“D*mn, there must be something wrong with my eyes.
He blocked Wanwan’s full-strength attack with just one hand!”

Everyone was stunned.
Looking at the scene in front of them, Chu Yunfan, who was far smaller than Wanwan, blocked a full-strength attack from this She-Hulk of a woman.

“Did he freeze? Did the power of the hit freeze half his body?” one of the students finally said.

“How is that possible? With Wanwan’s strength, he wouldn’t just be frozen.
Usually, her opponent’s arms would be broken by now, not to mention just one hand!”

“Holy sh*t! How much strength does he have in one hand?”

“Could the information we received before have been wrong? His best isn’t his speed?” a student said doubtfully.

To have a specialty in a certain area and to be considered outstanding among these outstanding people was considered difficult.
Someone like Chu Yunfan was simply a miracle.

“This…” the She-Hulk who had a cruel smile on her face earlier felt a sense of incredulity.
She was clear about how much strength she had when she used her full strength.

To martial artists, strength was only a part of their power.
When one’s strength reached such a level, their other skills and speed became like floating clouds.

Just by relying on her tyrannical strength, Wanwan had been able to sweep away all of her opponents.
This method of breaking through all kinds of battles with strength was a tried and tested method.
However, this method that was tried and tested repeatedly failed against Chu Yunfan.

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Or rather, it was completely useless!

Wanwan had finally met a monster whose strength was even greater than her innate divine strength.

“Actually, in terms of strength, I’m also very confident.” Chu Yunfan grinned.
He did not have a good impression of this She-Hulk.
He was not a shallow person who only looked at her appearance.
This She-Hulk’s character had obviously been twisted long ago and she was now a little perverse.

Wanwan was smug.
There was no hope for her!

“I received your attack.
Next, you should receive mine!” Chu Yunfan shouted, and his Shadowless Saber instantly struck out.

The saber turned into a jet-black ray of light that swept down.
In an instant, it arrived in front of this She-Hulk.

Wanwan reacted quickly.
After the initial shock, she quickly reacted and blocked Chu Yunfan’s incoming attack.


An explosive sound that sounded like metal clashing rang out.
Chu Yunfan’s slash was terrifyingly powerful.
When the She-Hulk collided with Chu Yunfan, she instantly felt the difference between them.


Wanwan felt the mace in her hand trembling violently.
At this moment, she finally understood what it meant to say that there was always someone better than her.




She retreated a few steps back before barely managing to block this attack.
However, how could Chu Yunfan let go of such a good opportunity? In the blink of an eye, his second slash had already come down.


There was another loud explosion.
A terrifying shockwave surged up and spread out in all directions from the ring.




Chu Yunfan’s saber slashed down attack after attack.
In an instant, the She-Hulk had been forced to the edge of the ring.

She-Hulk-Wanwan’s supporters were dumbstruck as they watched the scene in front of them.
It was simply unbelievable.

They might have thought that the She-Hulk would lose, but they had never thought that she would lose in such a manner.
She had lost to Chu Yunfan in the domain that she was most proficient in.

At this point, everyone could see that this She-Hulk had been completely defeated by Chu Yunfan in terms of strength.
She was no match for Chu Yunfan.
The She-Hulk was already covered in sweat.
Both of her hands were trembling and her face was flushed red.
It was obvious that she had used all her strength to avoid being sent flying by Chu Yunfan.

However, Chu Yunfan, who was opposite her, wielded his saber in his hand.
He looked relaxed and easily suppressed this She-Hulk.
The crowd had seen his shocking speed in the previous match, and they were now witnessing his violent tyrannosaurus-like strength.

“This guy is definitely a Tyrannosaurus in human skin!”

“Monster! He’s a monster!”

“It’s true that a monster is needed to defeat another monster.”

“Who is this Chu Yunfan? How is he so terrifying?!”

“Oh my god, why wasn’t such a person chosen by the instructors long ago? Why is he still participating in this competition?”

Many students were discussing animatedly.
At this moment, the instructors who were watching Chu Yunfan’s battle were also shocked.

After the last battle, they were all certain that Chu Yunfan was good at speed.
With absolute speed, he could defeat any strong opponent.
Even Tao Tianhan, who was good at the Blood Drinker Sword Art, had failed.
That was because of speed.

However, these instructors realized that they were too naive.
Chu Yunfan’s limit was obviously far from this.

“Chu Yunfan is not only good at cultivation techniques.
He’s far more talented than that.”

“That’s true.
This terrifying strength can only be matched by an Acquired Stage warrior.
With this astonishing strength, he has a chance of becoming the champion of this year’s instructor competition.”

Another instructor nodded as he spoke.
His gaze toward Chu Yunfan shone even brighter.
All the instructors wanted to take in such a high-quality student as their disciple.

But the more instructors there were, the uglier things would get.
The more outstanding Chu Yunfan’s performance was, the more instructors would pay attention to him.
The difficulty of the competition was increasing at every moment.

As a result, other than the instructors who were already paying attention to Chu Yunfan, there came the many instructors who had been paying attention to the She-Hulk student.
They had also discovered Chu Yunfan’s astonishing strength.
They also started to place Chu Yunfan in the center of their attention.

Everyone was shocked by Chu Yunfan’s strength.
The students these students had high hopes for were unable to hold out in front of this person.
With their cultivation levels, they were able to see the difference in strength between the two.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan, who had already forced the She-Hulk to the corner of the ring, only looked at her coldly.
Then, the Shadowless Saber in his hand swept out with a huge thunderous sound.
In an instant, a terrifying blade light slashed out, landing on the She-Hulk’s body.


The She-Hulk’s arms were already numb and she was unable to resist.
She was struck and turned into a ball of light before disappearing from the ring.

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