Yao Xueyi introduced the group one by one, and Chu Yunfan realized that these people did not have any objections to Yao Xueyi’s introduction.
It seemed like there had been a fierce battle earlier.
Otherwise, they would not have accepted Yao Xueyi as the leader.

Even the arrogant-looking William did not have any objections


This Yao Xueyi must have some tricks up his sleeves.
Otherwise, he would not have been able to gain the approval of these people so easily.

After the introductions were done, everyone turned to look at Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan paused for a moment and then said, “My name is Chu Yunfan.
I’m a student of No.
13 High in Calm Ocean City, Donghua City!”

Chu Yunfan’s introduction made these students a little dumbfounded.
It was rare that an elite student did not come from the main base city of Donghua, but from a satellite city like Calm Ocean City.
It sounded like a mediocre school.

It was not that the quality of the people in satellite cities was not as good as the people in the base cities.
It was just that if there were good seedlings, they would have been picked a long time ago, or they would be concentrated in the focus high schools within these satellite cities.
Elites who remained in miscellaneous high schools were few in number.
After all, this was not the liberal arts.
Talent alone was not enough.
Martial arts cultivation was inseparable from resources.

However, the surprise only lasted for a moment.
After all, no matter what kind of background Chu Yunfan had, he was able to stand here and was even a team leader.
This identity was not something that people could look down on, especially when he came from an ordinary high school.
It was unbelievable.

“Chu Yunfan… Why does this name sound so familiar?” the Caucasian youth, William, frowned slightly.

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Suddenly, he clapped his hands and said, “I remember now.
Aren’t you that Chu Yunfan who has a 50 million bounty on your head on the black market?”

When he said this, the way everyone looked at Chu Yunfan suddenly changed.
50 million was definitely a sky-high price and a huge sum of money for students like them.

“I just received a mass message from Jiang Lei of the Jiang family.
Even if I just provide him with information, I’ll be able to get five hundred thousand,” William said as he chuckled.
“Such easy money.”

Chu Yunfan raised his eyebrows and said, “Is that so? It is easy to earn.
Whether you’ll be alive to take it or not is another matter.”

Chu Yunfan’s indifferent expression made the others start to doubt him.
Could a simple person make the Jiang family post up a promise of 50 million yuan for his head?

If he was just a simple person, could the Jiang family have made such a big move?

Although 50 million was not much more than 5 yuan to the Jiang family, it was still a huge fortune to them.
To many, although 50 million was a huge sum, as Chu Yunfan said, no matter how good the money was, one had to be alive to enjoy it.
Even though many dispelled their greed, they were still wondering.
After all, it was 50 million.

William’s expression turned cold.
He said, “My family, the Charlies, and the Jiangs are old family friends.
Since you have a conflict with the Jiangs, and although I don’t know the reason, I feel like I’m obligated to capture you and bring you to Jiang Lei.”

“What old family friends? You’re just greedy for money,” Chu Yunfan said sarcastically without an ounce of hesitation.
His eyes flickered with a dangerous light.

“Hmph, so what if I’m greedy?” William said with a sneer, “Everyone, this matter is related to the Charlies and the Jiangs.
This person is wanted by the Jiangs.
If you don’t want to get into trouble, it’s best you pretend that you didn’t see anything.”

“William, I’ve heard your family is a big deal in Ouhua City.
However, this is Federation University’s assessment.
If you kill someone here, I’m afraid you won’t have a good outcome.”

Yao Xueyi took a step forward and shielded Chu Yunfan.

This made Chu Yunfan look at him in a different light.
Whilst everyone else was avoiding him, Yao Xueyi stepped forward.
Was Yao Xueyi on his side?

Compared to Chu Yunfan, who came from a random school, whether it was the Charlies or the Jiangs, they were both big families.
Was Yao Xueyi not afraid of the power these two families had?

Chu Yunfan did not sense any malice from Yao Xueyi.
His aura was clear to see, and Chu Yunfan would be able to sense even the slightest bit of malice from him if he had possessed any.

In the end, Chu Yunfan could only come to one conclusion.
Yao Xueyi had opened his mouth because he could not stand seeing what was happening.

Chu Yunfan could not help but burst into laughter.
The experiences in the past half a year had made him habitually misjudge people.
He had not been such a person in the past.
Perhaps there were many people like Jiang Yusheng and William, but it did not mean that everyone was like them.

“Yao Xueyi, are you really not going to step aside? Think it over carefully.
Whether it’s the Charlies or the Jiangs, they’re not people you can afford to offend,” William said as he looked at Yao Xueyi coldly, “If you want a part of the profits, that can be arranged.
If you work together with me, I’ll give you half the reward.”

“You b*stard.
William, do you think I’m like you?!” Yao Xueyi exclaimed as he suddenly flew into a rage, “If a person like you who’s greedy for money were to enter Federation University, it would be a tragedy for society!

“What do you take Federation University’s assessment for? It’s to select elites who can shoulder the future of the human race.
Do you think a person like you deserves to enter?”

“Mind your own business, Yao Xueyi.
What’s all of this talk? There are some people you can’t afford to offend, so don’t bring trouble to yourself!” William’s expression became ferocious after being told off by Yao Xueyi.
“So what if someone dies during the assessment? Even the university won’t pursue it.
Don’t drag yourself into this!”

“As long as I’m here, don’t even think about it,” Yao Xueyi said, anger etched into his face.

“Brother Yao,” Chu Yunfan called out and patted Yao Xueyi on the shoulder.

“What is it?” Yao Xueyi said.

“Don’t bother yourself with this.
Since someone wants to die so badly, I’ll grant him his wish.” Chu Yunfan said.
His expression did not change, but his eyes flickered with an extremely dangerous message.

This William was not about to let Chu Yunfan go, but Chu Yunfan would not let him go easily either.
He wanted to get rid of the root of the problem so that this trouble would not come back again.

“All right then, I’ll leave you two be then,” Yao Xueyi said after his expression changed slightly.

Although he did not like these things, he knew they were unavoidable.

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