The battle was over.
Everything had come to an end in the final blow.

The battle that had seemed to be in a stalemate had ended in an instant.
This proved that there was indeed a huge gap between Chu Yunfan and Chu Xuelian.

Even though Chu Xuelian had used such an explosive move, it was close enough to reduce the gap between the two sides.

“I’ve lost.” Chu Xuelian looked at her hands.
She had lost so easily.
But though she had lost, she did not feel upset.
Instead, she felt a sense of relief.

Chu Xuelian had gritted her teeth and persevered.
Now, she could finally relax.
She had been unlucky.
She was defeated by Chu Yunfan through absolute strength.
She understood why she had lost.

Chu Xuelian silently walked to the side of the ring.
With trembling arms, she picked up her spear and stubbornly walked on.
Although she had been defeated, there was not a single trace of desolation coming from her person.
There was only the hot-blooded passion of young people.

A momentary defeat would not put her off!

If Chu Xuelian’s spirit was so easily deflated, she would not have gotten where she was today.

At this moment, many students were in an uproar.
Especially from Chu Xuelian’s many fans.
When they saw that Chu Yunfan had not shown any mercy at all, many people began to clamor.

“He’s too heartless!”

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“He doesn’t know how to take care of women at all!”

“Ahhhhh, my goddess.
It’s all because of this guy that you’re so lonely!”

Many people spoke eloquently, wishing they could step into the ring and beat up Chu Yunfan.
Of course, they knew that if they went up, they would just be serving themselves on a silver platter.

At this moment, the elders and higher-ups of the Chu family who were sitting on the high platform were completely silent.
Chu Xuelian, who represented the dignity of their family, was defeated by Chu Yunfan without any hesitation.
It was like getting an invisible slap on their faces, making their faces feel a little hot.

The person the Chus had worked so hard to nurture was inferior to a clansman who was raised outside.
This was indeed a terrible feeling.

Fortunately, this person was also a member of their family.
It was not to the extent that they had lost face entirely.

On the other hand, Chu Yan nodded slightly.
To him, regardless of whether it was Chu Yunfan, Chu Yuntian, Chu Tianzong, or Chu Xuelian, none of them were his direct descendants.
Whoever won would be a good thing for him.
This was all to strengthen the Chu family.

In this chaotic world, regardless of whether they took the initiative to shoulder the responsibility of fighting on the front lines of humanity, or passively continued to explore and fight against monsters for the sake of the family’s development and growth, they all needed a steady stream of powerful clansmen to replenish their numbers.

But everyone quickly put away their thoughts.
The following battle was the crucial battle that would determine who would be the champion.
And this battle had nothing to do with the direct descendants of the Chu family.

Instead, it was between two cousins from Earth—Chu Yuntian and Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yuntian stepped into the ring and looked at Chu Yunfan who had also entered.
He had a complicated expression on his face.
He had never taken Chu Yunfan to heart and now couldn’t help but sigh.
In just one short year, his cousin, who had been mediocre for the past ten years, had suddenly caught up to him.
Chu Yunfan had flown across the path that it had taken CHu Yuntian ten years to complete.
Chu Yunfan could now sit on the same level as him and have a fair fight.

On the other side, Chu Yunfan was also agitated and could not calm down.
To him, this was the obsession that he had suppressed for more than ten years.
He had to end it with this fight.

“You’ve managed to come this far.
You didn’t disappoint me,” Chu Yuntian said indifferently.

“You’re not too bad either,” Chu Yunfan also said, unwilling to be outdone, “This battle, regardless of the outcome, will bring everything to a conclusion.
My future prospects after that will be even broader than before.”

The corner of Chu Yuntian’s mouth twitched slightly.
He said, “So I’ve become a stumbling block.
But it won’t be easy to defeat me.
I won’t waste anymore time.
Let me see how much you’ve grown in the past year or so.
Are you qualified to be my opponent?”

The crowd clearly heard the conversation between the two cousins.
At this moment, everyone understood that the two cousins had long intended to compete.
And now, in front of everyone’s eyes, they had a stage for them to settle the grudges and wishes of more than ten years.

But the crowd did not understand that it was not a competition between two geniuses who resonated with each other.
Instead, it was an ordinary person silently chasing after the figure of a person.
More than ten years had gone by like a day.
Now, they were finally on par with each other.

Chu Yunfan let out a huff.
Then, the aura in his body erupted.
His True Energy burst forth instantly.
This was his strongest state.

Below the stage, Chu Xuelian looked at Chu Yunfan.
Her eyes widened as she realized that Chu Yunfan’s aura was much more terrifying than when they had fought earlier.
Was this Chu Yunfan’s true strength?

So Chu Yunfan had not gone all out before this?

Opposite Chu Yunfan, Chu Yuntian also erupted with a terrifying aura.
He swept out like a fierce tide.

For a moment, everyone’s attention was focused on them.
The battles in the other rings no longer held their attention.

At this moment, even the stars in the sky had lost their shine.
The battle between the two cousins was a glorious sight to behold.
The two of them had snatched away the spotlight from all the others.

If it were not for Chu Yunfan, Chu Yuntian would be the main character today.
If it were not for Chu Yuntian, Chu Yunfan would not have any accidents and pressure today.

“These two cousins are interesting and are pretty good.” Chu Yan nodded.
What kind of character was he? A battle of this level was not enough to surprise him.

“Father is right.
Their talent and perseverance are first-class.
As long as their personalities aren’t both, we CHus will gain two more pillars of talent,” Chu Haoyue said as he nodded in agreement.

At this moment, the two cousins leaped out and charged at each other.



Chu Yunfan and Chu Yuntian unsheated their weapons from behind their backs.
Both of them wielded sabers, and they were both the Shadowless Saber.
They looked magnificent.
In an instant, they had reached the center of the ring and the sabers in their hands slashed at each other.


The two Shadowless Sabers clashed ferociously and True Energy swept out violently, turning into a terrifying tide.

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