A terrifying sonic boom swept out and shockwaves reverberated through the whole stadium.
The violent power of both sides collided as if two wild monsters had collided.

Usually, martial artists with innate divine strength and extraordinary talent had the advantage, but that did not mean that ordinary martial artists would not have the time to counterattack.
In fact, as time went on, the bonus from cultivation techniques would become more and more powerful.

Martial cultivation was not just a process of being brave and fierce.
Martial cultivation was, in essence, a process of a person’s transformation.
To put it more scientifically, it was a process of continuous evolution.

For a strong warrior who achieved success in cultivation, even if they did not have innate divine strength, it was not a fantasy for them to have the strength of over a thousand pounds in one hand.

The path of cultivation was the process of a person constantly breaking through.
The further one progressed, the stronger one’s physique would become.

Chu Yunfan was a typical case of this kind of acquired transformation breakthrough.
From an innate point of view, he was not a very strong individual.
But up until now, even those people with innate divine strength had not been a match for him.

Yuan Fei was the same.
After cultivating to this point, his body was equally strong.

The resulting collision this time was extremely shocking.

Yuan Fei thought that if he used his full strength, he would be able to sweep through everything.
Chu Yunfan’s little bit of innate divine strength was nothing to worry about under the suppression of his cultivation level.
But after he truly made his move, he realized that he had been too naive.

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When Yuan Fei unleashed his full strength, so did Chu Yunfan.
The crushing difference was even more obvious than before.

Amidst the surging shockwaves, Yuan Fei kept retreating.
The golden staff in his hand was trembling non-stop.
Finally, a shocked expression appeared on his face.
He thought that Chu Yunfan’s strength had only been so-so, yet Chu Yunfan had unleashed a power far more terrifying than what he had imagined.

The existence of bioenergy such as True Energy could greatly enhance the human body.
This was also the key reason why Yuan Fei thought he could defeat Chu Yunfan.

However, the cultivation technique that Chu Yunfan cultivated was far more powerful than his, and the enhancement to Chu Yunfan’s body was also far beyond his imagination.
If they were at the same level, he would not even be able to withstand a single strike from Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan had been relying on the weighted suit to suppress his strength.
Back then, Chu Yunfan who was only at the peak of the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage had defeated Chu Yuntian who had already stepped into the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage, let alone now.

Chu Yunfan was now completely different from back then!

“This power…” Yuan Fei growled in a low voice as he gritted his teeth.

“A quick battle and a quick conclusion? Indeed, it should be a quick battle and a quick conclusion!” Chu Yunfan took a step forward, and with mysterious footwork, arrived in front of Yuan Fei

“Such speed!”

Yuan Fei felt his vision blur, and in the blink of an eye, Chu Yunfan was already in front of him.

“He isn’t just powerful?”

At this moment, Yuan Fei realized that he had completely underestimated the person in front of him.

Chu Yunfan’s violent strength could not be seen from his cultivation level alone.
Chu Yunfan was only at the peak of the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage, but in reality, even though he was wearing a weighted suit, Chu Yunfan’s abilities had already crossed the boundary between the eighth and ninth levels of the Energy Refinement Stage in terms of both speed and strength!

“You underestimated me.
Before me, the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage is still not enough.

“Heaven’s Thunder!”

Chu Yunfan’s blade hacked down fiercely as if the thunderbolts from the heavens had struck down.

“D*mn it! No matter who you are, don’t underestimate me!”

Yuan Fei was furious.
At this moment, he no longer had the high and mighty attitude from before.
In front of him.
Chu Yunfan had become the top expert that he thought he would only meet in the final battles.
And those top experts might be able to defeat him!

The golden staff in Yuan Fei’s hand once again erupted with a terrifying True Energy and he faced Chu Yunfan head-on.




A series of loud explosions rang out and the battle between the two sides instantly erupted.

“What a terrifying battle! This kind of battle is on the level of battles between Acquired Stage experts!”

“I thought that I’d only be able to witness a battle of such a level in the final battles.
I didn’t expect to see such a battle here!”

“The competitions for instructors in the past years weren’t this intense.
This level of battle alone is enough to determine the final victor.
And it’s only the 21st round!”

Many people were shocked by this battle performance.

And what shocked them most was that Yuan Fei, who they had thought highly of, was being suppressed by Chu Yunfan in a head-on battle.
Yuan Fei was no match for Chu Yunfan.

It was a complete suppression!

This was the first time Yuan Fei had truly felt complete suppression in battle.
Whether it was speed, strength, or technique, he was completely suppressed.

Not only was Chu Yunfan’s speed and strength astonishing, but his techniques were also impeccable.
Each time Chu Yunfan struck, he would strike at Yuan Fei’s weak spot.
Even if it was not a weak spot, it would become a weakness under Chu Yunfan’s strength and speed.




Chu Yunfan’s fighting style which was supposed to be light and agile was too violent.

Chu Yunfan’s Heaven’s Thunder Saber Technique displayed his extreme speed.
And at the same time, his strength also erupted.

“It’s over!” Chu Yunfan shouted, and all the True Energy in his body was mobilized to the extreme as he slashed down.

Yuan Fei did not even have the strength to lift the golden staff in his hand.
He could only watch helplessly as Chu Yunfan’s blade light descended and cut into him, turning him into a ball of light.

Throughout the entire process, Chu Yunfan’s breath was not even labored.
A month ago, when he was battling Chu Yuntian, he had used all of his strength to defeat Chu Yuntian.
In the middle of that battle, he had been in a dangerous situation.
If he had not been careful, he might have lost.

And now, even though Chu Yunfan still had his weighted suit on, Yuan Fei was not his match at all.
Chu Yunfan had almost been crushed and defeated by Chu Yuntian back then.
But now, the current situation was completely different.

Chu Yunfan could sense that he had indeed become stronger.
Compared to a month ago, he was now stronger than ever!

In the audience stands, Chu Yuntian looked at Chu Yunfan who had just slaughtered everyone with a calm expression on his face.

“He has become stronger!”

And standing beside Chu Yuntian was Chu Xuelian.

“He has indeed become stronger, and this isn’t even his full strength.
Seems like this level of battle isn’t able to force out his true strength.
Let’s go.
There’s no point in watching anymore.
Let’s wait until the final match.”

As Chu Xuelian spoke, her body turned into a ball of light and disappeared.

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