The Thousand Pound Drop was not an overly mysterious technique.
Many movement techniques would introduce it.
It was just that each movement technique would have its unique point.

It was used to deal with situations where one had to immediately start fighting upon landing.

Chu Yunfan instantly struck out.


The two sabers collided with a loud bang.
Sparks instantly flew in all directions.

Unlike what the burly man had anticipated, he, who was standing firmly on the ground, should have been much stronger than Chu Yunfan who was flying in the air.

However, when the two sabers collided, he suddenly felt an incomparably terrifying force coming through from the weapon in his hand, and it swept down ruthlessly.


The terrifying force directly swept into his body, He did not have the strength to resist.
With a bang, he knelt on one knee, barely managing to block the terrifying force of this blade.

“How is this possible?!” The burly man was in disbelief.
This was under a situation where he clearly should have had the upper hand.
If it was him charging up the wall and slashing down, Chu Yunfan would probably immediately send him flying.

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The power of an attack would not be great if it came from above unless it came from a high altitude.
In fact, Chu Yunfan was not at a height high enough to utilize the acceleration of gravity.
On the contrary, he would not be able to exert even a fraction of his original power because he did not have a jump-off point in the air.
However, even under such circumstances, Chu Yunfan had knocked the burly man to his knees with one slash.
This was the reason why the man’s eyes were filled with shock.

Chu Yunfan could be considered to be rather sturdy.
He was about the same size as most people back in the Common Era.
Since he ate well, drank well, and practiced martial arts, his figure was naturally taller.

But recently, other than his height, Chu Yunfan’s body had shrunk by quite a bit.
His muscles were taut, so his entire body started becoming thinner.
However, the strength in his body was nonetheless terrifying.

Many people would probably look down on him when they first saw how thin he was.
After all, the bigger sized one was, the stronger they would be.
This was common sense.
Although it might not be true every time, it was still a fact most of the time.

The burly man had underestimated Chu Yunfan’s strength.
With just one strike, he was forced to his knees.

Chu Yunfan used this burly man’s rebounding force to land smoothly.
Just as he landed, Chu Yunfan unceremoniously and tyrannically attacked, slashing down with his saber.

The burly man was currently half-kneeling, unable to make a move.
He held his saber with both hands and was suppressed by Chu Yunfan with one hand.
Chu Yunfan’s saber light slashed toward his shoulder, and he could only bitterly resist the terrifying power of Chu Yunfan’s slash.

When Chu Yunfan’s knife pressed onto his shoulder, a trace of blood appeared.
The burly man was still thinking about how to get out of this situation, but Chu Yunfan did not give him the chance.
He followed the direction of the saber and changed directions, slashing out to the side.


Fresh blood sprayed out like a pillar.
Chu Yunfan sent the burly man’s head flying.

He was killed after only receiving two slashes!

Chu Yunfan realized that he had been beheading people a lot recently.
However, he also realized that compared to other methods, beheading was the fastest way to kill someone.
A saber was different from a sword.
It was difficult to use a saber to pierce through people.

At this moment, Tang Siyu and the others were fighting their own opponents.
When they had just flown up, they were not as overbearing as Chu Yunfan.
But the moment they reached the top of the wall, they beat their opponents to their knees.
They were all elite students after all.
After they stabilized their footing, they quickly gained the upper hand.

However, Chu Yunfan did not have the time to let them slowly train.


Chu Yunfan’s Shadowless Saber struck out once again.
In an instant, many blade shadows slashed out, cutting into the bodies of the criminals who were fighting Tang Siyu and the others.




These criminals did not have any armor on.
Of course, they could not block Chu Yunfan’s blade attacks and were immediately heavily injured.
Chu Yunfan did not instantly kill them.
Instead, he left them to Tang Siyu and the others to finish off.

After all, Chu Yunfan could not possibly steal all their points.

With Chu Yunfan’s strength, it was not difficult for him to enter Federation University.
With his strength, he was definitely one of the top students in this batch of examinees.
He was not a target for Federation University to eliminate.

However, Ran Jun, Yu Xinyuan, Tong Xinran, and Gao Hongzhi were different.
They were barely at the threshold of the second level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
They were the ones most likely to be eliminated, so Chu Yunfan was not about to steal their points.
On the contrary, he only created opportunities for them to earn points.

Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu naturally held different positions in Chu Yunfan’s heart.
But Ran Jun, Yu Xinyuan, and Tong Xinran, although they were not familiar with each other, since they were all on the same team, Chu Yunfan naturally would not favor one over the other.
He was not that kind of person.
It was best to work together and get through this assessment.

Chu Yunfan was not just treating this assessment as an assessment.
He treated it as a form of training.
He was different from before.
In the past, he thought of getting into Federation University as his ultimate goal.
But now, it was only a stepping stone.

Getting into Federation University was just the beginning.
It was a place where experts were everywhere.
There were countless existences like Dong Fanghao and many others.
Chu Yunfan felt his blood boil when he thought of the day when he would be able to fight head-on with these geniuses.

A shallow pond could not raise a true dragon.
The ocean was his true training ground.

Tang Siyu and the others did not waste any time.
They quickly killed the criminals in front of them and immediately pounced on the second batch of criminals.

For survival.
For points.
For everything!

Chu Yunfan jumped down from the base wall and cut down a few of the approaching criminals.
Chu Yunfan leisurely walked around, throwing out one slash after another.
He was extremely sharp and terrifying.

At this moment, Yao Xueyi had also jumped down from the wall.
Behind him were members of his team.
They had broken through the exit and were quickly swept through the base.
No one could stop them.

Although the criminals were terrifying, the threat they posed to the students in a one-on-one situation was far greater than when they were in groups.
They could not even trust each other.

Finally, a terrifying figure appeared in the distance.
He possessed a terrifying aura that far surpassed all the other criminals.

“Chu Yunfan, help me hold the line!” Yao Xueyi roared and rushed forward.

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