With Chu Yunfan leading the way, Tang Siyu and the others began to accumulate points.
The process was efficient.
Everyone could feel their points increasing.

Now was not the time to train.
They were now fighting for the last batch of points.
After this battle, they would only be able to obtain more points if they met a few criminals who escaped the siege.
However, the chances of that happening were slim.

Thus, Chu Yunfan directly intervened.
He slashed the criminals one by one until they were seriously injured, but did not kill them.
Then, he let Tang Siyu and the others finish them off.
He had to ensure that everyone could get enough points to enter Federation University.

Other than Tang Siyu who had entered the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage and caught up with Chu Yunfan’s progress, the rest of them were all at the fourth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
They were on par with most of the students and did not have an obvious advantage.
They were at a stage where they might be eliminated or retained.

Other than Chu Yunfan, Tang Siyu’s performance was also astounding.
She was much stronger than the average criminal.
She was able to heavily injure one person with a single strike.

Compared to when Tang Siyu had just arrived here half a month ago, she had undergone a perfect transformation.
She was like a phoenix that had been reborn from the flames, appearing in front of Chu Yunfan in a completely new manner.

Although Tang Siyu’s current strength could not be compared to Chu Yunfan’s, there was no doubt that she had caught up to Chu Yunfan in terms of cultivation level.
Chu Yunfan could imagine how hard Tang Siyu had worked over the past few days.
Only in this manner could her cultivation level have advanced by leaps and bounds.
Even if she was not drifting on the brink of life and death like he was, her efforts must have been the same.

Quickly, Gao Hongzhi and the rest became less agitated.
With Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu’s selfless help, their points stabilized.
They were certain that they would be able to enter Federation University.

Night gradually descended on them.
The students had chopped down all the criminals.
The battle for the mine had finally come to an end.
The battle that had gone on for the entire afternoon exhausted the students.
They either sat down and rested or helped other students who had been seriously injured.
But after winning this great battle, the students were extremely excited.
This was probably the first battle they had ever participated in.
Although there was no organization and the siege had been messy, there was a huge difference in this from their usual sparring matches.

Gradually, news started to spread among the students.

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The focus of everyone’s discussion was naturally Dong Fanghao, Jiang Pengfei, and Liang Haoyu.
Their every move was the focus of everyone’s attention.

The three of them had joined hands to attack the spirit stone mine.
They had gathered the students here to attack together.
These top experts would split the spirit stones while the other students would split the points.
It was a win-win situation.

Everything was supposed to be perfect.
However, an accident occurred.
Jiang Pengfei, who was supposed to get a lot of spirit stones, had got nothing.

Someone else had gotten there first!

According to the rumors, Jiang Pengfei was livid.
On top of that, there was a small path behind the mine that led to the outside.
This meant that not only had Jiang Pengfei been beaten, but he had been duped.

However, this was not the worst part.
The worst part was that one of the descendants of the Jiang family, Jiang Lei, had disappeared.

As Jiang Pengfei’s vanguard, Jiang Lei had entered the mine first.
However, Jiang Lie had disappeared.
After the inspection, they found there had been Acquired stage experts fighting in the mine.

In other words, Jiang Lei had very likely gotten into a battle with Acquired Stage experts.
He had either been killed or abducted.
This meant that Jiang Lei was dead for sure.
Regardless of who the Acquired Stage experts had been, they were clearly not on the students’ side.
After all, Dong Fanghao and Liang Haoyu were the only ones in the Acquired Stage amongst these students.
However, all three of them had chosen completely different paths.

Even so, the angry Jiang Pengfei had arrogantly come to question the other two.
Instantly, the relationship between the three became tense.
Even the people in their camps became extremely agitated.

The relationship between the three was hostile, to begin with, and they did not have a good relationship with one another.
Now that such a thing had happened, the confrontation between them could only be imagined.

After repeatedly confirming that Jiang Lei had not been killed by them and that they had not been present at the scene, Jiang Pengfei finally left.

In the end, Dong Fanghao said in a domineering manner, “Don’t say that I didn’t kill Jiang Lei.
Even if I did, what can you do about it?”

Only then did everyone remember that Dong Fanghao was not someone to be trifled with.
Jiang Pengfei had been creating a lot of commotion lately.
Especially when it came to Chu Yunfan.
This made many people have a deep impression of Jiang Pengfei.
However, everyone now remembered that Dong Fanghao had an illustrious background as well.
Without any background, it would have been difficult for him to become the number one in a base city.

Even if they killed a descendant of the Jiangs like Jiang Lei, the Jiangs would not do anything to Dong Fanghao.
Unless it was Jiang Pengfei, the Jiangs would not bother taking revenge.

This was because the status of both parties was not equal.
The death of Jiang Lei was a trivial matter to the Jiangs.
However, if it was Jiang Pengfei—who had the chance to enter the Innate Stage—who had died, it would be considered a huge loss.

Without any evidence, it was not good for Jiang Pengfei to continue pestering Dong Fanghao.

To Dong Fanghao, killing Jiang Lei was fine.
However, as a member of the Jiangs, Jiang Pengfei was a little troublesome.

As more information was revealed, they found out that a Monster Cult monster hybrid had been involved.
In other words, there had been a huge battle between the criminals and the cult, and Jiang Lei had accidentally bumped into them.
As a result, he was killed or kidnapped by one of the two parties.

This was the conclusion that resulted from a series of clues left behind.

Jiang Lei could only blame his bad luck.
Humans and the cult were mortal enemies.
If they encountered each other, they would kill each other.
Furthermore, the criminals had been forced to a dead end by the students.
How could they be merciful?

And they soon found out that someone had used the secret tunnel to leave the mine.
That person most likely had escaped.

Jiang Pengfei quickly issued a reward.
As long as anyone could provide the Jiangs with any information, they would be heavily rewarded.
If they could find Jiang Lei, they would be able to obtain a favor from the Jiangs.

Immediately, chaos erupted.

Chu Yunfan knew that Jiang Pengfei would not come knocking on his door for a while.

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