Although Chu Yunfan had easily killed Xie Feiying, this was only the beginning.

In the following days, Chu Yunfan was ambushed by all kinds of people.
Those condemned criminals seemed to have gone mad.

At every turn, Chu Yunfan would encounter a wave of killings.

The reward offered by Jiang Pengfei was just too attractive to these criminals, and the 50 million was secondary.

For just 50 million, not many would not be bothered to intercept and kill Chu Yunfan.
What was truly attractive to them was the promise that would allow them to escape and ascend to Heaven.

To the Jiangs, this was something that required just little resources to achieve.
But to these criminals, it was the only possibility of survival.

As long as they could survive, no one would choose to die.
Especially these condemned criminals who were on the verge of death.
They were standing at death’s door and their life was on a countdown.

For this promise, they all went crazy!

The further Chu Yunfan went, the more experts came out to attack him.
Chu Yunfan narrowly escaped death a few times.

But Chu Yunfan did not avoid these confrontations.
As soon as his wounds healed, he would immediately reappear and continue on.

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One true life-and-death battle after another allowed Chu Yunfan to rapidly mature.
He had just stepped into the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage and his cultivation level had only just stabilized.
But after a few days, he had completely stabilized it.
Moreover, he had gained an even further understanding of martial skills and cultivation.

Every step Chu Yunfan took forward was steeped in his understanding of battle.
He wanted to walk a path that was completely different from the Alchemy Emperor.
The path of an Alchemy Emperor was relatively easy, but his future achievements would also be limited.

After a few days, Chu Yunfan felt that he had gained a lot, and his points were also slowly rising.
Because of his current reputation, many criminals were coming for him.
Among them were even peak existences like the eighth or even ninth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

Although Chu Yunfan was no match for these existences, they were in turn no match for the Thunder Winged Beast.
Chu Yunfan may have wanted to train himself, but he did not do so blindly.

Chu Yunfan wanted to gain more points.
And the points a ninth-level Energy Refinement Stage cultivator brought were far better than countless first-level Energy Refinement Stage cultivators.

In just a few days, Chu Yunfan felt that he had transformed.
It was not a leap in his strength, but a leap in his state.
Although his strength had not improved much, due to the transformation in his condition and will, he could now easily control his strength.
He was much stronger than when he had just entered the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.

Just as Chu Yunfan planned to continue training like this, Federation University’s assessment was nearing its end.
He contacted Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi and found out that they had gained quite an impressive number of points.
Especially Tang Siyu.

After Chu Yunfan left, Tang Siyu trained even harder.
Her cultivation level has also increased.
She had broken through to the fifth level of the Energy Refinement Stage and completely left Gao Hongzhi and the others behind.

Gao Hongzhi and the others were only at the peak of the third level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
At the end of the assessment, they would only be able to reach the fourth level at most.

Yao Xueyi fulfilled his promise and took care of Chu Yunfan’s teammates.
When Jiang Pengfei came in person, he was unsuccessful in persuading Yao Xueyi to betray Chu Yunfan.

Yao Xueyi truly was a good man who kept his word.
He had the elegance of an ancient noble!

And at this moment, a piece of news was starting to spread among the students.

It was Dong Fanghao of Donghua, Jiang Pengfei of Ouhua, and Liang Haoyu of Nanhua.
These three experts had joined forces and called on the students to gather and take advantage of the last opportunity available in Federation University assessment—the last stronghold of these condemned criminals located at the heart of Exile Zone 66, the spirit stone mine.

Although the spirit stone mine had slowly dried up and was not worth much anymore, it was still a treasure for the Federation Government.
To be specific, the remaining spirit stones in this spirit stone mine were still a huge fortune.

After the death row criminals rebelled, the condemned criminals occupied the mine.
Unlike other places, many high-leveled criminals had gathered around this mine.
The student discovered there were not just one, but several Acquired Stage experts there.

Even top experts like Jiang Pengfei and Dong Fanghao were unable to take down this spirit stone mine by themselves.
Thus, the three great experts began to gather the students, preparing to launch an attack.
The three of them wielded astonishing levels of appeal in their respective cities.
They were all high and mighty figures.

As soon as the three of them sounded the call, countless people responded.
Thousands of students from their respective cities set off and rushed toward the spirit stone mine.

Exile Zone 66 was now under the rule of the students from the three base cities.
After a long period of unremitting efforts, the criminals wandering the area had all been cleaned up.

The last remaining criminal stronghold, the spirit stone mine, which was also the most stubborn one, held more than three thousand criminals.

The biggest battle between the two sides over the one-month assessment was about to break out.
On one side stood the condemned criminals who had experienced hundreds of battles, and on the other stood the students who had transformed over the past month.

The most terrifying battle was about to break out!

However, the students were confident.
In their eyes, these criminals were merely struggling against their inevitable deaths.
The students outnumbered the criminals by more than half, and the criminals possessed only a few simple weapons.
Most of them did not even have armor.
How could they possibly withstand the students’ attack? It was just a matter of how long they could hold out.

These criminals who had been forced into a corner revealed their ferocious expressions and clamored.
Even if they were to die, they would drag these elite students along with them.

Chu Yunfan had also received this news.
Dong Fanghao, Jiang Pengfei, and Liang Haoyu’s summons had been sent to every single student, thus he too had caught wind of this.

Under the scorching sun, Chu Yunfan flipped over and jumped onto the back of the Thunder Winged Beast, saying, “What a big commotion.
Looks like I have to join.”

This time, Chu Yunfan wanted to wade into the muddy waters.
If he wanted to join in the commotion, the crux of the matter was that spirit stone mine.
To the Federation Government, the mine was like chicken bones.
It would be tasteless, but it would also be a pity to throw it away.

To the government, the spirit stone mine was still a huge fortune.
Hence, even Dong Fanghao and the others could not resist the temptation and gathered everyone to attack the mine.

As for the other students, they were all elites and smart people.
None of them wanted to be cannon fodder.
They too wanted to get a share of the profits.

The Thunder Winged Beast took a step forward and instantly flew into the distance like an azure lightning bolt.
In the distance was the heart of Exile Zone 66—the spirit stone mine.

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