Lu Qingxuan was in her twenties and had just graduated from university.
Though young, she was the owner of a medicinal pill trading business.
She had inherited the company from her father, but she was considered the cream of the crop among the students of her batch.

Her father’s poor health led to an early retirement, so she took over his business in Calm Ocean City.
Since taking the reins, it was inevitable that she would be underestimated as a young lady.
However, by relying on the foundations her father built and the connections he developed, the business was said to have bloomed.

Even so, a great change took place a month ago.
A young master named Chu Zhiguo was interested in her.
It started out as nothing.

Since young, she had always had a stunning appearance.
With her elegant features and slender body, she was called a goddess at school.
She had many suitors, including some young masters from big companies.

Nevertheless, she rejected all of them.
She had no interest in those young masters who were dependent on their parents.
It was a feudal society that they were living in, so even the major factions were being controlled.
It was impossible that women would be dominated by men like in the olden times.

Therefore, she did not care about all that.
She thought Chu Zhiguo would leave her alone after some time.

She never expected that he would be enraged after courting her for half a year and still he yielded no results.
He threatened to boycott her company, destroying her place in the industry.

Initially, she did not give it a thought, but she noticed that Chu Zhiguo was being serious after an incident with a business deal.

A high-ranking member of the company signed a huge deal to trade 100 Body Refining Pills when she was not paying attention.
It cost close to ten million coins.
If the trade was successful, the company would make up to a million.

To a big company, ten million coins was nothing, but to a small company like hers, it was an enormous sum.

If the deal succeeded, she would become the trusted director of the company, but something went wrong.
The employee who signed the deal was soon poached by another company, and the two alchemists that the company hired resigned at the same time.

When she was looking for other alchemists, she found out that all of them were warned to not serve her.
Obviously, a trap had been set for her.

The agreed liquidated damages for the business were very high.
If she failed to do as the agreement said, she would have to pay compensation of up to ten million coins.


The market value of her small company was only worth ten million coins in total.
In order to complete the deal, she even took a loan of a million coins from the bank to purchase herbs to refine into Body Refining Pills.

If they failed to complete the task, her company would go bankrupt.

At that point, Chu Zhiguo appeared before her.
By then, she knew it was he who was doing everything behind her back.

The Chu family’s Tengda Group that Chu Zhiguo worked at was the major dealer for herbs.
It was influential in the medicinal pill market in Calm Ocean City, and it was one of the top-ranked groups in all of Donghua City.

The main business of Tengda Group was herbs and medicinal pills.
They had to deal with alchemists, so alchemists were important to them.

Even the alchemists from the Alchemist Association had to obey the Tengda Group’s orders.
After all, they did not need to pay anything.
All they needed to do was not refine medicinal pills for Lu Qingxuan’s company.
By doing that, the Tengda Group would owe them a favor.
They were happy to do it since it cost them nothing.


Even though that was the case, Lu Qingxuan was unwilling to yield to Chu Zhiguo.
When he was courting her, she had heard something about him.
He was overbearing and arrogant.
Naturally, she was unwilling to date such a person.

She got her people to look for any alchemists who were willing to work for her company at the Alchemist Association while contacting alchemists elsewhere.

As it got closer to the deadline, all of her efforts seemed like death throes.
It was completely futile.

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The date of delivery was the next day, and there was no time left.
Even she was in despair.
Therefore, she thought she would try her luck at the black market, but the Tengda Group’s influence had clearly reached the alchemists there as well.

The alchemists at the black market were either unable or unwilling to take up the job and offend the Tengda Group even if they were capable.

When she saw Chu Yunfan, she was planning to leave considering that he was so young and most likely a high school student.

There were high schoolers who got an alchemy apprentice license.
In fact, there were quite a few of them, but the problem was alchemy apprentices could not refine the Body Refining Pill.

The few pills an alchemy apprentice was required to refine during the tests excluded pills such as the Body Refining Pill.

Even beginner-level alchemy trainees were not familiar with that.
Only intermediate-level alchemy trainees could refine it.

Moreover, it was not that she wanted one or two, but up to 100 Body Refining Pills.
One or two alchemy trainees could not complete the task within a short period of time.

However, Chu Yunfan’s confidence gave her some hope.
It was like a person who was drowning would be unwilling to let go even if they were merely grabbing at straw.

“Of course, you wouldn’t believe it when I’m only talking about it.
Since you’re here looking for someone to refine the Body Refining Pills, I’m sure you must’ve prepared all the herbs needed to do so.
Would you like to find out whether I’m capable by getting me to refine one?” Chu Yunfan said confidently, “Furthermore, I’m sure I’m not the only one you talked to along the way.
I’ve no idea why they’re unwilling to refine for you, but since you’re left with no choice, I think you should give me a chance.
It’s not a bad idea!”

Since that’s the case, follow me!” Lu Qingxuan said.

Chu Yunfan followed Lu Qingxuan and arrived at the garage on the side of the talent black market.
Her flying car was parked there.

Judging by the car, Chu Yunfan knew that Lu Qingxuan was wealthy, at least more so than his family.
Actually, she was not that rich.
All the flying cars parked at Liu Yushu’s house looked much more expensive than Lu Qingxuan’s.

After the two of them had taken their seats, the flying car quickly activated..
It shot into the sky and flew towards Calm Ocean City.

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