Chu Yunfan had not expected to bump into this person.
And it was none other than Jiang Lei and Pan Xiuwen who had previously threatened him.

Having not seen him for more than half a month, Jiang Lei’s aura was now clearly much more stable.
When Chu Yunfan first saw him, Jiang Lei had just stepped into the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Now, he was probably already at the peak of the seventh level.
It would only be a matter of time before he entered the eighth level.

And beside Jiang Lei was none other than Pan Xiuwen.
He had also made great progress and entered the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

This was why Federation University used all sorts of methods to force out the students’ potential.

Jiang Lei and Pan Xiuwen also had not been expecting to meet Chu Yunfan here.
But almost immediately, they instinctively formed a pincer attack and surrounded Chu Yunfan.

Jiang Lei and Pan Xiuwen’s cooperation was impeccable!

“Hahaha, I now don’t have to waste any effort in finding you.
In the end, you fell right into my hands, Chu Yunfan,” Jiang Lei said as he laughed.
He looked smug as he stared at Chu Yunfan.
It was as if Chu Yunfan was no longer alone, but accompanied by 50 million yuan.

Pan Xiuwei, who was standing at the side, also stared at Chu Yunfan with a vicious expression.
He had been defeated by Chu Yunfan in one move that day, and it was a humiliation in his heart.
Now, he finally had the chance to redeem himself.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be the two of you,” Chu Yunfan said as he looked coldly at Jiang Lei.

“What a coincidence.
This is the will of heaven.
If you want to give 50 million yuan to me and die here, who can save you?” Jiang Lei said in a cold voice, looking extremely smug.

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Chu Yunfan took a look around.
In the distance, the sounds of fighting could be heard.
More and more people were pouring in.
He did not have much time left.

“Jiang Lei, you’re so aggressive.
Looks like there’s no other way,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.

“Don’t even think about running away today.
You dare defy me? Who do you think you are?!” Jiang Lei said loudly with a somewhat excited expression on his face.

“In that case, then there’s nothing else to say,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.
He suddenly took a step forward and with a flash, he stepped out with mysterious footwork.
In an instant, he appeared in front of Pan Xiuwen.

Almost instantly, Chu Yunfan made his choice.
He would first get rid of Pan Xiuwei.

Pan Xiu Wen only saw a shadow flicker before his eyes.
Then, he saw Chu Yunfan appear before him.
He was shocked and furious.
He immediately understood what Chu Yunfan was up to.
Chu Yunfan was going for the weaker of the duo.

Pan Xiuwen could not contain his anger and wanted to retaliate.
However, Chu Yunfan was even faster than he had imagined.
Chu Yunfan’s Shadowless Saber slashed out the moment he arrived in front of Pan Xiuwen.
With a swoosh, it slashed out with a jet-black shadow and instantly landed on Pan Xiuwen’s neck.



Fresh blood spurted out like a pillar.
Pan Xiuwen’s head had been instantly sent flying.
He still had a shocked and angry expression on his face.
Before he could react, he had been beheaded by Chu Yunfan.

The lights above the mine tunnel flickered.
In the span of one flicker, Pan Xiuwen had already been killed.


Pan Xiuwen’s body fell to the ground.
Fresh blood flowed out from his mouth and soaked the ground.

“You…” Jiang Lei was shocked and angry.
He was angry that Chu Yunfan had dared kill someone in front of him.
This was simply lawless.
He thought that victory was in his hands and he would be able to instantly kill Chu Yunfan without sustaining any injuries.
However, it was Chu Yunfan who had killed Pan Xiuwen in an instant without sustaining any injuries.

If Pan Xiuwen had told him that Chu Yunfan was so terrifying, he would not have been so unprepared.

In fact, Chu Yunfan had already been able to easily kill Pan Xiuwen back then.
Now that more than half a month had passed, Chu Yunfan’s strength had broken through several times, and he was more than just a little stronger than before.

Although Pan Xiuwen had made progress, the gap in strength between him and Chu Yunfan had not shrunk.
Instead, it had widened even further.

What was shocking was Chu Yunfan’s method.
Not only did he display his terrifying cultivation in the blink of an eye, but his attack was also precise.
Pan Xiuwen had been wearing armor, and there was only a thin slit at his neck.
How had Chu Yunfan so accurately cut into that thin slit?

Everyone knew that this was their weakness, so they paid more attention to protecting it.
Chu Yunfan was too fast.
He was so fast that Pan Xiuwen did not even have time to react before he was instantly killed.

Jiang Lei put away the arrogant expression on his face, and he became serious.
He was arrogant and proud, but he was definitely not a fool.
He wanted to see if this person was worthy of being treated seriously by him.

“I didn’t expect you to have such strength.
Now, I’m more than certain that Jiang Yusheng’s death has something to do with you,” Jiang Lei said with a serious expression.

“That’s right, I killed him,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.
Blood dripped off from his Shadowless Shadow one drop at a time.
It did not take long for all the blood to drip off, leaving the saber as clean as a whistle as if it had never been splattered with even a single drop of blood.

“You actually dared to kill a direct descendant of my family.
You have no respect for us.
Not only will you die, but your entire family will die as well!”

Jiang Lei’s expression changed.
For him to guess was one thing, but Chu Yunfan personally admitting to it was another matter entirely.

Chu Yunfan had gone from a person who dared to disobey his orders to an extremely dangerous person.
What honor of an aristocratic family? In front of such a person, it was completely meaningless.

These aristocratic children were most afraid of encountering such lawless people.
Without respect, all of their honor would become a joke.

“Respect? You’re still obsessed with such things?” Chu Yunfan said in a low voice, “If you want to kill me, I will kill you.
Is this so hard to understand? At a time like this, what use is your family’s power?

“Anyway, you’re going to die.
What’s the use of knowing?” Chu Yunfan said.

Jiang Lei instantly pounced on Chu Yunfan.
He saw an opportunity and unsheathed a heavy sword from behind his back.
In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Chu Yunfan.
A sword ray swept out a terrifying gust of wind, and a powerful shockwave burst forth from his True Energy.
Chu Yunfan’s head was about to be sent flying.

Heavy swords, heavy sabers, and other heavy weapons did not need to find a weakness.
Every part of a person’s body was a weakness, and every part of their body was weak.
As long as one used all of their strength to smash down, their target would die.

However, a saber ray flashed out and blocked the incoming sword ray.

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