Chu Yuntian was certain that he would receive an invitation to the Chu family’s ancestor worship ceremony after he gained admission to Federation University because it was not an easy feat.
The Chus were a huge family, and many would take part in the college entrance examination every year.
However, not many would be able to enter.

Therefore, anyone who could enter Federation University, be it civil or military, would be highly valued by the Chu family.

For the family that produces such a child, it would not be difficult for them to be readmitted into the Chu family.
Now that there were two of them, Chu Dingguo almost wanted to cry.

This was also the first time Chu Yunfan heard his grandfather apologize to him.
Chu Yunfan was stunned.
His heart was no longer filled with past resentments.
At this moment, the only thing he felt was that his grandfather was an old man with a strong obsession.

Chu Yunfan has yet to forgive everything that had happened in the past, but he did not want to bring it anymore.
He had let it go.
There were more important things than this.

After everyone came to congratulate him, Chu Yunfan received a phone call from Hua Chengtian, his high school principal.

“Chu Yunfan, congratulations.
You’ve been admitted to Federation University.”

On the other end of the phone projection, Hua Chengtian’s face was filled with excitement.
He was feeling proud of himself.
So what if No.
13 High was at the bottom? They had now managed to produce three Federation University-level students in one sitting.
Even No.
5 High, No.
7 High, and Yucai High had only produced one student of such level each.

They now stood on equal ground with No.
13 High.

Hua Chengtian had never been so proud, and he knew that this was all mainly thanks to Chu Yunfan.

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Under normal circumstances, Tang Siyu would have been fine, but Gao Hongzhi definitely would not have been able to get into Federation University.
Gao Hongzhi would probably not even get into one of the top ten universities.

Chu Yunfan was the one who had created this miracle.

Therefore, the first thing Hua Chengtian did was call Chu Yunfan to congratulate him.

“Congratulations as well.
This is all thanks to your nurturing, Principal Hua,” Chu Yunfan said.
He was being polite.
If it were not for Hua Chengtian’s help, although Chu Yunfan dared to say that he would still have been able to get into Federation University, it would not have been as easy.

“You’re too polite.
These are the results of your hard work.
We as teachers are only here to guide you,” Hua Chengtian said, “This thing is, we want to hold a lecture.
We would like you to give a speech to your juniors to encourage them to work hard.
How about it?”

“Sure,” Chu Yunfan immediately agreed.
Since there were still two months of vacation, he had the time.
“Just let me know when the lecture will be.”

But Chu Yunfan knew that among those juniors, there might not be anyone who could get into Federation University.
The opponents they had to face were too strong.

Only after participating in this assessment did Chu Yunfan understand that this was a competition between all the elites of society.
Even if someone like Ou Yang who was originally the number one in the school had participated in the assessment, he would probably be eliminated.

This disparity was all-encompassing.
Even with Chu Yunfan’s help, it was impossible.
It was impossible for him to get to know Ou Yang and help Gao Hongzhi regardless of the cost.

After all, everybody had varying degrees of relationship!

“That’s great.
Then I’ll inform you when the time comes.” Hua Chengtian nodded.

With Chu Yunfan’s nod, everything was settled.
Good things come in pairs.

After hanging up the call, Chu Yunfan received a call from Bai Hong the alchemy expert.

“My young friend, congratulations on being admitted to Federation University.
Looks like you’re my junior now.” Bai Hong’s hearty laughter could be heard from the other end of the line.
Even before the projection appeared, his voice could already be heard.

“You sure are well-informed, Master Bai,” Chu Yunfan said with a laugh.

“This is nothing,” Bai Hong said with a smile, “Besides, I’m also concerned about my partner.
It’s a good thing for us that you’ve been admitted to Federation University.”

“Thank you for your kind words,” Chu Yunfan said as he fist saluted Bai Hong.

“I’m calling for three purposes.
The first is to congratulate you on being admitted to Federation University.
The second is about the Body Refining Pills that we produced.
Now that the first phase of the distribution has been completed, the profit you’ll be getting is around one billion yuan.
Because it’s just the beginning, the majority of the profits have been invested in various markets and relationships.
There’s also the recruitment of more alchemists, advertising, and other expenses.
After all that, there’s a profit of one billion.
I’ll send you a copy of the accounts.
You can have a look at them,” Bai Hong said.

Chu Yunfan nodded.
He was not being pretentious.
Business was business.
He naturally had to distinguish between public and private affairs.

One billion was not much.
However, this market had just started and there was still much profit to be made.
To be able to steadily provide a profit of one billion in this first period was no small amount.
Of course, Bai Hong also had to cut out the portion that Chu Yunfan had claimed in advance.

Bai Hong was quite straightforward.
He had not delayed handing over this money.
He was considered a good partner.

“I’ve received the first wish, and I understand the second thing.
What’s the third thing?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“The third thing is a personal request,” Bai Hong said.

“Master Bai, you must be joking.
If there’s anything you need, just tell me.
I’ll do my best,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

“Chu Yunfan!”

Suddenly, another figure appeared.
A beautiful face appeared on the other end of the projection.

Who else could it be but Bai Ling’er.

Chu Yunfan patted his chest and pretended to be in a state of shock.
“You ghost.
Don’t appear out of nowhere!”

“You’re the ghost.
Your whole family is a bunch of ghosts!” Bai Ling’er retorted rudely.

“Master Bai, you said you have something to ask.
Could it be related to her?” Chu Yunfan said.

“That’s right,” Bai Hong said.

Chu Yunfan said with a strange expression, “I don’t know if there’s anything I can do for you in this aspect, Master Bai.”

“Elder, let me say it.
Chu Yunfan, we’ll be classmates in the future.
I’ve also been admitted to Federation University,” Bai Ling’er said.

“How is that possible? Don’t tease me.
You didn’t even go to high school, right? And you’re telling me you’ve been directly admitted to Federation University?!” Chu Yunfan said in disbelief, “Unless, you’re a special admission?”

“That’s right, I’m a special admission.
You didn’t expect this, did you? I’ve already passed the entrance examination to be a junior alchemist!” Bai Ling’er said proudly.

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