After killing these criminals, Chu Yunfan and the others rested in the shadow of the cactus.
Although the shade was still extremely hot, it was much better than being outside under the direct sun.

Luckily, this place was close to a water source.
In the cactus’s shade was a large lake that could be used to replenish their water.

After some time, another group of students walked over.
They looked unfamiliar.
They were not students from Chu Yunfan’s base.
The students from their base had witnessed Chu Yunfan’s strength yesterday.
They would not dare rashly come and fight Chu Yunfan for the water source.

Everyone knew the principle of waiting for a good opportunity to appear.
However, they knew that this was a resource that needed to be fought over.

This group of students had about eight people, slightly more than Chu Yunfan’s team.
It was a co-ed team and they seemed to be the best of the best in their respective schools.

Soon, they arrived at the water source.

Chu Yunfan’s team was initially not bothered with their arrival.
They put some distance between themselves and the other team.
They could not monopolize the water source and not let others replenish their water.

However, from among this group of students, a tall student stepped forward and said, “Get out of here.
We’re taking over this spot.”

When Chu Yunfan’s team heard this, their brows furrowed tightly.
Gao Hongzhi then said, “Brother, isn’t that a little too harsh? This water source is huge.
Will you guys be able to cover the whole place? How about this? We’ll take one side and you can take the other.
We won’t interfere in each other’s business.
How about it?”

However, that tall and strong student refused to back down.
He said, “You guys have already killed so many criminals.
Are you still not satisfied? Hurry up and get lost.
Don’t make me lose my temper.”

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“That’s right.
Hurry up and get lost!”

“If you still don’t leave, don’t blame us for what comes next!”

“If you still don’t know what’s good for you, then don’t blame me for teaching you guys a lesson!”

These students started clamoring one after another.
They were not willing to coexist peacefully with Chu Yunfan’s team

Chu Yunfan pondered for a moment and understood.
These people were not just doing this for the water source.
They were doing it for the points.
He could easily kill criminals, but others could not.
This way, the gap between his points at the others would quickly widen.
His chances of getting into Federation University were much higher.

The real competition had begun earlier and had never stopped.

“Since that’s the case, it looks like we won’t be able to get along.
Let’s just fight then,” Ran Jun said as he walked forward with a long bronze staff in his hand.

Everyone in the other group was strong.
The weakest among them was at least at the third level of the Energy Refinement Stage while most of them were at the fourth level.
There was even a fifth-level Energy Refinement Stage among them.
On top of that, they had more members than Chu Yunfan’s group.
That was why they had the confidence to chase them away.

However, there was no reason for Chu Yunfan’s team to back down.
They were all geniuses in their own right.
It was not certain yet who was weaker than who.
Moreover, their greatest confidence came in the form of Chu Yunfan.

At this moment, they were glad that they had teamed up with Chu Yunfan.
If it were not for him, they would have had no choice but to leave with their tails between their legs.

“A battle? With just you guys? I advise you guys to leave quickly.
Seeing that you’re all human students, I won’t make things difficult for you guys.
Otherwise, you guys will suffer.” That tall student did not give in and merely sneered at them.

Tang Siyu and the others all looked at Chu Yunfan, waiting for him to make a decision.

The tall student discerned that Chu Yunfan was the leader of these people, and stared straight at Chu Yunfan.

“In that case, you leave me no choice but to teach you guys a lesson,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently, “State your name.”

“Heh, losers aren’t qualified to know my name.
Since you guys won’t give up until you see your grave, then don’t blame us for what comes next.”

The tall student had barely finished his sentence when he launched his attack.
He pulled out a spear from behind his back.
He changed his position and instantly charged toward Chu Yunfan.
The long spear was like a swimming dragon, tearing apart the air and turning into a wave of heat that blasted toward Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan tilted his head slightly and dodged the fatal strike of the spear.

“You’re dead!”

The tall student laughed sinisterly and abruptly pulled back his weapon, sweeping the spear toward Chu Yunfan’s neck.
It was about to chop off Chu Yunfan’s head.

The power of the fifth level of the Energy Refinement Stage was on full display.

And it was at this moment that the tall student suddenly cried out in surprise.
Just as he was about to chop off Chu Yunfan’s head with his spear, Chu Yunfan had arrived in front of him before he even realized it.

Chu Yunfan instantly threw a punch.

‘I have armor on.
He can’t do anything to me.’ The tall student who had turned pale with fright calmed down.
It would be very difficult for Chu Yunfan to hurt him with just his fist.

However, when Chu Yunfan’s punch connected with the tall student’s body, the student realized how wrong he had been.
A terrifying force suddenly hit the armor on his chest and exploded.
It was as if a terrifying bomb had gone off on his body.


He was instantly sent flying and dropped to the ground, looking extremely pathetic.


This tall student spat out a mouthful of blood.
His expression instantly became dispirited and his face turned pale.
The members of the team quickly surrounded him.

“Are you all right?!”

“I’m fine, I’m fine.”

The tall student struggled to get up.
The punch had almost shattered his sternum.

I admit defeat.
The land will not change and the waters will flow forever.
We will meet again,” Then the tall student left and did not continue to pester Chu Yunfan’s team.
That one casual attack had made him understand that he was absolutely no match for Chu Yunfan.

With how powerful Chu Yunfan was, he was simply not someone that the tall student could deal with.
If they continued to fight and an all-out conflict broke out, the tall student might not walk out alive.
In such a chaotic assessment, even Federation University would not investigate whatever happens here.
Even if they died, they could only admit defeat.

The other students of the tall student’s team glared at Chu Yunfan viciously before leading their team leader away.
They were not stupid and could see the gap between them.

Chu Yunfan returned to the shadow of the cactus to wait for the arrival of other criminals.
In his eyes, all of this was just an interlude.

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