That criminal was the one Yao Xueyi had spoken of—a peak level six Energy Refinement Stage criminal.
His strength was extremely terrifying, and he was the leader of these criminals and condemned criminals.
Everyone here was under his control.

As long as he was killed, nothing would happen to this base and it would fall into the hands of the students.

And the only one here who could take on a peak level six Energy Refinement Stage criminal head-on was Yao Xueyi.
Chu Yunfan would have been able to manage, but he would have to pay a heavy price to kill the other party.

Thus, Chu Yunfan was not about to fight Yao Xueyi for those points even though he knew the points gained from killing a peak level six Energy Refinement Stage criminal were really high, just like the criminal leader that he had killed previously.

Chu Yunfan had not met this criminal at the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage previously.
This guy was heavily injured and could not display his strength.


The two strong experts at the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage on the field collided in an intense collision.

Chu Yunfan stayed calm.
He watched the battle from afar, and at the same time, killed a few other criminals who wanted to support the criminal leader.

To support Yan Xueyi, his team members spread out and blocked the criminals who were coming from all directions.

“Brother, you’re pretty good.
Where are you from?” a young man about 16 or 17 came forward and asked.

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There was blood dripping from his armor.
He had just killed a criminal.

These fellows were the best of the best among the students, unlike Gao Hongzhi and the others who had to waste a lot of time dealing with ordinary criminals.

“A little place called Calm Ocean City,” Chu Yunfan said lightly.
He held a saber in his hand, his eyes scanned the battlefield like a pair of eagle’s eyes.
He was not only guarding against possible experts.
More importantly, he had to support Yao Xueyi and keep an eye on Yao Xueyi’s situation at all times.
If Yao Xueyi could not hold out any longer, he had to go up and help.

Fortunately, Yao Xueyi was very strong.
Although he and the criminal leader were both at the peak of the sixth level of the Energy Refinement Stage, after adapting to his opponent’s desperate fighting style, his rich cultivation strength came out in full force.

How could the geniuses of these prestigious schools be compared to these condemned criminals? These geniuses had a high chance of winning in a head-on fight.

Whether it was the internal strength they cultivated or the martial techniques they learned, these students were superior to these desperate criminals.
However, in terms of experience, they were not as experienced as these criminals who had fought their way through piles of corpses.
Thus, these students were a little flustered at the beginning.
This was because the other party would do anything in order to kill them and survive.

However, once the students got used to it, everything would be different.

“Calm Ocean City? I know that place.
My geography isn’t outstanding, but that doesn’t matter.
You’re capable and that’s what matters.
We’ll get acquainted when we get the chance.”

The student did recall some facts about Jinghai City after some thought.
To him, it was a small place.

However, it did not matter where Chu Yunfan was born.
What was important was that Chu Yunfan was standing here and was very powerful.

They all knew Yao Xueyi’s strength.
He was their leader, and amongst so many teams, their team was the strongest.
Yet, Yao Xueyi looked for Chu Yunfan to support him instead of his team members.
This had shown a bright spotlight on the matter at hand.

These students were each more shrewd than the last, but not everyone was hostile toward those who were stronger than them.
If that were the case, everyone in the world would be enemies.
There would always be someone better than them out there.

Suddenly, a fierce existence appeared in the distance.
A few students of the second and third levels of the Energy Refinement Stage surrounded him, but he single-handedly knocked them to the ground with a heavy-looking sword.

Fortunately, although heavily injured, they did not instantly die as they were protected by their armor.

This fierce man rushed straight to where Yao Xueyi was fighting the criminal leader as soon as he arrived.
It was obvious that he was planning to help the criminal leader.

“Watch out now.
I’m going in to stop him.”

Chu Yunfan tightened his grip on his saber and charged out.

That intrepid criminal had just defeated a few students and did not have the time to finish the job.
Or rather, he did not have the time to do so when he saw Chu Yunfan charging straight toward him.

A sinister smile appeared on his face.
It was as if he saw himself hacking away at yet another student.
This way, he would be able to vent his perverted killing intent to his heart’s content.

These condemned criminals were not normal.
Otherwise, they would not have committed such crimes and been captured.
Previously, it was fine as they had been suppressed.
But now that they were free, all of their natural instincts came to life.

Moreover, these criminals knew that they were condemned to die.
They would all die.
The Federal Government would not allow them to continue living, so they would die sooner or later.
It just depended on when and where they would die, it was just a matter of whose hands they would die in.

“Even if they want to kill me, it should be done by the elite troops of the military, not these student b*stards!” this condemned criminal roared angrily.
He felt that dying in the hands of these student b*stards was a humiliation.
As he thought of this, the perverted killing intent in his heart boiled even hotter.

“The elite troops of the federation are dealing with the monsters.
Why would they have the time to care about scum like you? I’ll take you down!”

A clear voice was heard, followed by the sound of the sky being torn apart.
Chu Yunfan’s figure was like a lightning bolt as he pounced forward.

A blade light slashed down, heading straight for the head of this condemned criminal.

This condemned criminal reacted quickly.
Instantly, he reacted and raised the heavy sword in his hand to meet the incoming saber.


The clash of swords and sabers exploded with the sound of metal clashing, and True Energy burst out.

“Not bad.
Since you’ve come forth, I’ll take my time and enjoy torturing and killing you.

The fierce criminal was stopped by Chu Yunfan, but he was not the least bit perturbed.
Instead, he grinned hideously and flew toward Chu Yunfan.
He wanted to torture and kill Chu Yunfan to satiate the anger in his heart.

“You want to kill me? Hahahaha!”

Chu Yunfan did not back down and charged forward.
The Shadowless Saber in his hand turned into a ray of black light and instantly slashed down.


There was another loud boom.
The fierce criminal used his heavy sword to block Chu Yunfan’s slash, but Chu Yunfan’s power was more terrifying than he had expected.

Cracks appeared on the criminal’s heavy sword!

This heavy sword was a standard-issue weapon of the military.
Although it was a good weapon, there was a huge gap in quality when compared to Shadowless Saber that Chu Yunfan had spent millions to buy.

Cracks appeared just after the exchange of blows.

“Again!” Chu Yunfan shouted.

The light from his saber fiercely descended and once again collided with the heavy sword, creating countless sparks.

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