The sound of collisions came from the Liu residence’s training room over and over again.
However, Liu’s bodyguards had already gotten used to that.
It had become a daily thing in recent days.

Every time Chu Yunfan came there, they would usually stand aside when he sparred with their young mistress.
They would say nothing, but in reality, they were secretly shocked.

As bodyguards, they were more powerful than anyone on the battlefield in terms of ability.
Naturally, if they were weak, Liu Weiguo would not hire them.

However, they witnessed the duo’s growth throughout this period.
It had been less than a month, and Young Mistress Liu Yushu had cultivated the Devilish Tiger Punch from nothing all the way to the peak of Impeccable Stage.
Mastering a martial skill at such a speed was considered extremely fast.

Not to mention, her cultivation of Internal Energy had improved and become much more powerful.

Such a result was considered to be incredibly stunning, but it was nothing compared to Chu Yunfan.

When he had first arrived, he was not even at Blood Renewal and had just broken through to Joint Popping, but he had broken through to Qi Nourishment now.

Chu Yunfan’s Devilish Tiger Punch had gone from Competent Stage to Perfection Stage so smoothly.
That was the real reason they were shocked.

As the young mistress of the Liu Group, Liu Yushu would be given all of the Liu family’s resources, of course.
However, they heard Chu Yunfan was just a young man from a regular family.
It was indeed astonishing to have such breakthroughs in such a short time.

They stared at the sparring zone without daring to relax at all.
Although it was just a spar, injuries were inevitable.
Their fists and feet had no eyes, so everything was uncertain.

As bodyguards, their responsibility was to keep the chances of accidents as low as possible.

Meanwhile, the battle between the duo in the sparring zone was getting more and more intense.
Chu Yunfan’s cultivation base was lower, but his Devilish Tiger Punch skill had reached the Perfection Stage.

Even a casual punch was so magical that it would always target Liu Yushu’s vulnerabilities!

However, Liu Yushu was more powerful.
Because Chu Yunfan had broken through to Qi Nourishment, she did not have to hold back as much when she attacked.
The strength she utilized was exponentially greater than before.

It did not matter if her flaws were discovered by Chu Yunfan because he did not have the skill to use those flaws to defeat her.

The battle was getting more and more intense, and Liu Yushu had fewer flaws.
Her Devilish Tiger Punch had reached the peak of Impeccable Stage, and she was just a step away from the Perfection Stage.
She felt she could break through with just a little bit more.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan was using the Devilish Tiger Punch at the Perfection Stage.
He wanted her to understand exactly what the Perfection Stage Devilish Tiger Punch was like.

She could tell that the cultivation improved the fastest in battle.

The duo’s ability had greatly increased compared to a few days ago.
Due to the sparring, the wounds on their arms were growing and even bled.
They could not be compared to a few days ago.

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However, they did not care about that.
Those were just superficial wounds.
With modern technology, they could be treated within minutes.

As such, a battle like this was a great opportunity to polish one’s fighting spirit.


The both of them fell back from the collision.
Chu Yunfan stood still and accumulated all of his True Energy.
He had yet to reach the Qi Sea Stage, so True Energy spread all over his body.
He could not accumulate all of it at once.
In reality, he could only use 30% to 50% of it.

Although that was the case, it was much more powerful than before.

“Look closely.
This is my most powerful punch.
The Perfection Stage should look like this!”

Chu Yunfan roared and clenched all five fingers.
Like an electric dragon, he charged directly at Liu Yushu!


“King of the Jungle!”

The punch seemed to have gone beyond everything and his aura was at its peak.

Liu Yushu looked serious, as she could feel that this punch coming from Chu Yunfan was extraordinary.
It was the killer technique of the Devilish Tiger Punch, the king that would kill someone instantly.

At that moment, she attacked too.
Her physical body was much stronger than Chu Yunfan’s.
She arrived first despite attacking later.
She met Chu Yunfan’s fist with her own.


There was a loud explosion when their fists collided.
Liu Yushu’s arm went limp immediately.
One could imagine how powerful Chu Yunfan’s King of the Jungle was.

Meanwhile, across from her Chu Yunfan had fractured a couple of ribs.
He almost pushed beyond his limit to perform this King of the Jungle.
Otherwise, he would not be able to fracture Liu Yushu’s arm.

“Young mistress!”

The bodyguard who was standing aside witnessed it and took her for medical treatment immediately.

“Come with me.
I’m sure that punch fractured a few ribs.
I heard the crack!” Liu Yushu said to Chu Yunfan.
She was frowning slightly but did not complain.


Chu Yunfan nodded.
He was not stubborn.
He tried his best in order to show the Perfection Stage Devilish Tiger Punch at its limit.
Otherwise, he would not have been injured so badly.

“Although you broke my arm, it was worth it.
Now I finally understood the Perfection Stage Devilish Tiger Punch.
All thanks to you.
After the preliminary treatment, I’ll send you the remaining 50,000 coins!” Liu Yushu said.

The total fee for Chu Yunfan to be Liu Yushu’s sparring partner was 180,000 coins.
Apart from the 100,000 that he took in advance, 30,000 had been deducted over the past few days for the energy elixir.
Only 50,000 was left.

“But it hasn’t been a month yet!” Chu Yunfan was confused.

“Time isn’t important.
The important thing is that I’ve broken through to the Perfection Stage.
You’ve saved me more than ten days.
Shouldn’t you be rewarded?” Liu Yushu said, “Apart from the 50,000 coins, I’m planning to give you 100,000 coins as a gift.
Don’t reject it.
This 100,000 is really nothing to me.
Compared to that, the help you gave me is worth much more!”

“Alright then.
I won’t say no!” Chu Yunfan nodded.

Now that he had helped Liu Yushu to break through, he would have more time to cultivate his True Energy.
After all, he did not have much time left before the battle with Feng Deying.

Not only did he want to defeat him, but he also wanted an epic victory!

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