Killing the tall criminal instantly with a single slash was way too easy!

“You were quite strong.
Unfortunately, you’re too slow,” Chu Yunfan said as he shook his head.

It would have been all right if the tall criminal had met someone with ordinary levels of speed, but meeting a martial artist who possessed both speed and strength had spelled his doom.

Chu Yunfan looked over and saw that the students and the condemned criminals had already engaged in battle.
Many had no plans to obtain the spirit stones around them.
No matter how many spirit stones there were, it was not enough for several thousand people to share.
Only the experts at the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage or above would dare think of getting them.

However, these criminals were moving points in these students’ eyes.
Seeing that the assessment was about to end, everyone wanted to fight with all their might and kill at least one more criminal to gain a little more points.
Who knew how many students would be eliminated.

The students were giving it their all.
To gain points, they fought with all their might.

In the distance, Chu Yunfan spotted two terrifying figures fighting on the battlefield.
As they fought, no one could get close to them.
They did not dare get close to them for fear of being accidentally injured.

One of the two was Dong Fanghao.
Dong Fanghao’s spear was like a poisonous dragon, constantly sweeping out.
Each time, it would bring about a huge explosion.

Compared to the Energy Refinement Stage, the Acquired Stage was the true threshold of cultivation.
But because of this, the strength of the Acquired Stage was clearly much more terrifying than the Energy Refinement Stage.

Although Dong Fanghao had just entered the Acquired Stage, he was already miles ahead of the rest.

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In front of Dong Fanghao stood a huge woman with bulging muscles.
The muscles on her body were even more exaggerated than those of a man, but her bulging chest showed that she was a woman.

However, no one would dare underestimate her just because she was a woman.
Those in the Acquired Stage were top figures in Exile Zone 66.

Although all the people housed here were criminals, they were divided into different places according to the level of their strength.
In Exile Zone 66, all the criminals were at least in the Energy Refinement Stage.
This woman had clearly just stepped into the Acquired Stage because there had previously been army men guarding this place, working them to death almost every day.
The criminals would have had no time to cultivate.
In addition, they could not get enough energy to replenish themselves, so the progress of their cultivation was negligible.
Even if one of them had a breakthrough, they would soon be sent to other banishment zones.

But because Exile Zone 66 had been seized by the Monster Cult that Acquired Stage experts had appeared amongst these criminals.
Exile Zone 66 has been overrun for some time now, and some of the criminals who had been suppressed for a long time had finally stepped into the next stage.

Both the woman and Dong Fanghao were in similar boats and had just broken through.
The woman was extremely fierce and fearless in the face of death.
However, Dong Fanghao had more tricks up his sleeve.
The internal strength and martial skills he had learned were not something that the woman could compare to.

For a moment, they were evenly matched, unable to gain an advantage over the other.

When everyone saw this battle, they would take a detour!

Chu Yunfan went around the battlefield and quickly flew toward the depths of the mine.
Intense battles were happening within the mine’s depths.
Those who could break through to this place were the cream of the crop among the students—those in the seventh and eighth levels of the Energy Refinement Stage.

However, the criminals stationed at the last line of defense were also very strong and were also the cream of the crop.
For a moment, the battle was extremely intense.
Chu Yunfan saw the headless corpses of criminals littering the ground.
There were also students who were heavily injured.
They went off to the side to heal themselves after sustaining terrifying injuries.

Chu Yunfan went deep into the mine.
There were several paths in the mine that led to different places.
Chu Yunfan did not know which was which, so he chose one at random and rushed in.

The mine path was dotted with a few faint yellow lights that flickered.
Because there was not enough power supply, most of the lights were not lit.

Suddenly, a burly man appeared in front of Chu Yunfan.
His clothes were a little messy and held a steel rod in his hand.

“Kid, I don’t know where you came from, but you’ve got guts coming here.
You must have a death wish,” the burly man said with a sinister smile as he looked at Chu Yunfan.

“Hurry up and get rid of him.
Otherwise, the master will get upset.”

At this moment, another figure walked out from the shadows in the depths of the tunnel.
This was a man of medium build.
He was a little thinner, but he held a sword in his hand.
He had a fierce expression.

At the mention of this master, the burly man who had first appeared revealed a fearful expression.
When he looked at Chu Yunfan again, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage!”

Chu Yunfan could instantly tell.
Such a level of cultivation was considered top-notch in Exile Zone 66, and this burly man was only one step away from the Acquired Stage.
How could such a person be so afraid of this master?

It was difficult for anything to scare Acquired Stage experts.
What was this master’s background?

But Chu Yunfan did not have time to ponder over this.
The two experts pounced on him—one from the left and one from the right.
One was a speed-type expert while the other was a strength-type expert.
Their auras were like rainbows.

Chu Yunfan used the Heavenly Deity Nine Transformations and retreated, dodging the pincer attack.

Over the course of the assessment, Chu Yunfan had fought against top experts of the ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage more than once, thus he reacted quickly!


With a shout, an azure figure appeared out of thin air and swept out like an azure lightning bolt.

The first unlucky victim was the medium-build criminal.
His reaction was fast.
When he saw this figure appear, his first reaction was to slash out with his sword, But when the attack landed on the Thunder Winged Beast’s body, it instantly dispersed.
It was unable to harm the beast.

Against an Acquired Stage Thunder Winged Beast, this attack was a little too weak!

One sword attack was unable to stop the beast.
The Thunder Winged Beast let out a howl and slapped off the medium-build criminal’s head with just one swipe.

The power contained within this move was extremely terrifying.
When combined with the Thunder Winged Beast’s strength, it was even more successful.
Chu Yunfan named this mischievous move “A Slap to Your Stupid Face.”

After the first criminal died, the other did not run.
The huge steel rod in his hand smashed down and connected with the Thunder Winged Beast’s bone armor, causing a metallic clang sound.
However, it was unable to hurt the Thunder Winged Beast in the slightest.

Immediately after, the Thunder Winged Beast swept across with lightning speed and slapped the second criminal’s face away with another move.

The two peak experts were killed in mere seconds!

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