Chu Yunfan was not worried at all, because he knew that Chu Hongde would not dare to make a move!

Chu Hongde was one of the elders of the Chu family.
With the Chu family as his backing, he could summon wind and rain from the outside world and be omnipotent.
However, what he would not dare break was the rules of the Chu family.
His prestige was built on the rules of the Chu family.
This was the source of Chu Hongde’s ` confidence, but it was also the chain that bound him.

And such a person was most afraid of people like Chu Yunfan who dared to disregard everything and break all the restrictions.

“It’s just a spar.
Fists and feet have no eyes.
These things are likely to happen.
You’ve practiced martial arts all your life.
You should understand this, right? Moreover, I showed mercy.
Otherwise, do you think he would still be alive?” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.

After that, he said to Chu Tianzong who was lying on the ground, “Since your strength is not enough, don’t follow the example of others and stand up for others.
Think about this lesson.
Know what you’re capable of.”

Upon hearing these words, Chu Tianzong instantly spat out another mouthful of blood.
With his strength, he was considered to be outstanding among his peers in the Chu family.
These words should never be used on him.

However, Chu Tianzong had lost just like that.
He had suffered a crushing defeat just like that!

At this moment, Chu Tianzhong recalled what he had said earlier.
Indeed, even if they were all students who had been admitted into Federation University, they would be divided into Grades 3, 6, and 9.
However, this Grade 9 was definitely not Chu Yunfan, but himself.

Don’t tell me you want me to call the guards? If you do that, it won’t look good,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.
He was not the slightest bit bothered by Chu Hongde’s Acquired Stage aura.
In fact, the instant Chu Hongde’s aura came sweeping over, the Godhead in Chu Yunfan’s mind suddenly emitted a seven-colored light, instantly dispersing this aura.
It was unable to affect Chu Yunfan—not even the slightest bit.

Chu Hongde did not know this.
He only thought that Chu Yunfan was not afraid of his Acquired Stage aura.
He could not make a move and his aura could not suppress Chu Yunfan.
There was nothing he could do.

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“Hmph, don’t be so proud.
Do you really think that you can do whatever you want?” Chu Hongde said as he looked at Chu Yunfan coldly.
After saying that, he dusted his sleeves, turned around, and left with Chu Tianzong.

Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo also stood up.
Especially Chu Hongye, who looked at Chu Yunfan meaningfully and said, “Young people.
Sometimes, it’s easy to break down when you’re too tough.
Don’t you understand? You’re just one part of the equation.
Compared to your parents, which is more important?!”

“Are you threatening me?” A terrifying light flashed through Chu Yunfan’s eyes.
If there was a reverse scale of Chu Yunfan in this world, it would be his parents.

“I’m not threatening you,” Chu Hongye said with a chuckle, “I heard that the Jiangs’ 50 million is effective on your parents as well, right? You know, there are a lot of desperate people in this world.
50 million is enough for a lot of people to take such a risk.
At that time, don’t stage a tragedy where a child wants to be raised but his relative is not there—a tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn’t stop.
That would be too ugly!”

Chu Yunfan’s face was as cold as ice.
He could hear the hidden threat in Chu Hongye’s words.
If he did not comply and did not hand over the pill formula, Chu Yunfan’s parents would be in danger.

Chu Yunfan understood this hidden threat.
Indeed, there was no reason to guard against a thief for a thousand days.

After everyone left, Chu Yunfan’s expression immediately turned icy.
After turning off the camera, Chu Yunfan immediately began to plan.

Regardless of whether it was Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo, or the other elders, Chu Hongde and Chu Tianzong, they should all be related to Tengda.
They were most likely the shareholders behind the Tengda.

Chu Yunfan did not need to investigate to guess these things.
Unless there was a direct relationship, there was no reason for him to rush over to pressure them.

“Since it’s Tengda, I’ll cut off your roots.”

Chu Yunfan quickly thought of a way to deal with it.
He opened the virtual network and logged into a website.

As night fell, the welcoming area was brightly lit.
Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo sat opposite each other.

“Today, Chu Yunfan wasn’t willing to concede at all.
He looks down on us!” Chu Zhiguo said as he gritted his teeth.

“This is okay.
It suits our intention.” Chu Hongye smiled coldly.
This was within his expectations.
He had hoped that Chu Yunfan would refuse.
Otherwise, Chu Hongde and Chu Tianzong would not mobilize their forces to deal with Chu Yunfan.

“The more he resists, the more it will hasten his demise.”

Chu Hongy’s voice became even colder as he said, “He’s just a descendant of a branch family that has never been listed in the main tree.
He has no idea how terrifying the true strength of the Chu family is.
He thinks that he understands the strength of the Chus, but those two were just the tip of the iceberg.
Therefore, the more he struggles, the faster he’ll die.”

“Hmph, he will die in the end.
I’ll pay him back a hundredfold for the humiliation he inflicted on me today.
I want his entire family to die!” Chu Zhiguo said with a cold smile

“But if he hands over the formula, what should we do?” Chu Zhiguo said as he suddenly thought of this.

“Then he’ll die even faster.
Without the formula, he’ll be nothing.
He’ll lose all his value.
I’ve seen this kind of clown jumping around.
In the end, he’ll be crushed into ashes by the Chus,” Chu Hongye said.
It was as if he could see Chu Yunfan’s tragic death.
Chu Yunfan’s struggle was nothing more than the difference between dying a little earlier and dying a little later.

“That’s good.
I really want him dead!” Chu Zhiguo said through gritted teeth.

“Hmph, if you hadn’t been so disappointing and was defeated by a junior, would I need to spend so much effort? You have to understand that in today’s world, everything is determined by one’s strength.
Power and wealth are just worldly possessions,” Chu Hongye said in a cold tone.

“I know!” Chu Zhiguo said impatiently.

He had heard these words since he was young.
However, he had never taken it to heart.
But being humiliated by Chu Yunfan this time made him want to work hard.

Suddenly, Chu Hongye’s phone rang.
Chu Hongye answered the call and an urgent voice came from the other end.

“Chairman, something bad has happened!”

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