Chu Yunfan did not know that his performance had attracted the attention of quite a number of instructors.
They had started paying attention to Chu Yunfan after paying attention to Tao Tianhan.

But even if Chu Yunfan knew, he would not be moved.
His goal was to become the champion, and this was something that was to be expected.
As long as he made it to the end, regardless of whether the instructors were willing or not, they would definitely pay attention to him.

After Chu Yunfan exited the battle, Tang Siyu also returned.
After asking, he found out that Tang Siyu had also won her match.
When Gao Hongzhi came out, his expression did not look good.
Although there were no wounds on his body, he had been defeated.
He had met a strong opponent and had suffered a crushing defeat at his opponent’s hands.

Chu Yunfan nodded.
He had long predicted this.
Gao Hongzhi’s strength could only be considered average among the thousands of students at Federation University.
Gao Hongzhi would easily meet thousands of people who were much more powerful than him.

For Gao Hongzhi to suffer a crushing defeat was nothing out of the ordinary.
It was not that he was not capable, but there were too many experts at Federation University.
If it was in the top ten famous universities, Gao Hongzhi’s cultivation level would already be one of the best.

“There are simply too many freaks here!”

Gao Hongzhi took a long while before he managed to squeeze out this sentence.

“I’m starting to regret this.
I should’ve just gone to one of the top ten universities.
That’s where I can show off.
I will never gain any sense of accomplishment here.”

“If you had gone to one of the top ten famous universities, it would be equivalent to self-depravity.
When that time comes, the gap between you and us will only grow bigger,” Chu Yunfan said as he looked at Gao Hongzhi seriously.

“All right, I understand.
I’m just being sour.
This is Federation University.
How could I bear to leave? My father said that if I could get into Federation University, it would be because of my ancestors’ blessings.
But I know that it’s because of you and Siyu.
If it were not for you two, I wouldn’t have been able to get into Federation University.”

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Gao Hongzhi said this from the bottom of his heart.
He knew that with his talent, it was impossible for him to get into Federation University.
He would have even been lucky to get into one of the top ten universities.
It was Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu who had brought him up to this level.
Good teachers and good friends were indeed important.

But in the end, Goa Hongzhi found that the gap between him and these two was widening even further.
One person’s hard work determined whether they could go on or not.
However, what determined the height of a person was their innate talent.

Needless to say, Tang Siyu’s talent shone even among the sea of students at Federation University.
Otherwise, she would not have been able to reach this stage only after being in high school for two years.
Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan had undergone the baptism from the Godhead in his mind.
Ever since that day, he had made a comeback.

The three of them did not have time to lament for long before it was their turn to enter their second round.

Upon entering, Chu Yunfan’s opponent for this round was a woman.
She was big, burly, and stood at six and a half feet.
She was taller than Chu Yunfan by a whole head.

This woman was holding a huge mace that was even taller than herself.
She looked like She-Hulk.

“It’s Chu Yunfan’s turn to fight again.
D*mn, is she She-Hulk?!”

After Chu Yunfan’s insta-kill of Tao Tianhan in the last round, a lot of people had come to watch Chu Yunfan’s second match.
After all, Tao Tianhan was a strong figure.
Many wanted to see the person who could kill Tao Tianhan in an instant.

When they came in and saw Chu Yunfan’s second opponent, they were shocked.
Although modern people were much taller than before, it was rare for a woman to reach six and a half feet.

Therefore, they could not help but be shocked when they saw this scene.

“Hahaha, Wanwan is going to smash this guy’s head!”

Many supporters of this woman had joined the crowd.
When they saw Chu Yunfan’s weak appearance, they could not help but clamor.
It was as if they could already see the scene of this woman called Wanwan smashing her opponent’s head with her mace.

“D*mn, is this a contest of speed and strength? I saw Chu Yunfan’s terrifying speed in the previous match.
I’m afraid it won’t be easy to fight against this She-Hulk.
Chu Yunfan will only be able to defeat her with full speed!”

Many students who thought that they knew Chu Yunfan well could already imagine the scene of Chu Yunfan defeating this She-Hulk with absolute speed.

“Keke, little guy, you’d better just surrender.
I don’t want to waste my energy.”

Wanwan grinned as she spoke.
However, her eyes flickered with a sharp glint.
She was not as reckless as she appeared on the surface.
Those who were able to get into Federation University were all first-class people.
Not a single one of these students was a brute.

Wanwan could tell that Chu Yunfan would not be easy to deal with.
She wanted to see if she could scare Chu Yunfan away first and win without a fight.

Chu Yunfan was a little taken aback.
He was far from being considered short—being at least six feet tall and possessing a slender figure.
But compared to this She-Hulk who was six and a half feet tall, he was indeed a small person.
He was nothing compared to her.

Comparing was infuriating!

“Sometimes, it’s not about being tall.
Tall people only possess strength,” Chu Yunfan said as he looked at Wanwan.

“Kid, you’re quite stubborn.
I’ve smashed many people with this mace.
They too did not believe it to be true like you are now.
But in the end, they were all brought to their knees,” Wanwan said as she grinned.


When Chu Yunfan heard someone call out the name of the woman opposite him, he could not help but show a strange expression.
He had not expected this tall and strong woman to have such a graceful name.

Seeing the expression on Chu Yunfan’s face, Wanwan immediately understood what Chu Yunfan was thinking.
Her anger was instantly ignited.
She had seen many similar expressions like the one on Chu Yunfan’s face since she was young.

Wanwan was unable to contain her anger.
A cruel expression appeared on her face as she pounced toward Chu Yunfan.

“Go to hell!”

Although Wanwan was very tall, she was extremely agile.
It was completely different from her appearance and weapon.

In a flash, she had arrived in front of Chu Yunfan.
The mace in her hand fiercely fell toward Chu Yunfan.


With a loud bang, the She-Hulk’s mace did not hit Chu Yunfan.
At the critical moment, the Shadowless Saber on Chu Yunfan’s back struck out, blocking the huge mace.

Chu Yunfan held his saber in one hand and blocked the terrifying power of the She-Hulk’s mace which she held with both hands.

“So, it doesn’t matter if you’re tall,” Chu Yunfan repeated casually.

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