One could only imagine how difficult it was to cultivate in such a place.
However, as long as one persisted, the benefits one could obtain would far exceed that of cultivating in the outside world.

It was far from just a small increase in cultivation.
One’s entire body would undergo a transformation.
It was similar to cultivating with a weighted suit.
The more difficult the cultivation, the stronger one would be.

However, this was true only for Chu Yuntian and Chu Xuelian.
To Chu Yunfan, this was simply a sacred land for cultivation.
This was because the other two did not dare to simply absorb the Fire Spirit Energy in the air.
They were afraid of being burned.
But to Chu Yunfan, this did not matter.

In Chu Yunfan’s body, the Godhead continuously filtered out the heat and converted the Fire Spirit Energy into pure energy.
It was restored to its original state.
No matter what kind of energy the Spirit Energy was, it could be boiled down to only one type.
After the Godhead’s restoration, it became the energy that Chu Yunfan could easily absorb.

If not for this extremely harsh environment, the density of the Spirit Energy here far exceeded that of the outside world.
Even the Kunlun Realm, which was famous for its rich Spirit Energy, could not compare to this place.
It might not even be half of it.

The trio was separated into three different areas.
Everyone began to concentrate on their cultivation.
But it was clear that Chu Yuntian and Chu Xuelian were having a hard time as compared to Chu Yunfan.
It was far more painful for them.
Sometimes, when they were not careful and inhaled too much Fire Spirit Energy, their meridians would be burned and they would have to quickly retreat and get treated.

As for Chu Yunfan, he did not have this kind of trouble.
He could cultivate to his heart’s content and absorb the Spirit Energy.
Countless amounts of Spirit Energy could be poured directly into his body, bathing his body in it.
The benefits were naturally unquestionable.
Moreover, a lot of the Spirit Energy was directly converted into his cultivation strength by the Emperor Method.
It greatly increased his endurance.

Half a day passed.
Chu Yuntian and Chu Xuelian had gone out to rest several times.
Chu Yunfan had just used up all of his True Energy for the first time and had gone out of the metal door to recuperate.

“This kid is different.
It took half a day for him to use up all of his True Energy.”

Seeing Chu Yunfan come out, one of the elders of the Chu family who was guarding the place said in surprise.

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“That is indeed the case.
The human body can form a small cycle only after reaching the Acquired Stage.
The amount of True Energy and its recovery speed will greatly increase then.
However, under such an intense consumption, even Acquired Stage experts would need to come out and recuperate once every half a day.
This kid’s True Energy is already so dense.”

“That’s right.
If you want to cultivate freely here, you have to reach the Innate Stage.
Your body would then not need to be specially cultivated to absorb Spirit Energy all the time and incorporate it into your body.
Only at the Innate Stage would this be possible.”

“A few years ago, Chu Haoyue had already stepped into the Acquired Stage, but he only lasted for half a day.”

These elders all had a different impression of Chu Yunfan, and they clicked their tongues in wonder.

Chu Yunfan did not know that he had caught the elders’ attention.
Someone quickly sent him some pills and energy elixirs for him to recover his True Energy and stamina as quickly as possible.
These were the top-notch recovery supplies that were hard to buy on the market.
And now, they were available in unlimited quantities.

The financial resources of these large families were extremely terrifying.
If they really wanted, they could even push a pig to heights of extraordinary cultivation.
Moreover, those who were chosen were all top-notch geniuses.
No wonder those large families and corporations could occasionally produce a top-scoring high schooler or an Innate expert.

After recovering, Chu Yunfan went back in.
In this half a day, he could feel that this method of cultivation had been much more effective than his normal cultivation.
In the remaining month, he had to do his best to cultivate.
In the battle for the teachers, he would definitely amaze everyone.

Chu Yunfan finally understood.
Although he had obtained the inheritance of the Alchemy Emperor, a person’s cultivation could not do without the support from all aspects.
Just like now, if he had not amazed everyone at the ancestor worship ceremony, why should he be able to enjoy the benefits that others could not enjoy?

In this world, the strong were strong and the weak were weak.
Chu Yunfan’s foundation was weaker than others, and his progress was also slower than others.
When others advanced one step, he would have to advance two or three steps before he could catch up to them.

Ever since Chu Yunfan had defeated Chu Yuntian, the obstruction in his heart had been broken.
But what entered his eyes were even more powerful and terrifying obstructions—those top high schoolers who had already stepped into the Acquired Stage more than a month ago.

Competing with the top elites of the world.
That was Chu Yunfan’s true stage!

And the battle for the teachers in a month was the first step to stepping into that stage.
Since Chu Yunfan had to do it, he had to do it well.
If he did not become the champion, then everything would be meaningless!

In a fiery red world, three figures were sitting cross-legged on the ground, continuously absorbing the Spirit Energy in the surroundings.
Among them, Chu Yuntian and Chu Xuelian sat near the metal door, continuously circulating their inner energy to absorb the Spirit Energy.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.
By this time, they were completely different from when they first came in.
They had already adapted to the harsh environment here.

Chu Yuntian had stabilized his ninth-level Energy Refinement Stage base, and there was no longer any danger of slipping down the stages.
Meanwhile, Chu Xuelian had stepped into the peak of the eighth level of the Energy Refinement Stage and could step into the ninth level at any time.
Both of their strengths had improved to different degrees.
But from time to time, the two of them would look at Chu Yunfan who was getting closer and closer to the seal.

They found that almost every day, Chu Yunfan would move his position closer to the depths of the seal.
By half a month, Chu Yunfan was at least 30 feet away from them.

Only they themselves knew what this gap meant.
The closer they were to the seal, the thicker the Fire Spirit Energy and the more dangerous it was.

When they first realized that Chu Yunfan was getting closer and closer to the seal, both of them tried to keep up with him, but they were soon defeated.
The terrifying and dense Spirit Energy burned their meridians.
In a sealed area like this one, 3 feet were already a completely different level, let alone 30 feet.
It was like two different worlds.
They did not know how Chu Yunfan did it.

Suddenly, Chu Yunfan’s eyes flew open and he let out a long breath.
He almost turned into flames.

“I’ve finally reached the peak of the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
I can try to break through to the eighth level!”

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