This model was adopted by many large alchemy companies.
Usually, external alchemists would be in charge of refining some very popular pills.

This way, alchemists could get orders and could also hone their skills.
Thus, they would improve and the human society’s alchemy standards would also improve.

As for those big alchemy companies, they did not have the ability to support so many alchemists.
This was because alchemists who signed a formal contract needed to be given a series of benefits and conditions.
If the number was large, the investment would also be large.

This was a win-win situation for both alchemists and alchemy companies.
To alchemists, they would not earn much because the success rate of concocting pills was not very high.
In fact, they might even lose money.
But having an order was better than not having an order.
It was much better than not making money at all.

For alchemy companies, the profit from each pill was limited.
Most of it had to be paid to the alchemists.
There were also all sorts of materials to purchase, but the advantage was the large quantity.

This was the most popular model nowadays.
As long as it did not touch the core of the pill formula, the rest could be outsourced to other alchemists to make.
The companies only had to be responsible for the final quality inspection.

Some basic pills could be refined by any alchemist.
Whoever refined it would have the same effect.
Ordinary people would not have such a thirst.

But even so, the quantity was still far from enough for that huge market.

Under such circumstances, some bad rumors began to crop up.
Some media started to spread the news, asking Shanhe Alchemy to hand over the patent of the pill formula to society.
This could benefit the entire human society.

Of course, everyone knew that this was simply not feasible.
Moreover, the current Federation Government did not encourage such actions.
This might seem to be beneficial to the Federation and the entire human race, but in reality, it was like drinking poison to quench thirst.

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The Federation Government had long understood this logic.
If they were to force Shanhe Alchemy to hand over the formula, it would become a deep-seated injury to society.
In the future, no one would announce their pill formulas and register patents.

But there was a group of people who were advocating for Shanhe Alchemy to hand over the patent.
Of course, Lu Qingxuan was not lenient toward them.
One by one, she dealt a blow to those so-called experts and professors who appeared.
Whoever was advocating for them to hand over the formula, she exposed them.

In this society, as long as there was money, there were not many things that could be hidden.
These experts and professors all had dirty laundry.
For many years, they had been taking money from others and prompting as they were instructed to.

Many experts and professors even came to Lu Qingxuan and arrogantly asked her to pay them so that they would turn around and speak up for Shanhe Alchemy.

However, Lu Qingxuan cut down these people when she found them.
These experts and professors usually participated in a lot of extortion and bribery.
They never thought that they would meet someone like Lu Qingxuan who was completely unreasonable and did not follow the rules.

After a few rounds of confrontation, Lu Qingxuan’s company was fine.
Several of these experts and professors were sent to prison.

Only now did they truly understand that these people who seemed harmful to large corporations were in fact just pests.
Those large corporations were unwilling to deal with them, so they gave them some money to get rid of them.
However, if they really wanted to deal with them, it was a piece of cake.
Their little attacks, the slander of tax evasion, all of it was meaningless to Shanhe Alchemy.

Not to mention that Shanhe Alchemy did not evade taxes at all.
Even if they did, they were still weak when facing the power of capital.
Most importantly, Calm Ocean City’s city council stepped in to protect Shanhe Alchemy.
The city council had a very simple thought.
Shanhe Alchemy was about to grow into a giant in the city and provide countless profits for the city.

At the same time, Shanhe Alchemy’s presence would also increase the competitiveness of the city.
If the pill formula was given away, it might seem like it would benefit the entire human race.
But what use would that be? The benefits would all be given to other cities.
What benefits would they have?

Moreover, why would Shanhe Alchemy not be able to benefit the human race if they were to control the formula?

This was a fallacy in and of itself!

Therefore, Calm Ocean City’s city council quickly made an appearance.
In today’s society where the Federation Government ruled, once the government made an appearance, these naysayers would be nothing more than clowns and would soon vanish into thin air.

However, Lu Qingxuan quickly realized that these experts and professors were just clowns, but behind them, it was the big alchemy companies that were adding fuel to the fire.

After all, facing the market that was poached by Shanhe Alchemy’s Qi Replenishing Pills, they suffered huge annual losses because of Shanhe Alchemy.
That huge profit was something that even the big alchemy companies were very tempted by and envious of.
Hence, this was why all of this was happening.

Lu Qingxuan made a prompt decision.
With the current production capacity of Shanhe Alchemy, even if they signed a few hundred alchemists, they would not be able to fully supply this sea-like demand.
Therefore, she simply signed a supply and marketing contract with many alchemy companies.
Since the formula was public knowledge, she did not believe that those companies were not secretly making them.
In any case, it was better for these companies to sell the pills back to Shanhe Alchemy and let them handle the sales.

In this way, it was equivalent to Shanhe Alchemy giving them a portion of the profits, and Shanhe Alchemy would not suffer any losses.
After all, it was the portion that initially could not be supplied.
After cooperating with other companies, Shanhe earned even more.

At first, when those big alchemy companies heard Lu Qingxuan’s thoughts, they were instantly furious.
What kind of company were they? Shanhe Alchemy was merely a newcomer.
They actually dared to make such a request of them? Wasn’t that courting death?

But Lu Qingxuan was not used to the behavior of big alchemy companies.
She did not back down.
In any case, if these big companies did not accept it, there would be other small and medium-sized alchemy companies that would fight to do it.

Seeing that the market was so huge, even if they were only doing contract manufacturing for Shanhe Alchemy, they could quickly make a fortune.
Moreover, if they formed long-term cooperation, this sum of money that was at first a slow trickle, would eventually become their long-term income.

After seeing that the small and medium-sized pill companies had all changed sides, the big pill companies had no choice but to give in.
No one could go against money.
In any case, they would not be able to snatch away Shanhe Alchemy’s share of the market.
If they were willing to do contract manufacturing, it would be quite a large sum of money.

In just a short month, the winds had changed.

Lu Qingxuan’s methods had overturned the clouds and made it rain!

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