The person who appeared was, of course, Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan glanced at the youth in front of him.
Ge could tell that although this youth was at the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage, he had just broken through not long ago.
He was at the same level as Chu Yuntian from a month ago.


When the youth, Yuan Fei, saw Chu Yunfan, he instantly recalled and said, “Your name is Chu Yunfan, correct?”

“That’s right.
You know my name?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“Of course.
There aren’t many who can make it this far.
In the future, all these people will be competitors within the university.
It’s not strange for me to pay more attention to someone such as yourself,” Yuan Fei said casually, “There’s a saying in the art of war.
Only by knowing yourself and your enemy can you win a hundred battles.
I have seen the videos of your battles.
You’re indeed strong.
You should be at the peak of the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
It’s amazing that you can make it this far without being at the ninth level.
Unfortunately, there’s no room for you to perform in this round.
Next up will be the stage for the elite geniuses at the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.”

Yuan Fei was not underestimating Chu Yunfan just because his cultivation level was lower than his.
Chu Yunfan was already at the peak of the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage and there was little difference between them.
Chu Yunfan might even catch up to him tomorrow.
Chu Yunfan was indeed a worthy opponent.

And Chu Yunfan’s ambition did not stop there.
He wanted to catch up with the students in the first category and become the number one amongst them.

“What a pity.
Perhaps you’ll reach my level tomorrow, but the difference of one day is like the difference between Heaven and Earth,” Yuan Fei said, “Make your move.
I want to end this battle quickly.
I want to make time to watch other people’s battles and gather intelligence.”

Yuan Fei said all this very calmly because he no longer regarded Chu Yunfan as an opponent.
The opponents in the future would only become stronger and stronger.
Yuan Fei had to be fully prepared.
He could not lose even one battle.
Losing would make a world of difference.

“A quick battle and a quick conclusion?” Chu Yunfan said with a slight smile, “Just talking and no action won’t do.
Come on then.
Try me.”

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“Good lad, your battle intent is strong.
Unfortunately, you’ve met me.
You have no chance of winning!” Yuan Fei shouted.
The staff in his hand instantly struck out.
With a loud swish, the long staff struck out like a swimming dragon, followed by a loud air-piercing sound.
A shockwave swept out, and it was a terrifying strength that was sufficient to defeat any powerful enemy.

“It’s here.
It’s Yuan Fei’s signature staff technique—the Mighty Vajra Staff.
This staff technique is derived from the Buddhist classics.
As the saying goes, even Buddha used this technique to subdue the demons of the four directions.
This technique had created a supreme expert in the early years.”

“I wonder how many moves Chu Yunfan can endure under Yuan Fei’s hands.
I reckon that it’s already not bad if he can endure fifty moves.
After all, there’s a gap in strength between the two sides.”

At this moment, even Chu Yunfan’s supporters began to worry.
Yuan Fei’s first move was indeed extraordinary and worthy of its name.

Chu Yunfan only heard a swish before a staff was thrust before him.
Although there was not much use for the word “thrust” in staff techniques, it did not mean that it could not be used.
After reaching a certain level, this move was extremely powerful.

The air around Chu Yunfan seemed to have instantly exploded with the staff at the center.
It transformed into a terrifying shockwave that spread out in all directions.
Chu Yunfan’s hair flew up.
His clothes fluttered as if they had encountered a fierce wind.
It was enough to show how powerful Yuan Fei’s technique was.

Facing this shocking staff, Chu Yunfan did not move an inch.
He unleashed his Shadowless Saber on his back with a clang.
That clear sound was like the faint cry of a swimming dragon—a black dragon traversing across the sky.

“Heaven’s Thunder!”

Chu Yunfan held his saber in one hand and slashed down viciously.


The staff and the saber collided fiercely.
Instantly, a wild tide swept out.
The two sides’ True Energy collided with each other, forming a shocking scene.

Yuan Fei took a step back before stabilizing himself.
His lower body was very steady.
Although he took the initiative to launch an attack but failed and was bounced back, he was not the slightest bit flustered.

There was no surprise on Yuan Fei’s face.
He only said, “Although I had already estimated your strength, I did not expect you to be this strong.”

Yuan Fei had clearly gathered information on Chu Yunfan.
He had already estimated Chu Yunfan’s strength.
Although Yuan Fei’s face was expressionless, there was still a hint of shock in his heart.
This kind of strength was considered strange.
The instant he collided with Chu Yunfan, it was as though he had collided with a monster.

“Didn’t you say that I was already very lucky to reach this place? Do you still think that you can end this battle quickly?” Chu Yunfan said with a faint smile.

On the other hand, Yuan Fei’s expression immediately became solemn.

“But you’re right.
I also want to end this quickly.
If this drags this on, it won’t be good for me,” Chu Yunfan suddenly said.

Yuan Fei’s expression darkened and he said, “What did you say?!”

End this quickly.
Chu Yunfan had no respect for him at all.

“You’re too arrogant!”

With a bang, enormous amounts of True Energy burst out from Yuan Fei, forming a surge of True Energy around his body that could be seen with the naked eye.

“I didn’t want to waste too much time on you.
But now, it seems like I won’t be able to do so.”

Under the enhancement of the mental cultivation method that Yuan Fei cultivated, he actually radiated the raging might of King Kong.
A terrifying aura that was like the mountains and seas swept out.
Even the spectators who were watching from afar could feel the terrifying pressure coming from him.

Yuan Fei was a genius student who had been admitted to Federation University.
He was completely different from the stragglers outside.
Moreover, such elite students were powerful.
He had rich combat experience.
When those peak Energy Refinement Stage experts from those monster hunter groups, mercenary groups, and explorer groups met Yuan Fei, they would be easily defeated.
It would be no problem for him to fight against more than one person at once.

If one could not reach this level, they would not be worthy of being admitted to Federation University.


Yuan Fei struck out with his staff in anger.
It immediately set off a terrifying aura.
Compared to the earlier attack, this one was much more terrifying.

But just as Yuan Fei’s aura reached its peak, Chu Yunfan, who had not moved all this while, struck out.


A loud sound of unsheathing was heard.
Chu Yunfan’s saber struck out with a thunderous sound and exploded with a loud bang.

A strong opponent.
A sharp needle against an ear of sharp wheat!

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