Chu Yunfan said confidently.
From the moment he saw the other opponents in the top eight, he knew that he would definitely have to fight Bai Bingwu in the end, although the outcome did not entirely depend on one’s cultivation level and skill, one’s own skills and physical fitness were also a factor in determining the outcome.

However, he had such an intuition.
And in the end, the facts proved that his guess was not wrong.
The person who fought with him in the end was none other than Bai Bingwu.

The two swords in Bai Bingwu’s hands danced in the air.
Then, she said, “Your intuition is very accurate.
I’m definitely going to be the champion this time!”

Chu Yunfan smiled faintly and said, “Unfortunately, I’m also here for the champion.
It seems that you have no chance!”

Bai Bingwu smiled, looking very pretty.
She said indifferently, “It’s already not easy for you to rise up until now, but you can’t win the championship because I want it!”

“Then you have to try to find out, don’t you?”Chu Yunfan said with a faint smile.

Bai Bingwu slowly walked forward.
Her body carried a somewhat otherworldly aura, but the true energy gradually released from her body gave people a powerful pressure.

This was an expert who had truly stepped into the peak of the Qi refinement realm.
Her aura was mellow, and she was only half a step away from truly stepping into the Houtian realm.

This was the reason why Chu Yunfan was confident that she would be able to make it to the finals.
Although the others were also in the ninth level of the Qi refinement realm, they had yet to temper their aura to a mellow state, and were not truly on the verge of breaking through.

Bai Bingwu smiled faintly, and in an instant, she had already taken the initiative to attack.
Her feet were stepping with astonishing footwork, and she was like a fairy under the moon, with the moonlight enveloping her body.., then, in an instant, she arrived in front of Chu Yunfan.

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All of this could be said to be dazzling.
However, the chill that erupted in that instant caused one’s entire body to shudder.

The two swords erupted into a sword net from top to bottom, enveloping Chu Yunfan.
In her hands, the two swords were like two swimming dragons, pointing straight at all the flaws in Chu Yunfan’s body, they sealed off all the space he could escape to.




All of this happened too quickly.

“Not good, this Chu Yunfan is going to lose.
This Bai Bingwu is also hiding her strength!”

“In the previous battles, she did not unleash such speed and strength!”

“In turn, does this mean that to Bai Bingwu, only Chu Yunfan is a worthy opponent!”

Many people cried out in surprise.
In an instant, Bai Bingwu was about to win.

“It’s over!”

Bai Bingwu said in a cold voice.

The sword net swept across Chu Yunfan’s body and annihilated him in an instant.

If it were an ordinary person, they would definitely not be able to dodge this sword net.

However, at this moment, everyone discovered that Chu Yunfan’s body moved along with the sword net.
No matter how tight the sword net was, Chu Yunfan was able to easily dodge it.
It was as if he had eyes, he was able to know where Bai Bingwu’s sword swept towards, and he was able to easily dodge it.

This was the peak Earth grade movement technique, cloud body wind body technique!

This movement technique exploded with astonishing power in Chu Yunfan’s hands.
No matter how terrifying Bai Bingwu’s attacks were, they couldn’t hurt him.

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Bai Bingwu was momentarily stunned.
This was because she had never seen Chu Yunfan use the cloud body wind body technique before.
On the other hand, the spiral nine shadows technique was often used, so she wasn’t prepared at all.

However, she was also very experienced in battle.
Although her attack didn’t hit, she wasn’t at ease.
The sword light in her hand swept out even faster.
In an instant, the sword net formed once again, enveloping the entire space.

At this moment, she simply did not care what Chu Yunfan was thinking.
No matter how he dodged, she would follow her own rhythm and seal off all space.
No matter where Chu Yunfan hid, he would be stabbed directly.

Chu Yunfan had also realized this point, but he did not panic in the slightest.
In this short exchange, he had already seen that Bai Bingwu was following the path of speed and technique.
Her speed was as fast as a bolt of lightning, but her technique was also flawless.
This was the most terrifying part.

“Since you can’t Dodge it, then Let’s face it head-on!”

Chu Yunfan smiled indifferently.


The Battle Saber on Chu Yunfan’s back suddenly unsheathed.
The sound of unsheathing was like a dragon’s roar.
A black saber light formed in an instant, and then ruthlessly chopped down at Bai Bingwu.


A shocking collision occurred.
The saber light cut through the sword net formed by the two treasured swords.
In an instant, the sword net disappeared.
No matter how gorgeous or terrifying the sword skill was, as long as it could be blocked head-on.., it was completely useless.

The saber cut through, and all the sword shadows disappeared along with it.


Bai Bingwu only felt that both of her arms were about to be injured from the shock.
Her expression was grave because she felt Chu Yunfan’s unreasonable strange strength.
This kind of unreasonable fighting style was also very strenuous for her.

When the strength of the monster reached a certain level, breaking through all sorts of coincidences with one strike was definitely not a joke.
Just like her beautiful sword net just now, the opponent had broken it with one strike.

However, it was clearly not the time to think about these things.
Bai Bingwu suddenly stomped her foot and her entire person instantly disappeared from where she was.

When she reappeared, she was already beside Chu Yunfan.
Since she could not break through with a direct attack, she would attack from the side.

This happened in an instant.
Bai Bingwu had already appeared beside him.
Ordinary people would not be able to keep up with such speed.

Regardless of whether it was speed or strength, once they reached a certain level, they would be able to crush everything.

However, this did not include Chu Yunfan, because his speed was not satisfactory either.

Bai Bingwu had just adjusted her posture and was about to attack when she noticed that Chu Yunfan had suddenly turned around and slashed down with the battle saber in his hand.


The saber light cut through the air and exploded with a thunderous sound.
Then, it landed directly on her.


The saber light hit the spot where Bai Bingwu was standing just now.

Bai Bingwu jumped out of Chu Yunfan’s attack range.
For the first time, a shocked expression appeared on her face.
Her back was completely drenched.

The exchange just now had only lasted for a split second, but the offensive and defensive positions of both sides had completely changed.

“How can he be so fast! ?”

Bai Bingwu immediately turned pale with fright.
Chu Yunfan’s speed was far beyond his imagination.

However, after his blade missed its target, Chu Yunfan pounced towards her without thinking.

“Thunder Knife!”

The jet-black body of the knife, genuine qi in the churning, directly toward the white ice dance to chase up.

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