At the moment of impact, the Thunder Winged Beast was standing over Blood Bat, its wings covered Chu Yunfan and protected him from the blast.

The explosion hit the wings of the Thunder Winged Beast’s bone armor, so it did not have much effect.
Unless it was a direct hit, it was difficult to pose any threat to the beast.

Chu Yunfan’s expression was steely.
He had gained a new understanding of the Monster Cult’s ruthlessness.
Not only did they brainwash and puppeteer these monster hybrids, but they had also planted small bombs into the hybrids’ bodies.
If anything went wrong, the hybrids would self-detonate to prevent any aftereffects.

Such ruthlessness was indeed terrifying!

At the same time, the devilish handsome youth received the news on his wrist device.
Blood Bat that was loyal to him had self-detonated.
His expression did not change.
He just frowned slightly and muttered to himself, “With Blood Bat’s strength, how could he have failed? Could it be that he met one of the three?”

At this moment, the youth had already exited the mine.
From afar, he could hear the students and criminals fighting to the death in the mine.
Although there had been an accident in his plan, he did not stop and did not take it to heart.
There were many monster hybrids like Blood Bat.
They were expendable items like cannon fodder.

Inside the mine, Chu Yunfan looked at the spirit gathering circle that was still operating.
It would probably take some time before it would shut down.

‘Since this is the case, rather than letting others benefit, why not take advantage of it and absorb the spirit energy myself,’ Chu Yunfan thought.

if it was before, he would not dare to casually do such a thing If his mental state was not high enough, doing this would have severe repercussions.
To Chu Yunfan who had always fought steadily, that was just a recipe for disaster.

However, Chu Yunfan had experienced countless battles over the past few days, and his mental state had improved significantly.
He did not have to worry about this going wrong.

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Chu Yunfan sat in the middle of the magic circle as the Thunder Winged Beast guarded him.
As soon as he entered, Chu Yunfan immediately felt the power of the circle.
Boundless Spirit Energy surged into his body like a wild tide, scattering into his limbs and bones.
Closing his eyes, Chu Yunfan felt that he was being submerged under the rolling waves of the sea.

Spirit Energy was beyond a doubt beneficial to one’s body.
The more abundant the Spirit Energy, the stronger the person who received it.
The stronger the body, the longer one’s lifespan.
The transformation of one’s body through Spirit Energy was subtle.
Ordinary people might not be able to feel it.

But spirit gathering circles concentrated Spirit Energy, which promoted one’s cultivation.
But it was impossible for a spirit gathering circle to produce this kind of effect on its own.
This would only happen if Spirit Energy was concentrated to a certain degree.

This spirit gathering circle was rooted in this spirit stone mine.
It extracted the pure Spirit Energy from the spirit stones around it.
And without purification, it poured a large amount of Spirit Energy into one’s body.
That was why the circle had such a special effect.

But Chu Yunfan soon discovered that his body was absorbing only a small amount of True Energy.
Most of the True Energy was being absorbed by the Godhead and the Mountain River Diagram.

As the Godhead absorbed the True Energy, it turned into countless rays of rainbow light and scattered through Chu Yunfan’s limbs and bones.

Chu Yunfan felt that he was undergoing some sort of transformation.
In the haze, it was as if he was evolving from a low-level creature to a higher-level creature.
It was an indescribable, mysterious feeling.

At the same time, Chu Yunfan’s cultivation strength was also slowly rising.
He was like a half-full bottle that was steadily being filled.
Every minute and every second, his level was increasing rapidly.

It was an extremely wonderful feeling.
Chu Yunfan felt that he could cultivate non-stop for the rest of his life.

Suddenly, this feeling suddenly stopped.
Chu Yunfan opened his eyes and realized that the spirit gathering circle had stopped operating because the spirit energy within the mine’s stones had been completely absorbed.
Most of them were wasted and scattered in the mine.

Beside him, the Thunder Winged Beast was also absorbing the Spirit Energy in the air.
It was instinctively circulating the Beast Emperor Method and was rapidly absorbing the Spirit Energy that was all around them.

As one of the best monsters, the Thunder Winged Beast’s cultivation speed was naturally extremely fast.
Its speed of absorbing Spirit Energy was also not something that humans could compare to.

These monsters were born with the ability to automatically absorb Spirit Energy to cultivate.
They were naturally born with these genes and abilities.
The Thunder Winged Beast was one of the best monsters around.
And with a top-notch beast cultivation technique like the Beast Emperor Method, the monster’s cultivation speed was naturally twice the result with half the effort.
The only obstacle was that they were not intelligent enough.
They could only rely on their instincts to absorb Spirit Energy.

Humans were the opposite.
They were born with wisdom.
After a couple of years of effort, they could fully develop and reach the peak of their intelligence.
However, they were not naturally suited for cultivation.
Even if they were in an environment with dense Spirit Energy, the most they could do was improve their bodies.
The Qi Sea dantian within one’s body, which was crucial for cultivation, had to be opened up.
Except for a few people, most were not suited for cultivation at all.
Only by relying on their wisdom that humans had reached such a glorious peak.
This was the greatness of human wisdom.

Chu Yunfan felt power surging through his body.
He felt like he was a half-filled bottle of water that was finally full.

Chu Yunfan’s power had jumped from the beginner level of the sixth-level Energy Refinement Stage to the peak of this stage.
The results were not as great as he had expected.
He thought that he would be able to break through to the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage, but most of the Spirit Energy had been absorbed by the Godhead and the Mountain River Diagram.
The space in the Mountain River Diagram had expanded, and the rainbow light emitted by the Godhead was transforming his body.

His aptitude was being changed!

It was hard work that determined whether a person could continue forward, but was one’s aptitude that determined how far they could go.

These changes were not obvious.
But the longer they went on, the more obvious they became.
So, it was not a loss.
On the contrary, it was a great advantage.

The Thunder Winged Beast’s cultivation had also improved significantly after absorbing a lot of Spirit Energy.
It was now not far from the third level of the Acquired Stage.

Seeing this, Chu Yunfan was a little envious and jealous.
He would not dare to absorb and breakthrough so casually.
But for the Thunder Winged Beast, such a thing was no problem at all.

At this moment, there came a burst of hurried noise from the mine’s tunnel.

“There’s a student here!”

Chu Yunfan flew into action.
He quickly stowed the Thunder Winged Beast into the Mountain River Diagram and tried to leave.

However, Chu Yunfan was a little too slow and bumped into the person.

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