knew his limits.
Although there were some internal injuries, they were not particularly serious.

The four were completely convinced.
It was impossible for them to not be convinced because Chu Yunfan had defeated them with lightning speed.
The difference in strength between them was obvious.

They looked at Chu Yunfan with extremely complicated gazes.
How was Chu Yunfan so powerful when he was just in the Energy Refinement Stage?!

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