After saying that, Chu Haoyue led the trio into the valley.
Inside, there was a huge metal door that was at least 30 feet tall.
No one knew what kind of alloy it was made of.

The huge metal door locked the path leading to the valley.
Chu Haoyue made a hand seal and entered the code.
Then, a small door about ten feet tall on the huge metal door opened up.
The opening was about two meters wide.
Everyone saw that the huge metal door was actually more than 30 feet thick.
Behind the small door was a passageway that was built for people to pass through.

The moment the small door opened, the four of them instantly felt a wave of heat gushing toward them.
This heatwave was comparable to the daytime temperature in Exile Zone 66.

However, Chu Yunfan could feel that it was different from Exile Zone 66, which was just unbearably hot.
In this place where Fire Spirit Energy was everywhere, the air here was scorching hot.

“The places where you can gain enlightenment are the Enlightenment Zones that we have marked out behind this metal door.
Don’t get too close to the seal.
If even a little bit of the lava inside leaks out and you get caught in it, you will be burned to ashes,” Chu Haoyue said, “For the next one month, the family will provide you with all the resources you need for cultivation.
You can use your True Energy to the fullest.
Someone will send you supplies regularly.

“Also, I’ll send someone to inform your families and tell them not to worry.
Your families have put so much effort into nurturing you, hoping that you’ll be able to bring glory to the Chus in Federation University and even within society in the future.”

The trio walked in.
The more they walked through the metal door, the more they could feel the temperature rise.
Fortunately, they were not ordinary people.
They had rather profound cultivation bases.
Otherwise, just the extreme temperature alone would have been unbearable.

The trio began to sweat profusely.
At the same time, they began to attach their True Energy to the surface of their bodies to resist the lethal heat brought on by the Fire Spirit Energy.

After doing this, they instantly felt much better.
But their True Energy was declining at an alarming rate.
If they continued to decline at this rate, all of their True Energy would be exhausted in less than an hour.
Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level was not as high as Chu Yuntian and Chu Xuelian’s, but in terms of volume, he had much more than them.
However, there was still a day when he would run out of True Energy.

Fortunately, they could get supplies from the outside at any time, so there was no need to worry about running out of True Energy.
Just providing them with Qi Replenishing Pills continuously for over a month consumed a huge amount of wealth.
If it were not for the fact that a large family like the Chus nurtured their children, they would not be used to this sort of treatment.

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In such a harsh environment, just surviving in it for an extended period of time was enough to greatly strengthen one’s body.
Moreover, it could also train one’s control of True Energy by having to attach it to the surface of their body for a long time.
They could not relax for even a moment.
This in itself required extremely good control.

With just this, even if their cultivation level did not change, after a month, their strength would increase by at least 20%.
This increase would not disappear with the increase in their cultivation level, this was because the control of True Energy was an eternal matter in terms of cultivation.

On top of that, in the process of rapid consumption and rapid recovery of True Energy, be it quantity or quality, they would be much stronger than before.

The effects of such extreme cultivation were naturally obvious.
However, a single mistake could leave a permanent wound.
Allocation of sufficient cultivation resources would be needed to minimize such accidents.

This was a resource that was difficult for commoners to enjoy.
This was why commoners would think of ways to get into a better school.
In public schools, would one be able to rely on their talent to obtain the same cultivation resources as these noblemen?

From a certain point of view, although not everyone in modern society was equal, everyone was still provided with a channel to rise.
Of course, the prerequisite was that this person had to be talented.
Only then would it be possible.

After passing through the tunnel formed by the metal door, the trio saw a shocking scene.
On the other side of the door was a fiery red world.
Everything was awash in red.
An uncountable amount of Fire Spirit Energy gathered here, forming a fiery-red world.

It was also because the lava had been sealed off.
Otherwise, it would not be just a fiery-red world, but a sea of fire.

And above this fiery-red world, about 350 feet away, there was an enormous metal roof.
The entire roof, together with the door, covered the entire valley.
This was to prevent the lava from leaking out and causing lives to be plunged into misery.

In the middle of the valley, there was a huge crack.
From time to time, huge waves of lava over 40 feet high would spew out from the crack, burning through almost everything in its path.

On the edge of the crack was a transparent barrier that sealed the lava that was constantly spewing out from the crack.
But due to the passage of time, the lava had created a crack in the barrier.
Although the lava did not spread out, the Fire Spirit Energy within it did and turned the entire valley into a fiery red world.

This in turn created a dense atmosphere of Fire Spirit Energy here.
If one cultivated fire-attributed techniques, this place would be like Heaven.
It would not be difficult for one’s cultivation to advance by a thousand miles.

It was no mystery how the first ancestor of the Chu family had created the Burning Heavens Method here.
Although this place was a ticking time bomb and could blow up the Chus to pieces at any moment—and there were already many ancestors who had lost their lives to plug up the crack—this place was also the key to the Chus’ prosperity.
As long as this place was still here, the Chu family experts who wished to cultivate the Burning Heavens Method would come in an endless stream.

It was truly a blessing in disguise!

Each of the trio found their own spot and sat down cross-legged.
They quickly began to cultivate.
Such an opportunity was not something that could be easily found at any time or place.

When the Fire Spirit Energy gathered together, it was really hot.
Even with Chu Yuntian’s cultivation base, he could only absorb the Fire Spirit Energy outside of his body bit by bit.
Otherwise, he might accidentally burn his meridians.
Even with modern medical technology, it was still troublesome if one’s meridians were to be injured.

But as long as Chu Yuntian absorbed the energy little by little, he would be able to create much more True Energy than usual.
Although the environment was harsh, this place was indeed good for cultivating.

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